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Local authorities filled void: underground war room, armed men and babysitter

Local authorities fill vacuum: Two heads of settlements share crisis management & aid details on ‘Black Saturday,’ stressing citizen participation's pivotal role in Israel's October 7 wake-up call.

Is the Diaspora Jewry's future in peril?

Concerns rise as safety for Jews worldwide wanes. Is Israel prepared for mass absorption? Ofer Petersbourg delves into the looming future.

Gaza border towns to be nat'l priority with housing benefits

the construction and housing minister is updating list of national priority areas, including Gaza border communities and West Bank towns.

Recovery in the apartment market during Q3: Will it continue?

According to CBS report, 7,710 apartments sold in Jul-Sep 2023, up by 14.1% from Apr-Jun

The end of long-delayed urban renewal projects?

A new amendment empowers apartment owners to cancel stagnant urban renewal agreements, providing relief from years of delays and inadequate progress.

Rapid construction licensing reform underway

Construction industry news: Interior minister signs regulations to expedite plan and permit approval, aiming to shorten process by 1-4 years

Will Israel's Thai workers return to agriculture, construction jobs?

The Thai embassy in Israel is considering returning agricultural workers and exploring construction industry partnerships to address the female labor shortage post-war.

This Israeli city saw a 28% rise in apartment prices in 2023

Analysis of 16 cities shows 1.2% decrease in national average apartment prices, with Netanya experiencing remarkable 28% surge

Marketing revolution in real estate: maximizing apartment sales processes

Media Real Estate Group partners with software company "SEHEL" for an innovative CRM system to revolutionize real estate projects. Major market players to join in a joint venture.

Crisis response: Eilat welcomes thousands seeking shelter and support

Amid ongoing conflict, Eilat opens its doors to thousands evacuated by the IDF, providing accommodations, essential supplies, and emotional support to residents from nearby areas.

2,200 evacuees stranded in a remote area, urgently seek assistance

The state's decision to relocate 2,200 evacuees from Gaza to a remote area in the Middle Arava leaves them stranded and in urgent need of help for basic necessities.

Immediate opening of new hospital departments among emergency decisions

The council approved urgent measures for home front readiness, including rapid medical staff recruitment, immediate secure hospital ward expansion, and enhanced emergency energy infrastructure.

Government promotes quick use of buildings as shelters in northern cities

Construction and Housing minister announces swift plan, costing millions, to use buildings as shelters in the North due to neglected existing ones.

Renewing protection: 136 in the South, 3,257 in Tel Aviv

Ashkelon vs. Tel Aviv: 2,300% gap "highlights the urgency of the situation," the RE appraisers' head said. "Decision-makers must act swiftly, with a focus on the broader urban and regional benefits."

Live in a private house without a building permit? Construction permit in two weeks

Detached houses are eligible for expedited Safe Room permits, with online applications, ensuring approval in just 14 days.

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