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Health and Science are two of the most developed sectors in Israel and the country is a powerhouse of medical innovation with many game-changing medical advances being made on a regular basis. 'Health and Science' provides you with the latest updates on Israel's health trends, health tips, news and well as the cutting edge scientific discoveries and advancements.

Seven Israeli museums to reopen as part of corona pilot program

This first four to be chosen to take part in the program are in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Cancer illustrative
Increase in the number of women with lung cancer in recent years - study

In 2017, some 1,842 people died from lung cancer. Among them, a third were women.

A woman holds a small bottle labeled with a "Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine" sticker and a medical syr
Vaccine hesitancy is not new – history tells us to listen, not condemn

We should be cautious about painting all those who are unsure about new medical technology and treatments with the same broad brush. Not all hesitancy is the same.

Health Ministry answers frequently asked COVID-19 questions

To help haredim cooperate on curbing the spread of the coronavirus, the Health Ministry has compiled a Q&A of some common questions regarding testing, masks and more.

Joggers hit the pavement in Jerusalem's Sacher Park
Exercise is medicine, even in the middle of a pandemic

Exercise provides numerous emotional benefits such as lowering depression and anxiety.

Netanyahu: No logistical challenges distributing coronavirus vaccines

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require being stored at freezing temperatures between -20 and -70 degrees Celsius.

COVID-19 deaths reduced by only meeting with those of same age – study

Creating microenvironments for people in the same group to meet while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks could cut mortality rates by up to 91%.

Wohl Alliance launches $1 million fund for clean food, water and energy

In terms of the focus of the donation, research will address sustainable development in food, water, clean energy, storage and distribution, agriculture and food distribution.

New coronavirus symptoms have been discovered - study

Researchers from the University of Barcelona aimed to examine the loss of taste and smell that many coronavirus patients experience.

Dating app-induced FOMO causes low self-esteem, bad moods - study

Over 80% of single students use dating apps, with about 25% of secular students entering an app over five times a day and 15% of religious students doing the same.

Black Friday shopping spree – coronavirus-style

What to expect during the mall pilot program.

Revolutionary inner ear study could help reverse hearing loss

Israeli researchers have for the first time shown that the organization of hair cells is driven by mechanical forces like how atoms are organized into a crystal.

Chezy Levy: No date set for next coronavirus closure

Number of serious and intubated patients has remained stable.

TAU team wins gold at genetic engineering world championship

In terms of overall ranking, TAU's team beat out teams from leading universities like Harvard, MIT, Cornell and Stanford.

An image illustrates the use and degradation of perovskite in solar cells over time.
Israeli researchers discover how to lengthen life of solar panels

Cost-saving innovation allows perovskite-based cells to be recycled, possibly revolutionizing industry.

Israel slated to start discussing vaccine policy

“Whether we’re talking days or weeks until we see the vaccine, as the prime minister claims, or several months, this can determine people’s fate,” said lawmaker Yoel Razvosov.

Coronavirus: Schools, malls, museums and marketplaces to open

There were 949 new cases of coronavirus in the last day.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA
Meet the Israeli scientist exploring ancient DNA

Through painstakingly extracting DNA from cave sediment and dating it, researchers can learn more than ever before about these ancient hominids.

Study finds why once-common sponges vanished from Israel's shallow coasts

Agelas oroides once thrived in Israel's shallow waters, but 50 years later, they can only be found in habitats 100 meters below the ocean's surface.

A view of Yeshiva University
Amid COVID-19, Yeshiva U., Eleos partner to combat mental health crisis

“We are training 21st century clinicians to provide excellent care and support in any setting, whether in face-to-face therapy sessions or through teletherapy.”

AstraZeneca must prove claim to cheapest COVID-19 vaccine

AstraZeneca had no immediate comment on the matter.

Russia's Sputnik V vaccine to be cheaper than rivals, says fund head

Pricing the vaccine at a lower level than competitors could help Moscow grab more market share.

Israeli company turns coronavirus masks into recyclable thermoplastic

UBQ Materials converts trash into treasure with patented process it hopes will be adopted worldwide.

Virtual image of human heart
Israeli company soon to begin trial on stroke-risk reduction device

The company completed its first pre-clinical chronic procedure, alongside IMMR, one of the world's leading pre-clinical laboratories.

