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The India-Israel relationship stretches across many different fields and includes military and strategic ties, bilateral trade, science and technology collaboration, tourism, agriculture and cultural ties. The India-Israel bond gathered momentum when Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited India for five days in January 2018.

India, Israel share close ties in agriculture, coronavirus fight

The strong ties between Israel and India have seen numerous collaborations, with some of the most notable being related to the coronavirus pandemic.


Israeli coronavirus delegation to India to return in coming days

Delegation collected 20,000 samples from confirmed coronavirus patients within nine days

Elite Israeli doctors help fight coronavirus in India

The partnership allows India to use Israeli technology to speed up identification and treatment of COVID-19.

India evacuates 115 citizens from Israel as part of 'Vande Bharat Mission'

Passengers received protective gloves and masks as they prepared for takeoff.

Indonesia Aid

Israeli organizations begin relief operations in Indonesia after Tsunami

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has planned to send emergency medical services and supplies to Indonesia after the Tsunami's aftermath.

Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit (C) performs at the 14th annual International Indian Film Academy

Dozens of Bollywood stars heading to Israel

Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dixit, and Shilpa Shetty are among those appearing in Rishon Lezion next month.


Giving India a voice

Singer Pushkar Lele brings the ‘living art’ of Hindustani music to Jerusalem’s Confederation House.

An Air India Airbus A320neo plane takes off in Colomiers near Toulouse, France, December 13, 2017.

Gold: Air India decision is ‘small step toward normalized interaction’

Israel mum on move, Saudis deny permission granted; flights to New Delhi to start next month

A woman carries water on her head in India during one of the worst droughts in decades.

India signs on with Israeli firm to fight drought

Israeli and Indian companies will extract drinking water from thin air.


Netanyahu meets Bollywood stars

Prime Minister ends speech by inviting Bollywood stars for an on-stage selfie so that 'millions of people can see the amazing friendship between both our countries.'

A municipal worker cleans the street in front of a bilboard displaying Indian and Israeli flags for

India, where Israel's image is positive

"If [Indian Prime Minister] Modi makes it clear that he likes Israel and Netanyahu, and believes they can help India, that flows down to the people on the street."

modi hug india benjamin netanyahu

What is India's de-hyphenation policy toward Israel and why does it matter?

The policy is truly a revolution in Indo-Israel ties.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Moshe Holtzberg lay a wreath at the Chabad House in Mumbai.

At site of terror attack, 11-year-old Moshe Holtzberg thankful for life

Holtzberg thanked God for sparing his after a 2008 terrorist attack claimed the lives of his parents, Rivka and Gavriel.


Netanyahu says Mahatma Gandhi an inspiration

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls Mahatma Gandhi "one of humanity's great prophets of inspiration."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, January

Netanyahu's reception in Gujarat highlights countries' strengthening ties

The prime minister received a rare "cultural roadshow" in Gujarat on Wednesday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu writes a message in the visitor's book.

Netanyahu tours Modi's home state of Gujarat on fourth day of India trip

Folk artists performed along the eight kilometer-long route of the roadshow from the airport and thousands lined the roads amid tight security.


With Netanyahu visiting, how are Indian-Israeli business ties?

Israel has given New Delhi a list of 200 products on which it would like tariffs removed, to make it easier for Israelis to overcome unwieldy bureaucracy in India.

modi hug india benjamin netanyahu sara

A dissonance between Modi’s warmth and India’s UN vote

Indian Prime Minister Modi said that "one vote does not change the overall pattern" of ties between the two countries, which he said is of “a very close relationship that is getting closer."

Israeli PM Netanyahu and Indian PM Narendra Modi speak at a press conference in New Delhi.

Netanyahu: Modi is revolutionizing Israel-India ties

The leaders also discussed issues they don’t agree on, including Iran and the Palestinians.

Firing the SPIKE missile system

Israeli defense giant looks to salvage $850m Indian missile deal

Cancellation of such a large deal is liable to deal Israel's Rafael Defense Systems a serious blow.

Israeli PM Netanyahu and Israeli First Lady present a reef for the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi.

