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Sperm (illustrative)

Sperm protein could be used for treating infertility, joint Israel-Japan study finds

They found that the protein IZUMO1 is critical for the binding of sex cells, and also plays an essential role in fusing the cells to allow the exchange of genetic material.

Can ivermectin help exterminate bed bugs? - study

A new peer-reviewed study by North Carolina State University analyzed the effects of anti-parasitic drugs ivermectin and fluralaner in fighting bed bugs.

Israeli getting the COVID vaccination at Meuhedet Health Maintenance Organization center at Jerusale

Vaccine hesitancy may predict future COVID-19 vaccine side effects - study

Resistance to getting a COVID-19 vaccine might cause larger problems than anticipated in the long run.


Potatoes aren't unhealthy, you just have a bad diet - study

Potatoes have a bad reputation as unhealthy food, especially in regard to diabetes, but they don't actually raise the risk and aren't even unhealthy. It's all in preparation and dietary choices.


How should you dress a newborn baby in winter?

If you're going to give birth in the winter or if you have a newborn and aren't sure how much clothing to use in winter, read below.


Fight the blues with some tunes - study

The researchers found that within just a few weeks of starting lessons, subjects' ability to process multisensory information – sight and sound – was enhanced.

Woman's nut allergy has complicated sex in a surprising way

This woman's nutty situation left her with an uncomfortable sensation – and the solution is a shocker, to be sure.

Israeli diplomat held in 'prison-like conditions' over China's zero-COVID policy

Eddie Shapira, Israel's consul in China, said the conditions of coronavirus hospitalization in China are very strange and described being in what he deemed "an aquarium" for 10 days.


Everyone's sick these days. What can you do?

The winter illnesses are here, and lots of people are walking around with runny noses, coughs and tired faces. Here are some ways to prevent and manage these winter ailments.

By Margalit Shilo/Walla!

Air pollution increases suicide rate, new large-scale study finds

A one microgram per cubic meter increase in PM2.5 on each day over a year would likely lead to 153.8 additional suicides in that year.

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