A test tube labelled vaccine is seen in front of AstraZeneca logo in this illustration taken, Septem
AstraZeneca signals more good vaccine news - but efficacy only beginning

When clinical trials report their results — and the media follow — the correct term is “efficacy”, rather than “effectiveness”.

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine 90% effective, coming to Israel soon

Israel is expected to receive 10 million doses of the vaccine.

Israeli start-ups in New York raised more than $1 billion during COVID-19

'Israel Mapped in NY' map reveals the hottest trends and sectors for Israeli startups in New York.

Hadassah-University Medical Center doctors administer the country's COVID-19 vaccine
Six in 10 Americans are willing to receive COVID-19 vaccinations - Gallup

The willingness of Americans to accept an approved vaccination has positively improved since Pfizer/BioNTech SE and Moderna made announcements regarding their positive large-scale trials.

Newly elected Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus att
WHO report reviews 10 years of anti-malarial drug resistance

Because of the small amount of available treatments, anti-malarial drug resistance is a significant threat.

A mink farm is seen during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Oploo
How COVID-19 mutations in animals affect human's, vaccine effectiveness

The good news is that, so far, there’s no evidence that the mink-derived SARS-CoV-2 mutant can bypass natural or vaccine-induced immunity.

Mink are seen at the farm of Henrik Nordgaard Hansen and Ann-Mona Kulsoe Larsen near Naestved, Denma
France finds COVID-19 in mink at one farm - ministry

Cases in mink have also been reported elsewhere in Europe, notably in Sweden, Greece and the Netherlands.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber at Aviv Clinic in Florida
Israeli scientists claim to reverse aging process

“We are going backwards in time,” Prof. Shai Efrati said.

Prof. Nachman Ash in Qalansawe
Corona cabinet to consider returning more students to school

Commissioner Ash in Kalansawe: ‘Discipline is very important – this is not a government plot’

An Israeli medical worker holds vials containing a vaccine for H1N1 flu virus in Tel Aviv, 2009
Israel Bio'l Institute to complete Phase I corona vaccine trial this week

A spokesperson for Sheba Medical Center told The Jerusalem Post that the volunteers, all healthy individuals between the ages of 18 and 55, are doing well with no major side effects.

A test tube labelled vaccine is seen in front of AstraZeneca logo in this illustration taken, Septem
Israel to sign for 10 million doses of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine

This is the largest amount of vaccines from any one company to be sold to Israel.

How is Israel handling growing water scarcity issues in the desert?

“So the wet areas are getting wetter and the dry areas are getting drier.”

How can Israel resolve water scarcity issues with the Palestinians?

Palestinians depend heavily on rain and underground water sources, which Israel controls.

Study on effectiveness of medical masks amid COVID draws harsh criticism

The study found no significant difference in rate of catching the virus between those who wore masks and those who didn't.

Arcturus CEO Joseph Payne
Meet the maker of the powdered vaccine that hopes to immunize 4m. Israelis

Israel signed with Arcturus back in July, soon after it struck a deal with Moderna.

World’s first lab-grown meat restaurant opens near Tel Aviv

“The burger has a juicy chicken flavor, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside,” SuperMeat CEO Ido Savir said.

Gene responsible for spread of breast cancer could hold key to halting it

Around 40,000 deaths a year are attributed to the triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), which is considered an aggressive form of breast cancer.

COVID-19 reinfection unlikely for at least 6 months, study finds

Isolated cases of re-infection with COVID-19 has raised concern that that immunity might be short-lived, but study results suggest reinfection cases remain rare.

Pfizer applies for US emergency use for coronavirus vaccine

The companies expect the FDA to grant the EUA by mid-December and said they begin shipping doses almost immediately.

7 tips to get through Israel’s first coronavirus winter

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Israel’s hospitals are expected to be even fuller, as COVID-19 patients need beds and internal medicine wards are short-staffed.

A logo is pictured on the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
WHO advises against Gilead's remdesivir for all hospitalized COVID-19 patients

It is another setback for the drug, which grabbed worldwide attention as a potentially effective treatment for COVID-19 in the summer after early trials showed some promise.

Weizmann Institute study cracks code on codifying odors

Researchers say that this might eventually lead to the ability to add scents to photographs or give computers the ability to "smell."

Ichilov app saves 36 hours of patient wait-time daily

The app is designed to help direct orderlies to patients in the most efficient manner and has saved an average of two minutes per patient.

Drug development technology wins first place at BizTech 2020

BizTech graduates have raised more than #750 m. in the program's 16 years of operation.

