Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli Conflict: From peace efforts to suicide bombers. News updates and breaking news from the heart of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict that has been shaping the Holy Land for a century.

A Palestinian demonstrator points a toy gun on a poster depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Ne
Arab Israelis reject Trump's 'transfer' plan

Several Arab citizens, community leaders and politicians condemned the talk about placing their cities and villages under Palestinian control as racist and dangerous.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gestures as he delivers a Friday prayer sermon in Tehra
Iran vows to crush 'satanic' Trump plan and 'Jewishization' of Jerusalem

Tehran's plan to undermine Trump's deal may involve political, religious and military means, including a push for Palestinian unity and attempts to undermine Gulf states that support the US

U.S. President Trump and Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu at the unveiling of Trump's "Deal of the
The anatomy of annexation – why did Netanyahu walk back his promise?

The full story has yet to be revealed, but diplomatic sources said late Tuesday night that the US was surprised by Netanyahu’s promise to immediately annex West Bank territory.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz
War crimes charges against Benny Gantz at Dutch court rejected

Deputy Attorney-General Roy Schondorf said this marks a major victory.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
US Reform leader: unilateral annexations ‘dangerous for Israel’s future’

"A secure Israel side by side with a viable Palestinian state is in the best interest of American foreign policy," said head of the Reform Movement in the US Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks as he and U.S. President Donald Trump discuss a Mi
Vote on annexation to take place at next cabinet meeting on Tuesday

Jared Kushner: "I'm not looking at the world as it existed in 1967. I'm looking at the world as it exists in 2020."

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures as he welcomes Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at th
Here’s how Jewish groups are reacting to the Trump peace plan

Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund, said the proposal “threatens to make the occupation permanent” and “is not the vision of Israel’s founders.”

Ten things about the borders, bridges and tunnels of the Trump peace plan

No other state in the world looks so gerrymandered. It would be a state without an airport or real ports, and one that is inside another state – whose borders are basically controlled by Israel.

U.S. President Trump and Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu at the unveiling of Trump's "Deal of the
Why Israelis and Palestinians will hate Trump’s peace plan

In spite of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s lauding of US President Donald Trump, many Israelis are likely be up in arms about the plan.

A-G: I don’t disregard out of hand annexation on basis 'Deal of Century'

Mandelblit said that reviewing the issue “would not be exact math,” and would need to be carefully studied.

Bennett rejects Trump plan for Palestinian state, demands annexation now

Bennett said he and his party would not agree to transfer “a centimeter” of land to “the Arabs,” adding that Yamina existed to “protect the Land of Israel.”

U.S. President Donald Trump and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appear together at a join
Giving Israel the high ground in the US - analysis

For the plan to move the diplomatic process with the Palestinians forward, the Palestinians would have to take part in it – something they have stubbornly refused to do.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivers a speech following the announcement by the U.S. Preside
Abbas: 1,000 ‘no’s to the Trump plan

Referring to the plan as “the slap of the century,” Abbas said he did not find anything new in Trump’s announcement.

The new Israeli-Palestinian border map
This peace plan comes with a map, why is this significant? - analysis

What is significant, is that this is the first time any plan has come with an actual map.

Trump peace plan: Israeli control over settlements, Palestinian state

“For years, the international community said that if Israel annexes any land in Judea and Samaria, there will be sanctions against us in the UN Security Council."

Palestinian and Israeli flags overlook Dome of Rock and Western Wall
The 'Deal of the Century': What are its key points?

Three years in the making, the “Deal of the Century,” US President Donald Trump’s peace plan, has finally been revealed.

The Palestinian High Court in Ramallah
The Palestinian Authority donor machine

The notion that humanitarian aid to the PA reaches the Palestinian Arab people has no basis in reality.

U.S. President Trump speaks with Congressional Republicans at the White House in Washington
7 things to watch as Trump unveils his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Three years after he asked his adviser son-in-law Jared Kushner to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians, President Donald Trump is ready to launch his “ultimate deal.”

King of Jordan Abdullah II addresses the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France January 15, 2020.
Arab world not following PA’s lead - analysis

The Palestinians are set to reject the plan out of hand, but they may not have the backing of the Arab world.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Abbas: Trump is a dog and the son of a dog, I won't become a traitor

"It's either dying like martyrs or flying the Palestinian flag on the walls of Jerusalem," Abbas said.

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures as he welcomes Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at th
Not peace, but a green light to make history ASAP - analysis

With the Palestinians notably absent from the White House, Trump's Deal of the Century is more of a diplomatic plan, but that doesn't mean it won't change things.

Evangelicals see Trump plan as proof 'Israel kissed by God' - analysis

Christian Evangelicals say Trump’s plan is divinely inspired.

