Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's 9th prime minister, has been in office from 2009 and is currently serving his 4th term in the position which he also held from 1996-1999. Netanyahu previously served as Israel's embassador to the UN, Minister of Finance, Foreign Minister, Leader of the Opposition and is current the Chairman of the ruling Likud party.

Hefetz: Uneasy with Netanyahu-Walla moves, but didn’t dream was illegal

"Neither Netanyahu nor I thought we were acting in a category of something criminal", he said.

Netanyahu braces for battle that may boomerang - analysis

His latest adversary is no longer Obama or Trump but Shirley Pinto, the Knesset's first deaf MK, who gave birth on Thursday.


Police interrogation ‘draconian, horrific, monstrous’ - Hefetz

Netanyahu trial star witness cross-examined after prosecution fails to expel press.

Former Netanyahu aide Nir Hefetz

Netanyahu sat next to me while we edited his Walla interview - Hefetz

Hefetz has been testifying daily since Monday and is considered a crucial witness for the prosecution because of his deep closeness to Netanyahu.

Why Hefetz flop matters - analysis

In order to convict Netanyahu, the state prosecution needs to prove that he had a criminal mental state to perpetrate media bribery and need to get the ex-PM himself on the witness stand.

Bezeq-Walla Affair: Nir Hefetz to testify against Netanyahu November 16

Hefetz may be the most critical witness in the trial because he is one of two who can point the finger directly at Netanyahu on media bribery charges.

Former comms ministry official says Netanyahu fired him after Bezeq chief threat

Ex-Communications Ministry director-general Avi Berger testified in Netanyahu Case 4000 trial.

Benjamin Netanyahu's trial delayed for third time

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's trial was postponed again, case will mostly resume in October.

Top Likud MK on Netanyahu: 'He made all the possible mistakes'

"Why did he agree to give Gideon, Bennett, Gantz and everyone else the role of prime minister, just so he could not give it to anyone else in the Likud?" Edelstein asked.

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