Jewish psychedelics advocate working to turn drug into legal medicine

In the United States, research on these chemicals has been banned since the 1960s because, in the government’s judgment, they have no recognized medical value.

Israel Police prepare for new coronavirus lockdown regulations, Sept. 25, 2020
Deputy health minister: Third closure will probably happen

Israel could be facing a third lockdown as early as Hanukkah

A medic of the regional hospital receives Russia's "Sputnik V" vaccine shot against the coronavirus
Edelstein: Law should compensate for potential harm from corona vaccine

Edelstein said that it behoves “the State of Israel to prepare in advance for the use of the vaccine against the coronavirus”

New campaign: 'No virus' in the synagogue, yeshiva and beit midrash

The ultra-Orthodox information headquarters aimed to emphasize the risk involved in staying in crowded spaces

marijuana israel tel aviv
College-age kids are drinking less alcohol – but smoking more marijuana

There are reasons for the stereotype of hard-drinking, substance-using young adults, as photos and videos from bars and college parties will attest.

A test tube labelled vaccine is seen in front of AstraZeneca logo in this illustration taken, Septem
AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in elderly, trial results by Christmas

Results of late-stage trials of University of Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine candidate should definitely be known by Christmas.

Education Min. introduces new COVID testing procedure in school, kindergarten

Students and education staff will be requested to take a coronavirus tests if any illness is pointed out in their educational institution, either school or kindergarten.

COVID-19’s silver linings

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, and not always for the better. But there are a few upsides.

As COVID third-wave threat looms, gov’t plays pinball with people’s lives

In the past nine months, the government has zigzagged on its coronavirus policies so fast that the public could not follow them.

Israeli pharmacist suspected of replacing medicine with baking soda

Once it was discovered that the pharmacist had been emptying capsules and replacing their contents, the health fund decided to report the pharmacist to the Health Ministry.

Bottles labeled "Vaccine" stand near medical syringe in front of "Coronavirus COVID-19" display
Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine deliveries could start 'before Christmas'

The Moderna vaccine is likely to be authorized within seven to 10 days of Pfizer receiving its EUA, US officials said, with states ready to begin distribution within 24 hours.

Viruses control algae behavior with stolen protein, study finds

Channelrodopsins are an essential tool used by neuroscience and optogenetics.

We developed a simple process to recycle urine. Here's how it's done

When urine is collected at home, the majority of the nutrients present in wastewater can be kept away from wastewater treatment plants.

Thumbing their noses at science

It is clear that the extreme and sinister manipulation of coronavirus for political advantage is a very adaptable trend.

Pfizer ends COVID-19 trial with 95% efficacy, seek emergency-use authorization

Efficacy in adults over 65 years, who are at particular risk from the virus, was over 94%.

A logo is pictured on the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
WHO commits to eradicating cervical cancer worldwide

The plan is the first ever global effort to eradicate any form of cancer, and focuses on vaccines, screenings and treatments.

A medic of the regional hospital receives Russia's "Sputnik V" vaccine shot against the coronavirus
Can first COVID-19 vaccines bring herd immunity? Experts have doubts -analysis

"It's inappropriate to think 'I will not be affected myself because there is herd immunity'. Herd immunity refers to community protection, not to how an individual is protected."

FDA approves first COVID-19 test kit for home use

The single-use test has been given emergency use authorization for home use with self-collected nasal swab samples.

Breast cancer
Hadassah doctor, scientist, awarded $200,000 for breast cancer research

One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Cancer illustrative
Israeli scientists pioneer less invasive breast cancer detection methods

Liquid biopsies allow researchers to isolate genetic material known as circulating cell-free DNA (or cfDNA), from bodily fluids.

A volunteer receives an injection in a human clinical trial for a potential vaccine against the nove
Over 50% of Israelis would not agree to be vaccinated against COVID-19

Some 55% of Israelis are optimistic about the country’s ability to overcome the crisis.

Pfizer CEO: We didn't delay vaccine results until after election

Donald Trump, who lost his re-election bid to Democrat Joe Biden, had repeatedly assured the public that his administration would likely identify a successful vaccine in time for the election.

Who are the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines?

One can’t escape their presence in the forefront of leading companies in the race to find a vaccine that will prevent coronavirus.

The IUB Ballerine is currently assembled manually, with technicians adding one copper ball at a time
Israeli femtech start-up introduces next generation of birth control

OCON Healthcare’s revolutionary ball platform can also deliver medical treatment

Coronavirus vaccine under development (illustrative)
Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?