Democrats urge Trump to maintain two-state solution

“The establishment of a Palestinian state would provide a home for millions of Palestinians," said Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Eliot Engel, and Senator Bob Menendez.

Palestinians fear some Arabs might accept Trump's plan

Abbas is scheduled to hold a series of "emergency meetings" to discuss the repercussions of Trump's plan and ways of "rallying Arab support for the Palestinian position."

Israel justice minister, Amir Ohana attends a special cabinet meeting in the Golan Heights
Ohana orders seizure of NIS 4.2m. from the Palestinian Authority

This is the first time that a justice minister has taken such things into his own hands.

US President Donald Trump welcomes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House
Trump to reveal ‘Deal of the Century’ map

First time border outline unveiled

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives aboard Air Force One en route to the Word Economic Forum in Davo
Peace plan could reignite a fire on the Palestinian street - analysis

Palestinians have already condemned and rejected any part of the deal.

Trump confidant: Peace plan has no airspace, military for Palestinians

For the Evangelical Christians, Mike Evans said that the plan “is everything we were hoping for – everything.”

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu land in DC on January 26, 2020.
Netanyahu, Gantz land in DC ahead of meeting with Trump on peace plan

Gantz said he was looking forward to seeing Trump, whom he called "the friendliest president to Israel."

'Deal of the Century' - Does Israel know what it wants?

Israel never decided what it wanted, or where it wanted to go with the territories.

A ball of fire is seen during an Israeli air strike in Gaza City May 4, 2019
IAF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza in response to incendiary balloons

Dozens of incendiary devices have been launched from the Hamas-controlled coastal enclave in the past two weeks.

A European Union flag flies outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Decem
Europe thinks Trump’s plan doomed to fail, but will not present alternatives for now

French President Emmanuel Macron thinks that no plan can succeed if the parties are not willing to work together.

Tensions high on Temple Mount amid peace plan reports

Hamas and other Palestinian officials called for mass attendance at the Fajr dawn prayers at Al-Aqsa and other sites last week; release of the deal will be "a new Nakba" and "trigger a new intifada."

A Palestinian laborer works on a construction site in the new Palestinian town dubbed Rawabi
Palestinian planned city founder aims to face settlements with innovation

Aal-Ard initiative hopes to help Palestinians stay on their lands, fight emigration

A Palestinian incendiary balloon that landed in a field in Israel
Hamas to end IED balloon attacks on Israel

At Cairo’s request, Islamist movement to rein in balloon bomb attacks from Gaza

THE JORDAN VALLEY. A strategic asset not only militarily but also socially
Flashbacks in the Jordan Valley

As the Jews returned last century to the Jordan Valley, it became a vestige of their consensus.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu points to a map of the Jordan Valley
The political football in the Jordan Valley

This time, the issue on Jordan Valley annexation has been tied to Netanyahu’s efforts to block the Knesset from voting on whether to grant him immunity.

IDF arrests two ISIS members who were planning to commit a terror attack in Jerusalem
IDF: Lowest number of casualties since founding of the state

Of the 27 deaths, 12 soldiers committed suicide, including two lone soldiers.

A general view of Jerusalem's Old City shows the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site, in the
PA tells Palestinians: The Western Wall belongs only to Muslims

An official from Fatah called upon Palestinians to defend the site with their lives.

Israeli soldiers wait in position near the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip
3 Palestinians shot after throwing explosives at IDF soldiers near Gaza

The three suspects threw IEDs at IDF soldiers and the soldiers opened fire on the suspects, with at least one suspect being injured.

Palestinian Authority envoy Riyad Mansour.
PA to UN: Don’t underestimate urgency of halting Israeli annexation

“The urgency of stopping Israeli annexation schmoes can not be under-estimated. We need to stop them from annexation before it talks place,” PA envoy Riyad Mansour said.

EU peace envoy visits safe rooms in Kibbutz on Gaza border

"They don't lose hope, and are in contact with their neighbors in Gaza and strive for coexistence. I very much agree with Adele about the need for a political solution to the conflict," she added.

Helium balloons bearing flammable materials launched from Bureij, Gaza strip, drifting to Israel.
Why did Gaza groups resume incendiary balloon attacks on Israel?

The Palestinian factions have also decided to resume the activities of the “Night Confusion” units along the Gaza-Israel border, the sources said.

As world leaders flock to Jerusalem, Palestinians feel let down

With many foreign leaders headed to Israel for this week’s World Holocaust Forum, few plan to meet with Mahmoud Abbas

US President Donald Trump speaks at the Israeli-American Council 2019 Summit.
Trump to decide on 'Deal of the Century' release date in coming days

Presenting the peace plan before the upcoming Israeli election might tilt the odds in favor of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinians launch anti-Israel dawn prayer protests

Palestinians have been strongly condemning visits to the Temple Mount by Jewish groups, claiming the tours are designed to pave the way for a Jewish takeover of the holy site.

