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The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is spreading around the world, including in Israel. Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, but the virus can be fatal. To help maintain the virus, Israel has implemented a number of restrictions on the public.

Teachers' submissions for the "Classroom Look in Lockdown" project.

Visual art project highlights teachers' challenges, dedication in pandemic

The project is “not meant to compare [...] but to properly document experiences and the gap that has been filed,”

Why the divisions caused by the coronavirus are magnified at Purim

Israelis are more polarized than ever during a holiday about unity, but Purim provides ways to connect, rabbi says


Purim: Senior citizens make masks for Netanya street parade

Other activities include another mask exhibition that will take place at the Herzl Street Mall.

Making merry at a school Purim party in years past

Coronavirus and Purim in Israel: These are the rules this year

"Last Purim, there was a dangerous outbreak... This cannot recur."

Bernie Sanders slams Israel for not sending COVID vaccines to Palestinians

"It is outrageous that Netanyahu would use spare vaccines to reward his foreign allies while so many Palestinians in the occupied territories are still waiting."

New coronavirus variant identified in New York - study

The new variant, known as B.1.526, was first identified in samples collected in New York in November, and by mid-February represented about 12% of cases.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reaches out to shake hands with Nancy Pelosi

Netanyahu calls Pelosi to discuss Israel’s COVID response

“We discussed COVID response and our shared hope for regional peace, including a just, stable and enduring two-state solution.”


What Jewish comedians made of Michael Che’s Israel Joke

It was a joke Jews and even Israelis might tell each other, but which becomes uncomfortable and even anti-Jewish when released into the wild.

Buff bubbe breaks the Internet after gym interview

Beloved Israeli gym bubbe has a thick American accent — and that’s great

Translanguaging describes the ways that all users of language use all available linguistic resources to communicate effectively with others.

A healthcare worker treats a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) positive patient inside a COVID-19 unit

Bess Soffer, 68, Jewish community leader whose last words were ‘group hug’

The last communication she had with her family over FaceTime had her holding up her hands in the shape of a heart.


Israel COVID vaccine data released for first-time in peer-reviewed journal

While the study had been published in Israeli media earlier this month, it had not been peer-reviewed until Wednesday.

Israel's President Reuven Rivlin' house dressed up for Purim

Israeli President's Residence all dressed up for Purim

The entrance to the presidential compound is temporarily guarded by a mammoth orange-colored monster with enormous gold claws.

Coronavirus: Hundreds attend party in Tel Aviv ahead of Purim curfew

Pictures and videos from the scene showed crowds of revelers celebrating in tight quarters in the market, many without masks.

United Hatzalah volunteer vaccinating another in Jerusalem in December

Coronavirus: United Hatzalah to suspend unvaccinated volunteers

"As medical personnel and first responders, we are at risk, and we can endanger others if we aren't vaccinated," founder Eli Beer said.

Vials with a sticker reading, "COVID-19 / Coronavirus vaccine / Injection only" and a medical syring

Moderna is developing booster shot for new coronavirus variants

Moderna is experimenting with several potential ways to combat new variants of the virus.


Protesters demonstrate against vaccine coercion, green passports in Tel Aviv

Speakers and protestors called for more "government transparency," and to "stop tyranny."

Depressed person broods in tunnel

Is children's mental health the next national disaster? - opinion

The social and emotional well-being of our children is in great danger, and as a country, we need to do something about it.


Coronavirus in Israel: Purim 2021 v. 2020, what changed?

“No mask has ever been more important than this one,” Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said, wielding his surgical mask.

Celebrating a coronavirus-inspired Purim - opinion

How best to enjoy the traditions as well as fulfill the commandments associated with Purim in this plague-filled year.


Purim miracle: 13-year-old COVID-19 patient leaves ICU in time for holiday

“Getting my son back is a gift,” said Shiri Avichezer, whose son Noam had the virus. “Thank God, he surfaced from all of this.”

Making merry at a school Purim party in years past

Purim is a time of giving: Some memories to get by

Even in this depressing time we are living through, be happy – it’s Purim!

Israelis stand in line to enter clothing stores as shops officially opened after almost a 2-month l

Clothing store owner filmed stabbing himself in the head after being fined

The man has apparently previously injured himself multiple times on camera after receiving warnings and fines, and continued to defy coronavirus regulations. *Warning: Graphic content*

Yonatan Blumenfeld initiated a fascinating project in Israel which helps elderly, unemployed

Jewish activists help communities deal with the harmful effects of COVID

Through the Coronavirus Response Micro Grants program, ROI has helped its members run projects that have been invaluable in helping communities in Israel and throughout the world cope with COVID.