Netanyahu praises 'wonderful friendship' at start of day two of India trip

Netanyahu, accompanied by his wife Sara Netanyahu, went to the site where Mahatma Ghandi was cremated. He wore white slippers, he and his wife laid a wreath on the tomb.

modi india benjamin netanyahu memorial

Deja vu: Netanyahu finds comfort abroad as scandals whirl at home

Trips such as this one to India are critically important for Netanyahu politically, because they shift the spotlight, ever so briefly, from scandals to statesmanship.

modi hug india benjamin netanyahu

Netanyahu in India warns Islamic Jihad, Hamas amid strike on terror tunnel

Five-day visit begins with gesture of warmth from Modi; PM hints missile deal may be revived.


WATCH: JPost correspondent wraps up Day 1 of Netanyahu's India visit

Diplomatic reporter Herb Keinon accompanied the Israeli prime minister on the 5-day trip.

modi india benjamin netanyahu memorial

Indian Jews 'pained' Netanyahu won't address them during visit

A quote from the letter written to the Israeli Prime Minister noted, "Our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed a gathering of approximately 8000 Indians in Tel Aviv.”

modi hug india benjamin netanyahu

Modi and Netanyahu embrace, trade tweets at start of India visit

During his six day visit Netanyahu will visit Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Agra as well as meeting Indian President Ram Nath Kovind.

Modi Israel

India revives talk of huge missile deal ahead of PM’s visit

New Delhi will buy Spike antitank guided weapons, media reports say

Modi Israel

Modi 'balancing' Netanyahu visit by hosting Arab, Iranian diplomats

Netanyahu’s visit to India comes just seven months after Modi made the first ever visit by an Indian prime minister to Israel.

Israel and India marked 25 years of diplomatic ties in 2017.

India officially cancels $500-million defense deal with Israel

Rumors that the deal with Rafael to buy 8,000 Spike missiles was cancelled first surfaced in November.

Arab states worry over India's lackluster response to Trump's Jerusalem move

The Indian Foreign Ministry's bland statement made no reference to Jerusalem and prompted criticism at home that it was insufficient, vague and anti-Palestinian.

Israel and India marked 25 years of diplomatic ties in 2017.

India moves to cancel $500m. missile deal with Israeli company

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems: We are not aware of this decision

Wing commander, K. Baharat

Indian special forces in Israel to train with the IDF's most elite units

Defense ties between Israel and India have grown in the past few years, with Delhi becoming a major purchaser of Israeli military hardware.

netanyahu modi israel

India ink: India's and Israel's improved business ties

Israelis aren't overly excited to work with Indian partners, but the big money from some of the giant corporations compensated for the lack of affection.

Modi Israel

India to bid for Israel oil-and-gas exploration blocks

A high-ranking delegation from India, the world’s third-biggest oil consumer, visited Israel last month to discuss taking part in the tender for blocks in the Mediterranean Sea.

Meat and Eat

Meat and Eat by the sea

The Herzliya Marina branch of the kosher steakhouse chain takes off.

LRSAM Missile

Indian Navy receives first missile jointly developed with Israel

India has become one of Israel’s largest buyers of military hardware.

Indian Independence Day ceremony in Tel Aviv

Celebrating India's Independence Day in Tel Aviv

An Indian journalist asks the hard questions and tries not to spoil the Israeli-Indian love affair.

Modi Israel

Commentary: Highlights of Israel-India relations as India turns 70

It is an irony of history that it took the approaching centenary for an Indian prime minister to visit Israel, says a senior researcher at the Hebrew University.

PRESIDENT REUVEN RIVLIN receives a bear hug from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during Rivlin’s

Five must know Israel-India facts before India’s Independence Day

From the best selling book by a famous Israeli publicist, on India of course, to the Israeli singer bringing Indian music to Tel Aviv.

oketz dogs idf 248.88 AJ

India's Modi recruits Israeli four-legged protectors

The IDF employs dogs to fill several tasks including bomb sniffing, attack and guarding duties and search and rescue missions.

