Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Terror US
Syrian opposition pins high hopes on Clinton win

The opposition hopes a Clinton presidency “will bring about change in the negative and irresolute position of Washington towards the Syrian tragedy."

Mishpacha Magazine
Hillary Clinton becomes first woman on cover of popular haredi magazine

Though the image is distorted, the photo is still significant since it does not publish pictures of women.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton
Trump adviser slams Clinton campaign over anti-Israel emails

Tanden called the situation “depressing” and referred to the Netanyahu government as “ruthless" and "nuts.” Podesta appeared to agree with the assessment, responding: "Bad."

Obama Clinton
Clinton ‘learned lessons’ from Obama years on Israel, says congressman

Florida congressman Ted Deutch seems to believe that Clinton will help to prevent Obama from proceeding to the UN Security Council on parameters for a two-state solution

Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton celebrates at her caucus night rally in Des Moi
Syrian political opposition hoping for Clinton presidency

Clinton has called for the establishment of a no-fly zone and "safe zones" on the ground in Syria to protect non-combatants.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks through a teleprompter before discussing the
Analysis: The Clinton emails and the impossible choice

Conventional wisdom when such allegations break right before an election is to pile on the prosecutor, whether in Israel or the US.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton
Eizenstat, former Clinton official, hopes for refocusing on Israel

Eizenstat cautioned Clinton to avoid the sort of publicly contentious relationship that developed early on between the Israeli government and the Obama administration.

Hillary Clinton
Analysis: FBI bombshell in election race offers more questions than answers

"These newly found emails may have nothing to do with the former secretary of state, or everything to do with her, and they may have nothing to do with anything at all."

Hillary Clinton
The coming shift: Hillary Clinton's plans for Israel and Iran

Hillary Clinton’s inner circle speaks to the 'Post' on how her administration will handle relations with Israel and Iran.

Trump and Clinton
A 32-year-old Jewish billionaire tops Clinton donor roll

Democrats unclear if billionaire spending is pro-Clinton or anti-Trump.

Hillary Clinton
US State Dept official 'pressured' FBI to declassify Clinton email -FBI documents

Clinton has said her decision to use a private server in her home for her work as the US secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 was a mistake and has apologized.

Shimon Peres
Peres was a man of psalms, Clinton says

In a phone call with Jewish community leaders Clinton spoke of Peres, her recent meeting with Netanyahu and wished American Jewry a happy and healthy new year.

Sadiq Khan
London's Muslim mayor backs Clinton for US president

During a stop in Chicago on his first visit to the United States, Khan said he was "a big fan" of Clinton and hoped she would win the presidential election in November.

Hillary Clinton
When politicians get sick: Is Hillary Clinton's health like Ariel Sharon's?

“Netanyahu can’t get away with taking a two-week vacation. But if the American president doesn’t, his people will be worried.”

hillary clinton
Debilitating image of Clinton jolts US presidential race

Conspiracy theories regarding Clinton's health have turned into legitimate questions after images of the Democratic nominee was seen leaving a 9/11 memorial stumbling into the van.

Hillary Clinton
Livni: Clinton health hysteria would not be the same if she were a man

Zionist Union MK suggests double standard in coverage of Clinton.

hillary clinton
Clinton recovering from pneumonia, nixes California trip after 9/11 stumble

Republican nominee was diagnosed on Friday but her condition only came to light several hours after she fell ill at a September 11 ceremony.

Hillary Clinton
Watch: Clinton stumbles at 9/11 memorial, says she has recovered

Democratic nominee's campaign says Clinton is resting at daughter's apartment and is "feeling much better" after leaving early from 9/11 ceremony in New York.

Elie Tahari
Catwalk for Clinton: Elie Tahari's fashion line presents female president

Tahari says he supports Clinton for president even if he doesn't agree with all of her fashion choices.

Actress Roseanne Barr poses upon her arrival for the Life Ball at the airport in Vienna
Roseanne Barr lashes out at 'anti-Semitic' Hillary Clinton on social media

Barr posted numerous inflammatory remarks, videos and articles about the Democratic presidential nominee this week.

Julian Assange
WikiLeaks offers reward for info leading to killer of Jewish DNC staffer

The offer from the clearinghouse for hacked and leaked documents was made Tuesday on Twitter after one-time Trump adviser alleged Hillary Clinton was responsible for Seth Rich’s death.

Hillary Clinton
Republican senator: Clinton's emails about Iranian nuclear scientist show she's reckless

Sen. Tom Cotton says emails on Clinton's private server about nuclear scientist who Iran announced had been executed show she's "careless."

Clinton AIPAC
Democrats Abroad push for Clinton in Israel with little resources

There is still time to register to vote in any of the 50 states. The earliest state's deadline is October 1 and some states allow registration into November.

Clinton Stern
Will we hear Hillary Clinton soon on the Howard Stern show?

"My thing is, ‘wow, as a human being how do you succeed?’ Don’t we all need to know how to succeed. This is a phenomenal story.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a speech during the Victory Parade on Moscow's Red Square
Clinton says Russian intelligence services hacked DNC

Cyber security experts and US officials have said they believed Russia engineered the release of the emails to influence the Nov. 8 US presidential election.

Hillary Clinton
In historic nomination, Clinton vows to protect Israel and enforce Iran deal

In the biggest speech of her more than 25-year-old career in the public eye, Clinton accepted the Democratic presidential nomination for the Nov. 8 election.

Netanyahu Clinton
Israel reiterates support for a two-state solution amid GOP shift

Ambassador Dermer offered praise and thanks for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, who brokered a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza while she was secretary of state.

Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton celebrates at her caucus night rally in Des Moi
At Republican, Democratic conventions, different types of anger

But in 2016, the clichéd adage is finally true: This is the election of a lifetime.

bloomberg israel
Bloomberg asks America to stay 'sane' and stop Trump

The Jewish former mayor said that voters should get over their quips with the Democratic nominee out of love of country.

Gabby Giffords
Former congressman Gabby Giffords steals the show in Philly

Jewish former Arizona congresswoman, shot in the head by an assailant in 2011, made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention.

protesters at dnc
Anti Israeli protesters in Philadelphia call out 'long live intifada'

Code Pink questioned on Twitter "why are Democrats progressive except for Palestine" before organizing a protest in City Hall.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a post Republican Convention campaign event
Trump calls on Russia to hack Clinton’s private email server

Evidence mounts of Russian interference in election • In a first for women, Hillary to accept Democratic presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton (R) and Bernie Sanders
Clinton surrogate and friend: Bernie voters will end up moving to Hillary

On Tuesday, dozens of pro-Sanders delegates and voters stormed the media center of the convention and staged a sit-in with signs saying “Stop her” and “Bernie or Bust”.

bernie sanders hillary clinton
Democrats close ranks ahead of Clinton nomination

Delegates loyal to Clinton’s chief primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, protested her nomination.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks about the results of the South Carolin
Clinton makes history, secures US Democrats' White House nomination

In a symbolic show of party unity, Clinton's former rival, US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, told the chairwoman from the convention floor that Clinton should be selected as the party's nominee.

2016 Democratic National Convention, DNC
Clinton aide to 'Post': Trump 'clueless' on Israel, foreign policy

Clinton favors a two-state solution, and the 2016 Democratic Party platform reinforced that position as it has in years past.

Democratic National Convention
Democrats stagger to convention in crisis

A hack of the Democratic National Committee and leak of over 20,000 e-mails has already taken the scalp of the party’s chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, who resigned on Sunday.

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