‘There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risk.'

NASA and SpaceX launch the first operational commercial crew mission
SpaceX Crew Dragon docks with International Space Station

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule, dubbed Resilience by its crew of three Americans and one Japanese astronaut, docked 27 hours after launching atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral.

Bottles labeled "Vaccine" stand near medical syringe in front of "Coronavirus COVID-19" display
Pfizer to start COVID-19 immunization pilot program in four US states

"The 4 states will not receive vaccine doses earlier than other states by virtue of this pilot, nor will they receive any differential consideration," Pfizer said.

Replacing anxiety with certainty: expecting spiders reduces phobia - study

"It is possible that if we can increase the feeling of certainty, the sense of anxiety among the public could be moderated."

Moderna reports 94.5% efficacy, Israel to receive first doses early 2021

Israeli-born CMO to ‘Post’: ‘It’s a wonderful day’ * Netanyahu speaks to Putin about purchasing Sputnik V

A test tube labelled vaccine is seen in front of AstraZeneca logo in this illustration taken, Septem
Israel in negotiations to receive AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine

Jerusalem already has contracts with Pfizer, Moderna and Arcturus

A U.S. flag hangs on a tree trunk amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Keene, New Ham
Coronavirus: US case total passes 11 million, 1 million new cases a week

The latest 7-day average, shows the United States is reporting more than 144,000 daily cases and 1,120 daily deaths, the highest for any country in the world.

€10m. grant given to Israeli researchers studying fungal infections

Fungal infections cause at least 1.6 million deaths per year.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looking out a barred window
Netanyahu fails to impose night curfew on Israel

Coronavirus cabinet leaves fate of schools undecided again

People demonstrate operating of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) checking system, in Lod
How will Israel shorten quarantine, revive tourism?

Quarantine may be shortened under specific conditions

Netanyahu defends Pfizer deal: ‘This is a very good investment’

Netanyahu said that some clauses of the contract were not, in fact, meant to be published and said that “we do not want to jeopardize the supply by revealing the details of these agreements.”

An Israeli medical worker holds vials containing a vaccine for H1N1 flu virus in Tel Aviv, 2009
100,000 flu vaccines to arrive in Israel to combat shortage

A pharmaceutical company in the UK will send 100,000 flu vaccines to Ichilov, targeting populations in the 2-49 age range, as they have not yet received them due to shortage.

A healthcare worker takes a swab sample from a woman to be tested for the coronavirus disease
Another case of COVID-19 reinfection discovered in new study

“People should religiously follow precautionary measures, as the second attack of the virus caused chronic infection and complications, especially in elderly people.”

BioNTech CEO: Our coronavirus vaccine can end the pandemic

“The vaccine hinders COVID-19 from gaining access to our cells. But even if the virus manages to find a way in, then the T-cells bash it over the head and eliminate it.”

Elon Musk says 'most likely' has a moderate case of COVID-19

"A little up & down. Feels just like a regular cold, but more body achy & cloudy head than coughing/sneezing," the Tesla CEO wrote.

Artificial intelligence
Physics can solve key challenges facing AI, study finds

These findings represent a bridge in physics, AI and neuroscience, and has the potential to advance on-the-spot decision making in AI.

Health Ministry: Night closure could reduce infection by only 5%

Coronavirus cabinet to decide on schools, stores and night curfew on Sunday • Chezy Levy: Night curfew to decrease infection by only 5%

Coronavirus vaccine under development (illustrative)
Russia, South Korea to cooperate on production of Sputnik V COVID vaccine

The Russian vaccine, reported to have demonstrated a 92% efficiency against the coronavirus, is to be distributed to several countries around the world.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, scheduled to launch a U.S. Air Force navigation satellite.
SpaceX launch of crew on first 'operational' mission delayed by weather

NASA officials signed off on Crew Dragon’s final design earlier this week, ending a nearly 10-year development phase for SpaceX under the agency’s public-private crew program.

A vial of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and an information sheet.
WHO: Measles surging as COVID-19 curbs disrupt vaccinations

Disruptions to vaccination due to the COVID-19 pandemic have crippled efforts to curb measles outbreaks.

Switzerland starts 'rolling review' of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Rolling reviews allow drug companies to submit applications for COVID-19 medicinal products before development work is concluded.

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