The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is spreading around the world, including in Israel. Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, but the virus can be fatal. To help maintain the virus, Israel has implemented a number of restrictions on the public.

Omicron subvariants getting better at evading antibodies

Scientists have been increasingly focusing on the BA.2.75.2, BF.7 (also known as BA. and BQ.1.1 variants in recent weeks.


How has tourism in Israel recovered from COVID-19 closures?

Thousands of businesses are based on tourism to Israel. We spoke with seven business owners in the tourism industry to find out how the COVID-related downs and ups of Israeli tourism impacted them.

Israeli therapist, reality show star analyzes modern relationships

Dr. Yael Doron: Fifty years from now, intimate relationships will look very different than they do now. Monogamy will no longer be the most common type of romantic relationship.


COVID-19 pandemic may have altered natural course of personality changes

The researchers found that younger adults' maturity was disrupted while the oldest group of adults showed no significant change in personality.

One of US's most senior lawyers lays out aftermath of COVID-19 impact on legal landscape

In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post, Chesley elaborated on the evolution that the legal landscape underwent during the 2020 pandemic and its aftermath.

Working from home? It comes with tax implications in Israel and abroad

What are the tax implications of working from home? Quite a lot actually in each country. Below we review some of the possible tax issues.


Rosh Hashanah: The ‘state’ of God in our world

Which events over the past year have enhanced the presence of God in our world, and which events have diminished His presence? As the new year commences, what is the state of God in our world?


Rosh Hashanah: What happened in Israel in the Jewish year 5782?

From Middle East peace and war to COVID-19, political instability, rising prices, terrorism, Iran fears, Hezbollah threats, immigration and the Russia-Ukraine War: What happened in Israel?


Long COVID-19 patients may show signs of autoimmune disease a year later - study

The patients involved that suffer from long COVID have had fatigue and shortness of breath. Blood samples were used to check for antibodies to stick to any potential viruses.

Israel's COVID-19 czar: Winter is coming, be prepared

The Health Ministry has purchased enough of the new Pfizer vaccine booster for all ages over 12 years, whether they are young or old, healthy or have chronic diseases.

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