Benjamin Netanyahu

Blue and White not expecting breakthrough in Liberman meeting

Liberman accuses Netanyahu of "begging Egypt to help us surrender."

Yisrael Beteynu leader Avigdor Liberman meets with President Reuven Rivlin, November 13, 2019
President Rivlin and kingmaker Liberman meeting on coalition

Liberman accuses Netanyahu of "begging Egypt to help us surrender."

What will be the political fallout of the security situation? - Analysis

“This might take time,” Netanyahu said. “We have to let the IDF do their work.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with newly-appointed Defense Minister Naftali Bennett and IDF Chie
Netanyahu snubs new defense minister Bennett in press conference

The press conference took place an hour and a half after Bennett officially took the new role.

Labor MK Omer Bar-Lev
Left-wing MKs accuse Netanyahu of starting war for political advantage

The comments drew criticism from MKs on the Right and the Left

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Makor Rishon educational conference, November 11 201
Netanyahu to Gantz: Gov't with Arab list 'slap in face' of IDF soldiers

"There is one other government that must not be established, and this is a minority government that includes the Arab parties," the prime minister said.

Finally, a court decision that favors Netanyahu - analysis

Nothing about Monday’s ruling changes indications received by the 'Post' that Mandelblit will indict the prime minister in Case 4000, the "Bezeq-Walla Affair."

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz
Gantz: We are willing to compromise

“We in Blue and White will do everything to make sure there won’t be a third election within a year," Blue and White leader Benny Gantz stated, praising Liberman’s efforts.

Liberman put Netanyahu and Gantz in the prisoners’ dilemma - analysis

An introduction to game theory from Nobel winner Robert Aumann can help us analyze the political situation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a discussion on the Israeli-Jordanian relations
Netanyahu: We help Jordanian king Abdullah in many covert ways

Netanyahu claimed that Israel and Jordan cooperate in security aspects as well as trade, intelligence and water.

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