A PALESTINIAN RIOTER throws back a tear-gas cannister fired by IDF troops near Ofer Prison

Israeli Stink Bombs are not Stinky Enough for Indians

Indian officials ran practice drills exposing personnel and the general public to the stench.

Saar Yavin and Adaya Aroyo from Maxximilk.

Israeli company helps increase Indian dairy yields

“They have more than 100 million cows and they have the lowest efficiency. So there is a lot of room to improve.”

netanyahu modi israel

Indian prime minister inspired by United Hatzalah

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi keen to learn more about Israeli model of community based medical service.

Narendra Modi Jerusalem

With Israel visit, Modi breaks long-standing Indian political consensus

Special from India: Modi's policies will continue to disrupt and change Nehru-Gandhi consensus on foreign policy, courtesy of his personal and impersonal network.

Modi Israel

Modi visits without once publicly saying ‘Palestinians’

India, unlike many of the European countries, does not like “megaphone diplomacy.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv to help digitize Indian state of Maharashtra

Maharashtra has an estimated population of 116 million, and is the world’s second-most populous sub-national entity.

Modi Israel

Analysis: Israel-India ties and the rise of Hug Diplomacy

The Indian perspective: Modi appears to be adopting some of Israel's attitudes and mannerisms on multiple issues from security to diaspora outreach.

Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Ben-G

Modi ends historic three-day visit to Israel

Follow The Jerusalem Post for the latest coverage of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Israel visit.


Modi to put spotlight on Indian military cemetery in Haifa

Considered to be the last major cavalry campaign in military history, the 1918 battle will be honored by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi Jerusalem

Israeli-Indian statement ignores two-state solution

Modi: It is India’s hope that peace, dialogue and restraint will prevail.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) and Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands Tel Aviv.

Modi addresses Indians in Israel at mass Tel Aviv rally

JPost coverage of the Indian PM's address to thousands of people at a large-scale event at the Tel Aviv fairgrounds.

Visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Israeli youth Moshe Holtzberg 5th July 2017.

Survivor of 2008 Mumbai massacre: I want to go back as Chabad envoy

While accompanying Indian PM, Netanyahu invited 10-year-old Moshe Holtzberg,survivor of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, to join him on an upcoming visit to India.

India – tandoori chicken

18 quick and easy Indian-Israeli recipes

Spice up your kitchen with these unique and enticing recipes inspired by the best of Indian cuisine.

Narendra Modi Benjamin Netanyahu

Building a hi-tech triangle among Tel Aviv, Bangalore and Silicon Valley

Israel’s venture capital community is beginning to truly discover India and its enormous potential not for just the IT sector, but also for many different hi-tech fields.

Narendra Modi

Introducing the 'Modi' flower: Israel names chrysanthemum after Indian PM

It's been a warm and affectionate visit full of bear hugs, kind words, and floral gestures.

Narendra Modi Israel

Rivlin hails Modi as one of world's 'greatest leaders of democracy'

Mutual felicitations flow between Israeli president and India's first visiting prime minister in Jerusalem meeting.

Israeli technology to help solve India’s water shortage

The partnership announcement coincided with the arrival to Israel of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his accompanying business delegation.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Netanyahu's Jer

Netanyahu should not build up 'impossible expectations' during Modi visit

Let’s be realistic. The ability and resources of a country of only 8.3 million people, with plenty of its own challenges to deal with, can only go so far.

ndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  laid a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem

Indian PM Modi pays respects at Israel's Holocaust memorial

As first visiting Indian PM in Israel, Modi describes Yad Vashem as a "poignant reminder of unspeakable evil."

Narendra Modi Benjamin Netanyahu

Indian PM Modi arrives in Israel for 'groundbreaking visit'

Follow The JPost for the latest coverage of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and his visit to Israel.


