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How can the health of homeless pet owners and their companions be improved?

Researchers in Texas have conducted a study that reveals five common ways in which the health of homeless pet owners and their dogs can be improved. 

UV radiation may have positive effect on women fertility aged 30-40 who want to get pregnant

Their pioneering study revealed that during the summer, women of that late reproductive age experienced increased secretion of the hormone from their ovaries.

The top 10 fitness trends for 2024

The ACSM publishes annual fitness trends, including advanced trackers and community programs, to promote physical activity. Here are their 2024 trend predictions.


Each day, 60 wounded IDF soldiers are treated for physical, mental wounds

Thousands of wounded IDF reservists need physical and emotional care, although many have returned to their workplaces.

Organic compound found in trees could prevent contact-lens eye infections

Hydroquinine, a compound found in some trees, could be an effective and naturally occurring disinfecting solution to help combat diseases such as keratitis

New machine learning model can predict car crash sites

Researchers studied features of roads most likely to cause crashes using a dataset of 15,000 kilometers of roads across 7,000 locations in Greece.

Dozens of cranes killed by bird flu in northern Israel

Avian influenza has affected tens of millions of birds and thousands of mammals worldwide in recent years.


How Israel is overcoming overcrowded hospital rooms this winter

Health Ministry will launch a website detailing the loads in different emergency rooms, allowing patients to turn to less crowded medical centers.

The advantage of running in winter: Burning more calories

It takes determination to go training outdoors in the freezing cold, but what if we told you that, specifically in winter, any aerobic activity you do will burn more calories? Experts explain.


Root microbes may be the secret to a better-tasting cup of tea

The study showed that the making of a delicious cup of tea depends on another key ingredient: microbes found on the underground part of the plant.

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