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Explore the latest developments in Israel's vibrant real estate landscape and discover captivating new residential projects.

Reconsidering buying a new apartment for resale upon key receipt?

Amid prevalent developer promotions allowing easier entry to apartment purchases, the Ministry of Construction and Housing clarifies legal obligations for buyers intending to sell for profit later.

Israel Land Authority tender: New business center in the heart of Tel Aviv

Israel Land Authority unveils a tender for lease rights purchase in Tel Aviv's Kariya South complex for commercial and/or office use, signaling ongoing urban development in the city center.

New luxury hotel approved for Irsael's stunning location

The district committee has greenlighted a plan for a new hotel on Herzliya's waterfront, featuring 365 rooms, a conference center, public restaurant, spa, and pools, but no holiday apartments.

Ayalim Village: Attracting students to Sderot with a 7 million investment

Ayalim Association, with support from the Jewish National Fund & Sderot Municipality, refurbishes its student village, offering subsidized rent & cultural activities post-attack.

26 bids, 1 winner: ILA's Ma'alot-Tarshiha tender draws surprising demand

The Israel Land Authority selected the winning company out of 26 bids for the Koren industrial area in Ma'alot Tarshiha, with the successful bidder paying it NIS 4.6 million.

126 new apartments approved for expansion in Ramot Naftali

North District Committee greenlights plan for 126 new apartments in Moshav Ramot Naftali, part of the recent surge in settlement expansion in the North, including Liman and Menara. 

Bridging theory and practice: Can academia drive urban renewal in Israel?

Pioneering collaboration: Governmental Authority for Urban Renewal hosts groundbreaking conference to connect academic discourse with policy implementation.

Savion intersection to host dozens of apartments: Minimum land purchase price revealed

Israel Land Authority launches tender for 2.5 dunams in Savion Junction, Kiryat Ono, part of a 1,315-unit diverse housing project. What's the minimum bid?

Choosing your next home? Rental prices plummet in these cities

Hundreds of shekels cheaper each month: with Madlan's help, discover cities with top rental price drops in Israel since the war began. Please note that Herzliya is also on the list.

Petah Tikva's Academic project: Attracting youth and innovation

Municipality launches a massive academic venture with sports and culture, bridging with the city's hi-tech zones across extensive grounds.

Beit Safafa: The Palestinian village that became part of Jerusalem

Neighborhood Corner: Beit Safafa, originally a Palestinian village along the Green Line, holds a significant place in the history of Jerusalem, with its origins dating back to the Crusader era.

Renewal in Haifa: 533 apartments, clinics, and commerce for Kiryat Eliezer

Haifa's District Committee approves a plan for urban renewal in Kiryat Eliezer: 533 apartments, public & commercial spaces - 109 apartments currently in 10 old buildings renovated for the project.

Interior minister urges employing Palestinians in the construction industry

Despite dissent from cabinet members Ben-Gvir, Smotrich and Regev, Interior Minister Moshe Arbel urges urgent reconsideration of Palestinian workers in construction, citing industry sustainability.

Government budget approved: Cities expected to renew under state auspices

Israel gears up for a new wave of urban renewal agreements with an approved budget of NIS 120 million, extending to 7 more local authorities.

One dollar difference: Couple buys dream home at auction

Auction Shock: A 4-bedroom house in Australia sold for $731,002, just $1 above the second bid and $2 over the third, setting a new record.

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