Islamic terrorism is defined as any terrorist act or campaign which is committed by individuals or terrorist organizations who openly proclaim Islamic motivations behind their acts. Although the highest numbers of incidents occur in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Nigeria, Islamic terrorism has been on the rise all over the world, including the West.

EU sanctions six people linked to Hamas with asset freeze and travel ban

Arms trading, supporting actions undermining the stability or security of Israel, and involvement in serious humanitarian law or human rights breaches were cited as possible reasons for sanctioning.

Palestinian incitement

Britain declares 'antisemitic' Hizb ut-Tahrir as terrorist group

"Hizb ut-Tahrir is an antisemitic organization that actively promotes and encourages terrorism, including praising and celebrating the appalling 7 October attacks," Cleverly said.

 Status diagram of the Hamas apparatus in the operation of terrorism abroad.

Drones, street gangs: How Hamas planned to attack Israeli civilians worldwide

Danish street gang LTF is charged with working for Hamas in Europe, including but not limited to Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, with some members now believed to be operating out of Lebanon.

  Israeli forces seize Hamas weaponry in Gaza's high-rise district, January 5, 2024

Denmark confirms arrested terror suspects have Hamas links

Danish police arrested three suspects in December, with four further detained in Germany and the Netherlands.

Argentina arrests three from Lebanon, Syria in Maccabi Games terror plot

This planned attack came multiple months after an Iraqi national was arrested for lurking outside of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, shortly after a series of bomb threats.

TikTok moderators support terrorism and Hamas, claims whistleblowing employees

An earlier exclusive by Fox found published the antisemitism and abuse experienced by Jewish TikTok employees.


UK Palestinian charity exposed for praising terror, the eradication of Israel

The charity used images of Leila Khaled, who headed the 1969 hijacking of a plane to Tel Aviv, and compared Israel to Nazis.

An image distributed by al Shabaab after the attack on a military base in Kenya shows Somalia's al S

US man charged for attempt to aid terror after October 7 attack on Israel

The 23-year-old has been charged with "attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization," which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.


Could Islamists, jihadists turn Bangladesh into neo-Taliban state?

Terror org. BNP aims to establish Sharia Law in Bangladesh with the backing of Islamist allies, potentially making the state an antisemitic caliphate. The Biden administration supports the BNP.

REUTERS/Ardee Napolitano

Soap-making influencer charged for Hamas support, UK legal group tells ‘Post’

“Many of us DON’T condemn Hamas. These are men who have grown up in a concentration camp and found a way to bust out. They are heroes."

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