Everything you need to know about healthy sleep and the sleep disorders

Eight tips to clean your mattress right

We wash our bedding, but what about the mattress? Discover how to maintain a clean mattress.


Improving sleep in difficult times: 7 steps for better rest

Quality sleep is essential for maintaining energy levels and functioning well during challenging times.


Woman's cat keeps her up at night playing with her legs and hands

A woman's quest to beat morning fatigue led to an amusing revelation with a night vision camera exposing the culprit.


New parent? Night shift? This nap strategy can help you survive - study

When staying up all night, scheduling two nap sessions – a 90-minute one followed by a quick 30-minute shut-eye later – is the optimal choice over a single 120-minute snooze, a study found.


Middle-aged ‘night owls’ more likely than ‘early birds’ to develop type-2 diabetes

The Nurses’ Health Study II is among the most extensive investigations into risk factors for major chronic diseases in women.

This neuroscientist urges swapping melatonin for a secret sleep cocktail

The hidden downside of melatonin: Explore why melatonin, while effective at initiating sleep, often leaves people struggling to stay asleep.

Unconventional bed-swapping habit sparks Internet buzz

California woman reveals strangely unique sleeping habits with husband, prompting many to admit it'd keep them up at night.

More sleep can make kids, teenagers less impulsive - study

According to a new study from the University of Georgia, getting enough sleep can help children combat the effects of stressful environments and reduce their impulsivity. 

Your dreams can impact how you act at work - study

New research from the US shows that when dreams are first recalled, people often draw connections between their dreams and waking lives, and that changes how they think, feel, and act at work.

This is the ideal temperature for older adults to sleep at night - study

The elderly often suffer from inadequate, restless, and disrupted sleep that influences many outcomes connected to their health and well-being. These temperature changes might help.

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