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Coronavirus: A hyped-up flu or a fatal pandemic?

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The kosher nutritional goods at Ben-Gurion Airport, on their way to Moldova to serve the Jewish comm

Israel sends Passover supplies on a rescue flight to Moldova

The rescue flight departed last Thursday with food to help the Jewish community in the eastern European country for the holiday that is just over a month away.

Coronavirus: What’s the vaccination rate in your city? Find it here

While the country boasts the most successful vaccination campaign in the world so far, significant gaps exist between different municipalities.

Coronavirus: Infection down, vaccination up - cabinet to meet Sunday

The Health Ministry has targeted February 23 as the start of the next phase of its plan.

‘Israel probably won’t reach herd immunity’

With some 2.5 million children who can't receive the coronavirus vaccine, Israel may never be able to reach herd immunity.

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