All the details: Historic first Israel visit by Indian prime minister

Tune into for live coverage of the visit starting with Narendra Modi's arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport at 4 p.m.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a speech during a session of the St. Petersburg Interna

Analysis: Taking India-Israel ties out of the closet

Executive Editor of 'India Today': Prime Minister Modi will make history by becoming the first Indian PM to visit Israel. This is his chance to take their ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ ties to the next level

Nerenda Modi

Modi visit signals historic shift in Indo-Israel relations

Indians admire the courage with which tiny Israel has held forth against hostile neighbors out to exterminate the Jewish homeland.


Netanyahu to closely accompany India's Modi on historic Israel visit

Ordinarily, Netanyahu meets heads of government for one meeting, and often times a dinner or lunch meeting as well.

Netanyahu and Modi

WATCH: Nameste Modi, Shalom Bibi

Moments before the historic visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked a few Indian citizens who live in Israel to share their experiences.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Modi to hold mass rally for Indians in Israel

“One thing our prime minister likes to do is connect with Indians overseas, not just Indian nationals, but people of Indian origin.”

AMNON OFEN, director of NaanDanJain Irrigation, presents a clock to Narendra Modi in 2013.

On a quest to micro-irrigate India’s small farms

NaanDanJain brings water sources to previously dry areas in India.

Israel and India marked 25 years of diplomatic ties in 2017.

Major defense deals to be signed during historic Modi visit to Israel

Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi will land in Jerusalem Tuesday. What's in store for the strategic defense partners?

INDIAN PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi speaks at Hyderabad House in New Delhi

'Namaste, Modi': Israel heightens preparations for historic visit

Israelis are very excited to see Narendra Modi arrive in the country for a first-time visit by a sitting Indian premier, so much so, that they sent Modi moving, personal messages.

Trump Modi

India's Modi to sleep in Trump’s bed in Israel

King David Hotel continues preparations ahead of Indian Prime Minister's landmark visit.

Modi Trump

Trump to host Indian counterpart Modi at the White House

'While progress is expected in defense trade and cooperation, there are frictions elsewhere,' says Indian official ahead of meeting.

Netanyahu and Modi

Netanyahu hails 'historic' visit by Indian prime minister

Cabinet to pass decisions on expanding relations in trade, innovation and tourism.


The potential of the East

“The market of tomorrow is India and China and the rest of Asia.”

yoga tel aviv

Yoga Day: As good for India’s brand as for individual wellness

On Wednesday, the world, including Israel, will mark the International Day of Yoga.

INDIA’S AMBASSADOR to Israel, Pavan Kapoor.

Strengthening Eastern ties: Modi's passage to Israel leaves behind 'Palestine'

Indian PM Modi’s decision not to meet with Palestinians when he visits shows his political confidence

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a speech during a session of the St. Petersburg Interna

4,000 Indian Jews expected to attend PM Modi address in Israel

According to the Embassy of India in Tel Aviv, Israel is home to approximately 85,000 Jews of Indian-origin, the majority of whom made Israel their home in the 1950s and 1960s.

abbas modi

India's Modi tells Abbas he backs sovereign, independent Palestinian state

Indian prime minister due to visit Israel in July.

Israel and India marked 25 years of diplomatic ties in 2017.

Indian Navy ships dock in Haifa port ahead of historical visit by Indian PM

Israel and India are marking 25 years of diplomatic ties in 2017.

IAF fighter jets during the Red Flag joint exercise at Nellis air force base in Nevada

American fighter pilots in Israel for joint drill

Exercises will take place near the southern city of Eilat at the Air Force’s Uvda airbase.

INDIAN PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi speaks at Hyderabad House in New Delhi

First-ever visit to Israel by Indian Prime Minister set for early July

A spokesman at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem confirmed that the Indian prime minister will be arriving in early July.

Indian recipes

New flavors of north India

As in other cuisines, Indian chefs use their imagination to come up with new dishes that taste “Indian.”

YOUNG LADIES pose in Kochi. (Right), one of the many shops in the bustling city.

India’s living evidence of Jewish pride and honor

A visit to Kochi finds a small Jewish community intent on keeping their heritage alive.

Nrityagram Dance Ensemble

A multifaceted culture

The Celebrating India in Israel Festival features dance, music, literature, film and clothing.

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