COVID-19: Israel sending vaccines to Mauritania, without diplomatic ties

Mauritania had previously established relations with Israel in 1992, which continued until March 2010, when the country cut ties after Operation Cast Lead.

US President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on the US response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-1

Biden rushes to address global computer chip shortage in executive order

The chip scarcity has quickly grown into a major headache for the White House.

A Mobileye autonomous driving test vehicle, at the Mobileye headquarters in Jerusalem

Mobileye to ban employees not vaccinated for coronavirus

The company is assuming that about 10% of its workforce does not intend to vaccinate.

The flyer for the webinar series sharing information on Israeli smart agriculture with representativ

Israeli NGO to teach Israeli smart farming to the Caribbean

"COVID-19 has exposed us to the possibilities of suffering significantly from food supply shortages."

Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market

Coronavirus: Country to fully reopen by April, Netanyahu says

*Health Minister and Knesset Law Committee chairman agree to launch pilot program offering returnees from abroad to wear an electronic bracelet.

Deng Wei poses for a picture in front of her grandmother's and father's tombs, both of whom died due

China's bid to stop Wuhan COVID-19 spread cut deaths from other causes

The study showed there were around 6,000 additional deaths in Wuhan over the January-March 2020 period, including 4,573 caused by pneumonia — most of which were COVID-related.

An illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depicts the 2019 N

Teachers may play role in in-school COVID-19 transmission - US CDC

Transmission from teachers resulted in about half of 31 school-related cases, according to the investigation.


AstraZeneca to miss 2nd-quarter EU vaccine supply by half - EU Official

AstraZeneca's contract with the EU, which was leaked last week, showed the company had committed to delivering 180 million doses to the 27-nation bloc in the second quarter.

IDF soldiers at the entrance of a coronavirus hotel

Coronavirus: Quarantine hotels to reopen until better solution available

State-run hotels for isolating people returning from abroad have attracted much criticism over the past few months, with some questioning their effectiveness.

Israeli passengers wait to board the Lufthansa flight intended to bring them back to Israel, Februar

'Peanuts and water': Dire conditions for Israelis stranded in Frankfurt

The experience of the rescue flight was "a complete disaster," leaving 80 Israelis to fend for themselves.

Bank Hapoalim

Coronavirus: When in-person contact is necessary for business

How to cope with the financial crisis and emerge from it even stronger.


COVID-19 highlights importance of doctor-patient communication - experts

External factors have a huge impact on the vaccination process.

Coronavirus in Israel: More children to return to school on Wednesday

More children can enjoy pre-Purim festivities in their classrooms.

Health Min. revokes license of anti vax-coercion doctor, party head

The judge said that Aryeh Avni's actions pose a real danger to public health.

COVID-19: AstraZeneca vaccine stronger if 3 months between doses - study

The findings are not without precedent, with the study noting that other vaccines, like those for the flu, Ebola and malaria, also provide greater protection after longer intervals between doses.

Kiryat Shmona to honor Jewish COVID victims with olive trees promenade

Inclusion within the project comes at no cost to the communities.

Israel donates COVID vaccines to Palestinian Authority, other countries

"It was decided to help with a symbolic amount of vaccines for medical staff of the Palestinian Authority and some countries that asked Israel.”

Poorer nations begin slicing educational funding amid coronavirus

For comparison, before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, wealthier countries had been spending an average of $8,500 per child compared to $48 in lower income countries.


OurCrowd: Tech hiring in Israel up 400% in last six months

Every day during the fourth quarter of 2020, OurCrowd companies posted an average of 14 job openings.


'Antisemitism is never funny': Christian group condemns Che's SNL joke

Stereotypical jokes have been "used widely, throughout the generations, to persecute and attack Jews, and even as triggers for genocide."

Egypt receives second shipment of Chinese coronavirus vaccine

The new batch from China was the second shipment of the Sinopharm vaccine to Egypt. The country received its first 50,000-dose shipment in December.


Coronavirus: Israeli gov't approves Purim night curfew

Purim begins Thursday at sundown. The curfew will run Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Pfizer to ship 13m. COVID-19 vaccine doses per week to US by mid-March

Pfizer is on track to deliver 120 million doses of its two-dose regimen by the end of March, said John Young, Pfizer's chief business officer.


