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World news is all reports on stories involving politicians, conflict and revolutions outside of the United States and Israel that affect the world and the Jewish state. 'World news' helps the global environment set the political agenda through journalists situated in conflict regions reporting on the important facts.

Venezuela seeks to channel Moscow, Tehran and Hamas wars - analysis

Venezuela has been a near-dictatorship for years and has joined a number of anti-western countries, such as Russia, Iran and Turkey, in pushing a global agenda to challenge the US and Western order.

Israel raises threat level against travel to 80 countries due to Gaza war

“We can’t say don’t go, what we can say is that Israelis should weigh where they go,” an NSC official said.

Iran attacks US, seeks release of $6 billion from Qatar

Iran also claims the US is holding the UN Security Council hostage to prevent wider condemnation of Israel’s war against Hamas.

Netherlands fights accusation it is complicit in Israeli 'war crimes' in Gaza

Though the Dutch Defense Ministry would not comment on the case, a letter said "it cannot be established that the F-35s are involved in grave violations of the humanitarian laws of war."


How ‘decolonization’ became the latest flashpoint in the discourse over Israel

As many Palestinians and their supporters tend to do, denying any Jewish connection to the land — “will never get us closer to peace and reconciliation,” wrote Rachel Z. Feldman.


Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly Philippine bombing

The attack was carried out in a university gymnasium in Marawi, a city in the south of the country besieged by Islamist militants for five months in 2017.


‘Ukraine has a better understanding of Israel than any other country’ - interview

Asked about antisemitism in Ukraine today, Ukrainian ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk, links his index finger to his thumb to indicate zero.

Deadly ambush on bus in northwestern Pakistan leaves 9 dead

Six of the nine people murdered have since been identified. A total of 26 others were left injured from the attack.


US: Israel trying to minimize civilian casualties

“We believe they [Israel] have been receptive to our messages in terms of trying to minimize civilian casualties,” US NSC spokesperson John Kirby said.

Palestinian-American student shot in Vermont is paralyzed

Awartani, who is Palestinian-Irish-American, according to the fundraiser, hopes to start his next semester of college on time despite his paralysis, the family's note said.

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