IDF Sgt. Tuvia Yanai Weissman (R), his wife, and baby
Terrorist minor involved in murder of Tuvia Weissman gets life in jail

The tougher sentence came after an appeal by the IDF Prosecution from a Judea Military Court decision to the Military Appeals Court.

Hamas calls for mass attendance at Al-Aqsa, Cave of the Patriarchs prayers

The Fajr prayers, the first ones of the day before sunrise, are being held to protest 'Israeli judaization schemes' at religious sites in the West Bank, including the Temple Mount.

jenin operation
Palestinians fire at IDF soldiers in Jenin - report

Terrorists and young residents of the city chased after IDF vehicles as they were leaving the city and began shooting at them.

Rocket fired from Gaza toward Israel, November 12, 2019
IDF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Rocket alert sirens were activated in southern Israel on Wednesday afternoon as four rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

US national security adviser: Not focused on the Israeli election calendar

"We're not focused on the Israeli election calendar or when the Palestinians end up having an election," O'Brein said.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and Kobi Eliraz
Bennett doubles down on Palestinian demolitions

Palestinians warn they may ask ICC to accelerate probe on settlements.

The place where the IED that killed Rina Shnerb exploded near Ein Bubin spring
Trial of alleged murderers of Rina Shnerb opens

The five – Samer Arbid, Walid Hanatsheh, Abed el-Razeq Faraj, Yzaen Majames and Kasem Shibli – were indicted in mid-December.

A general view of Jerusalem's old city shows the Dome of the Rock in the compound known to Muslims a
Six Muslim worshipers arrested for disturbances on the Temple Mount

A spokesperson for the Israeli Police said in a statement that "police patrolling the area responded by dispersing those that were involved.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers a speech
Report: Hezbollah will attack Israel if US responds to Iran attack

"We in no way consider the Zionist regime (of Israel) to be separate from the criminal US regime in these crimes."

Kay Wilson
Twitter suspends terror victim’s page: Photo of wounds ‘gratuitous gore’

“Palestinian terrorists did this to me while hacking up my Christian friend in front of me,” tweeted Kay Wilson.

US defense chief Esper canceled visit to Israel after Soleimani hit

Esper was scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. It would have been Esper’s first visit to Israel as secretary of defense.

US Berkowitz in Israel to debate peace plan rollout

US Special Envoy Avi Berkowitz is in Jerusalem discussing the possible release of the Trump administration's peace plan prior to the Israeli election in March.

Iran's Khamenei with Hezbollah's Nasrallah and IRGC Quds Force's Soleimani
Soleimani hit may push off Israel-Iran confrontation - analysis

Iran surely knows that if it strikes out at Israeli targets to avenge Soleimani’s assassination, even indirectly through its proxies, Israel will respond.

Farid Mustafa from Nablus (left) and Akram Abu Salah from Gaza train at Sheba Medical Center
Gaza nurses train in Israel: 'We speak of health, not politics'

“It’s different than I thought," said one nurse. "The people are very nice. You have Jews and Palestinians working together. It minimizes the gaps between us.”

The Dome of the Rock is seen in the background as a man waves a Palestinian flag upon entering the T
PLO flag hoisted over Jerusalem's Old City walls on Fatah's anniversary

According to the Lach Jerusalem organization, the flag was put up by Fatah activists next to the Damascus Gate which heads into the Old City.

Hilltop Youth settlers [illustrative]
10 top Israeli-Palestinian conflict stories of 2019

When it came to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel suffered several losses.

Destroyed headquarters of Kataib Hezbollah militia group are seen after in an air strike in Qaim, Ir
Ex-IDF intel chief: Now that US engaged Iran, Israel must be careful

Israel must now be more careful about its own airstrikes in Iraq, former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin tweeted on Monday.

Hilltop Youth settlers [illustrative]
10 top Israeli-Palestinian conflict stories of 2019

When it came to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel suffered several losses.

Palestinian boys walk near Jewish settlements in the West Bank village of Jaloud near Nablus
The ICC, settlements and the Orwellian denial of the Jewish presence in Israel

The fact remains that the position that settlements are illegal as such serves a war-like narrative that denies any legitimacy to Jewish presence on the entire territory of Israel.

My father warned decades ago of an assault on Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state

He was sagely prescient in warning about the snowballing confluence of anti-Zionism and antisemitism, going back to the mid-1970s.

New laser beam system developed to take down drones, burning balloons

Dubbed "Light Blade" the laser beam system can take down targets over two kilometers away

Jordan condemns Israeli Temple Mount visits

The ministry called for the end of the visits and respect of the status quo and stressed that the Temple Mount is a place of worship for Muslims only.