Shaare Zedek, Bezalel partner on solutions to coronavirus challenges

As part of the partnership, medical teams and designers will work together and create joint projects.

A day that will live in infamy: US crosses 500,000 COVID-19 deaths

Biden will order that US flags on federal property be lowered to half staff for five days, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters.


Gaza opens limited corona vaccination program ahead of int'l parley

Funding has been an issue for the Palestinian Authority in general and specifically with respect to the vaccines, in both the West Bank and Gaza.


Coronavirus: Israel should give Iran vaccines - opinion

The 'Cyrus Mercy Mission' would mean putting hostilities aside to cooperate during this mutual health crisis.


Coronavirus: Celebrating Purim in an upside-down world - opinion

We may not imbibe as much wine this year, but we may finally imbibe the true meaning of Purim.


SNL’s Michael Che is not an antisemite - opinion

How can we have failed to inform mainstream African-American personalities like Michael Che of these truths about Israel?

11-year-old Liel Dubinsky

COVID-19 in Israel: 11-year-old hospitalized in ICU after catching virus

Liel Dubinsky told The Jerusalem Post, “Go get vaccinated. This is not a game.”

The Bank of Israel building is seen in Jerusalem June 16, 2020.

Bank of Israel keeps interest rate at 0.1% for 11th straight month

The decision is in line with the trend of other central banks around the world

CINEMA CITY in Jerusalem. Will it once again be filled with movie-goers?

Coronavirus in Israel: Movie theaters struggle to reopen

Government-subsidized culture institutions have received aid packages, while movie theaters have not.

Jerusalem youth volunteer with their coronavirus situation room run with the Jerusalem Municipality

Jerusalem youth establish situation room to face COVID-19 challenges

The youth even worked outside of Jerusalem, contacting Jewish youth from abroad who faced antisemitism, advising them and supporting each other.

Gaza launches COVID-19 vaccinations, with 22,000 doses

The Gaza health ministry sent out text messages to urge those eligible to come and get their shots.


Buy one, get jabbed free: IKEA, Big offer vaccines to shoppers

Through Tuesday, February 23, Furniture giant IKEA has set up vaccination stations in its stores around Israel, with shots available to members of all of Israel's health funds.


Coronavirus in Israel: Gov’t to meet Tuesday about Purim curfew

Health and Transportation ministries reduce number of people allowed into Israel each day to 200, only days after they voted to increase it to 2,000.

Israeli health equity and innovation hub launches in Chicago

“We have learned many things from the current COVID-19 pandemic,” Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said during a kick-off event held late last week.

LGBTQ flag

Coronavirus in Israel: LGBT-phobic cases spike, 1 reported every 3 hours

"LGBTQphobia does not disappear or diminish, but takes on a different form and adapts itself to the new reality to which we have become accustomed in the past year."


Coronavirus: Haredi, Arab cities had high unemployment during lockdown

The resort city of Eilat suffered from the highest unemployment rates in Israel during the third lockdown.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the annual commemoration marking 72 years to the liberation of

Netanyahu waving old and new flags in Eilat

"Many eyes are raised today to the ink flag, which symbolizes the brave spirit of those who freed Eilat 72 years ago," the prime minister said.

The envelope containing the 'food debit cards' that families in need will receive to address the eco

Colel Chabad combats COVID-induced food insecurity for families

Some 200,000 Israeli families will be assisted through this program, which will include cards with which to purchase food, in addition to food boxes.

Magen David Adom has sampled over 4.1 million people in Israel

The medical service has worked in coordination with healthcare providers, the Health Ministry and the IDF's Home Front Command.

Eyal Golan

Famed Israeli singer Eyal Golan's father passes away from COVID-19

Maya Golan, sister of Eyal, wrote on Instagram regarding the death of his father, saying "Baruch Dayan Ha'amet."


Independent cities forum defies COVID restrictions, to open grades 7-10

The forum published an outline for reopening schools two weeks before the Health Ministry's reopening guidelines stipulate.


Coronavirus: Vaccinated non-residents will get certificate within 10 days

Israel has allowed also people who are not entitled to healthcare to get inoculated against the virus, including people who have Israeli citizenship but are not residents.

A teenager wears a costume as a reference to the coronavirus during the Jewish holiday of Purim, a c

COVID-19 czar: If Purim causes new wave, Israel may need another lockdown

Ugandan variant identified in Israel, 90% of new cases are UK variant • Knesset Law Committee extends mandatory quarantine in hotels by 24h • Israir to start flights to Eilat

Israeli supply of Pfizer vaccines reportedly coming to an end

According to a senior health fund official, the Pfizer deal was for 10 million vaccines - enough to inoculate 5 million people.

