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How cooking with your children can be therapeutic

Cooking together can help children regulate, calm down, process, and understand.


Israel-Hamas war: How can parents, children navigate the turbulence?

As we get children involved in the war effort and meet with friends at school, do we have to worry about their exposure to the news?

Breast milk donations called for by Health Ministry

Families or medical officials who care for babies, and women who are willing to donate breast milk, can contact; on WhatsApp 0526344101; or by phone to 073-260200

Rare genetic phenomenon: Baby girl born with 26 fingers

A newborn in Bharatpur, India, surprises with seven fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, leaving her family convinced of a divine connection.

'The Power of PR Parenting': How PR skills help you raise children - review

The Power of PR Parenting is an easy, breezy read from which any parent can glean good ideas for navigating the most challenging and important career of all.

How to get a baby out of a locked car

A viral video demonstrates a safe and efficient method to open a locked car window and rescue a trapped baby.


Have we reached the 'death knell' for children enjoying spontaneous play?

The research found that the rise in structured physical activity for children happened at the same time as, and possibly caused, a decline in children playing spontaneously.

Are you exposing your baby to harmful plastic particles? - study

“It is really important to know how many micro- and nanoplastics we are taking in,” said Kazi Albab Hussain, the study’s lead author and a doctoral student

'The Sizzling Schnitzel:' A startling summer warning for parents

"The video," United Hatzala explained in a statement, "serves as a powerful reminder of the life-threatening consequences that can result from negligence with regard to leaving children in cars."

  Mother and child

Dealing with toddler tantrums: A guide for parents

Understanding, managing, and preventing tantrums in young children is essential for effective communication and emotional development

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