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett: The Hague's ICC is home of modern antisemitism

Australia comes out against ICC investigation of Israel

Palestinian prisoners wait to be released from Ketziot prison, southern Israel, October 1, 2007
'Mastermind' weapons smuggler slams PLO, Fatah for abandoning prisoners

"Shame on you for holding positions you don't deserve."

State Attorney Shai Nitzan
State Attorney Shai Nitzan talks to the 'Post' about a decade versus ICC

‘The world has gone crazy’ when Israel, Hamas are being compared.

Home of the Bakri family
Appeals court upholds eviction of three Jewish families from Hebron home

In March, the Jerusalem District Court had issued a similar ruling. It echoed one handed down in 2012, that was dismissed on a technicality.

Presiding Judge Robert Fremr in the ICC (International Criminal Court) in the Hague, Netherlands, 20
Ten things to know about the ICC’s war crimes probe against Israel

A look into the ICC's investigation into the Jewish state for "war crimes."

David Ben Gurion at the center as the state of Israel is declared May 14 1948
Saudi military official: What if Arab states recognized Israel in 1948?

Saudi navy commodore surmises that numerous reverberating political events would not have occurred throughout the Middle East in the ensuing years after 1948.

Israeli jets target Hamas sites in response to rocket fire

Two-week long quiet shattered by two incidents of rocket fire in less than 24 hours

Congress signals support for two-state solution after passing major bill

The Trump administration, along with the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has retreated in recent years from that vision

Hamas rocket
Shin Bet tried to recruit Hamas members to sabotage rockets

The report also detailed that a Palestinian became a double agent, who was told by the Shin Bet to place to an explosive devices on long-range capable missiles.

IDF attacks Hamas weapons production site following rocket fire from Gaza

The IDF was retaliating for a rocket fired by Hamas toward Israel overnight Wednesday. The rocket was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome.

Israel, US carry out successful test of Arrow-3 missile over Alaska
Israel needs 360 degrees of air defense to stop Iran: defense expert

Uzi Rubin, ‘father’ of the Arrow, gives Israel mixed grade at confronting existential challenges

Thousands of IDF troops drill war in the North, West Bank

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett: As much as Iran tries to build on Syrian soil, it will sink. Syria is becoming Iran’s Vietnam.

Star of David painted on a house as part of a 'price tag' attack
As price tag attacks increase, Shin Bet calls on rabbis, teachers for help

The rabbis dubbed the phenomenon a "slippery slope," while the education staff condemned the attacks.

Former Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat
Barkat, Glick vow to continue work after reveal of Hamas assassin plan

Quoting Israeli and Egyptian intelligence records, The Telegraph revealed that Hamas operatives are planning attacks from Turkey, including an assassination attempt against the former Jerusalem mayor

PA requests urgent Arab League meeting over Brazil trade mission

"It’s not something extraordinary. It’s supposed to be a natural and normal thing. We want to move to Jerusalem not just for Brazil, but to set an example for all of Latin America,”

Bennett working to step up campaign against Iran in Syria

Defense minister aims to completely remove Iran from the war-torn country in the near future

Israeli soldiers wait in position near the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip
Armed terrorist shot by IDF near Gaza border fence

The IDF fired a missile towards the terrorist and identified a hit. It is unclear what condition the terrorist is in. No IDF soldiers were injured in the incident.

F35 Adir fighter jet
F-35 can identify and destroy cruise missiles - Lockheed Martin

AESA radar can intercept low-flying high-speed airborne threats

Gaza exports first ever shipment of strawberries to England

After recent weeks saw the first-ever shipment of Gazan strawberries to Gulf countries, Five tons of Gazan strawberries left Ben-Gurion Airport for England on Tuesday after being shipped in from Gaza

Abbas: We're waiting for Israel's approval to hold elections in Jerusalem

Abbas’s critics claim that he may use the issue of east Jerusalem participation as an excuse not to hold the elections.

OMAR SHAKIR, Human Rights Watch Israel and Palestine director, looks up before a hearing at the Supr
Human Rights Watch accuses Israel, Facebook of crackdown on free speech

Facebook has also been involved in recent years in limiting incitement on its platform in the US, EU countries and elsewhere, with an ongoing debate about whether it has struck the right balance.

Jerusalem to remain united in 'Deal of the Century' - report

In the reported draft, Jerusalem would remain unified under shared control between a new Palestinian state and Israel.

Mike Pompeo slams Democrats’ settlement fixation, calls claims foolish

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said that he supports Pompeo's letter, adding that the US has restored its historic and appropriate role in mediating the conflict.

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