Green passport vs. vaccination certificate - let’s make it easy

What is a vaccination certificate? * Where do I get a green passport? * And what if I recovered from COVID-19?

Is Netanyahu offering COVID-19 vaccines in exchange for normalization?

Israel may send vaccines to a country it does not have official ties with.

Back to life: Health Ministry launches campaign to encourage vaccination

Passport holders will be able to go out to restaurants with friends again, go to the gym, attend rock concerts and "sing along with every word," as well as go to cinemas and theaters.

An illustrative photo of a Jewish wedding in front of the Mediterranean Sea.

Court: Halls don't have to return deposits for canceled corona weddings

Nearly a year after the coronavirus first began upending regular life, the court finally ruled that the law will not apply for agreements that were signed after March 12, 2020.


As Israel's malls reopen, excitement to go back to normal

As of about 10:30 a.m., shoppers were starting to fill Jerusalem's Hadar Mall, and some of the more popular stores already had lines to get in.

Israir crew members prepare for flights to Eilat to renew

Coronavirus: Israir to start ‘green flights’ on Tel Aviv-Eilat route

Starting from Tuesday, Israir will organize a flight a day reserved to those who are entitled to the green passport.

50% of mild, moderate COVID patients still have symptoms after 6 months - study

Participants were interviewed up to four times over the course of the study.

Could Israeli technology help reopen airports, travel worldwide?

The system has already been introduced as a pilot at gates, seating areas and other high-traffic zones around the Orlando International Airport.

THE HADASSAH-UNIVERSITY Medical Center campus is seen in Ein Kerem.

Osnat Ben Shitrit, 32, and her fetus die of COVID-19

“What will I do without you,” her husband said at her funeral on Sunday. She leaves behind four children.

COVID-19: India set to become world's second-largest vaccine maker

India has already pledged to supply vaccines to several other countries, including Cambodia, Mongolia, Afghanistan and various Pacific Island states. But this itself also has political motives.

Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog with new immigrant doctors Yael Cohen who made Aliyah from Spain

Jewish Agency to develop programs for Aliyah of medical professionals

“This is the time to strengthen Israeli society, including through the arrival of hundreds of new olim doctors who will join medical teams working day and night on the Covid-19 health crisis.”

Coronavirus provides philanthropists with the chance to give more

Many philanthropists are particularly conscious of these shifts and have stepped up to help, with donations increasing dramatically.


Coronavirus vaccine 99% effective in preventing serious disease, death

On Sunday, 500,000 more children return to school • Malls, gyms open up as infection declines

Israeli border policewmen chat with local residents at the entrance to Bnei Brak as Israel enforces

Coronavirus: Israeli-made nasal spray reduced infection at mass gathering

Some 2.4% of Traffix users were infected with the coronavirus while 10% of non-users were infected.

Bat Yam mall opens against coronavirus regulations, Feb. 11, 2020

Coronavirus: What opens on Sunday? The full list

The government approved the coronavirus cabinet's recommendations on Friday to open up more of Israel on Sunday, February 21.

A teenager wears a costume as a reference to coronavirus as school children dress-up marking the Jew

How to keep your teen safe this Purim - to parents from a pediatric doctor

From firecrackers exploding to alcohol poisoning, coronavirus is only an addition to dangers imposed on children during the Purim holiday.

An Israeli security guard walks as Palestinian workers wait to cross into Barkan industrial zone tha

Coronavirus: Israel to vaccinate 100,000 Palestinian workers

The decision came after a meeting between Health Ministry officials on both sides.

Former deputy IDF chief of staff Matan Vilnai is seen addressing The Jerusalem Post Annual Conferenc

Matan Vilnai: COVID-19 is a war – China won; Israel lost

Some 4,636 people died of COVID-19 in China out of a population of 1,398,000 (0.00033%). In Israel, 5,509 people had died as of Friday out of a population of 9,053,000 (0.06%).

Arab nurse recites Shema Yisrael prayer for dying Hasidic patient

The Shema Yisrael prayer is considered by many the most essential prayer in Judaism.

Coronavirus: Health Ministry officials hold COVID assessment in Ramallah

It is extremely rare for Israeli officials to go to Ramallah for a meeting.

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