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former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell, retir

Colin Powell was a true friend of Israel - editorial

Colin Powell represented a unique breed of US supporters for Israel, who had an emotional understanding of what makes Israel unique and what the country means in historic terms for the Jewish people.

Ben Gurion University

Dropping Bible studies is highly problematic - opinion

Ben Gurion University closed the Bible department this academic year without making a public announcement.


Bill granting house searches without a warrant can be dangerous - editorial

A bill was passed on Sunday that allows law enforcement to carry out house searches without a warrant.

Canada failed to deal with their WWII Nazis residents - opinion

Canada supposedly stripped eight of their citizenships but never actually deported them.

Israel relations in Congress aren't what they used to be - opinion

The 'squad''s attempt to block Iron Dome funding is a sign that things are changing for Israel among a group of far-left politicians in the US.

Social media should be held responsible for its toxic impact - opinion

Social media networks are coming under increasing scrutiny for the toxic content they promote.

Taiwan is inherently part of China's territory - opinion

Tensions are growing between China and Taiwan.


Only talking will bring understanding in the Israel-Poland rift - opinion

Jews are right to want their Polish property back, but they need to understand that Poland as a nation did not collaborate with Nazis.

Israel Apartheid Week at Columbia University.

'Apartheid' and 'genocide' are used as verbal bombs against Israel - opinion

The words 'apartheid' and 'genocide' serve no purpose other than to insult, stigmatize and delegitimize the Jewish state.


A US consulate in Jerusalem will make the city not in Israel - opinion

People born in Jerusalem 70 years ago were considered stateless.


Netanyahu's snub is shameful to himself, but also to the country

Netanyahu and his supporters have systematically sought to undermine the new government. Some of the attempts are legitimate, but some attempt to make it seem like the government does not exist.

   Haim Bibas, Chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel

Israel hosting the Muni World 2021 of the EXPO Innovation Fair in TLV

The participants who come to Israel will go on tours of innovation and development centers all over Israel to learn about special models implemented here.

Don’t base Israeli-German ties only on the Holocaust - opinion

Successive Israeli governments have been quite successful in winning some time over the Palestinian issue, while improving or preserving economic achievements and cooperation with the EU.


Abraham Accords may be cause for celebration, but mostly as a business deal

ABOVE THE FOLD: The long-held and ingrained attitudes toward Israel, attitudes of the residents of these countries that have signed on to the accords, have not changed. Not one whit, not one iota.

The Likud’s conundrum and unparliamentary language - opinion

The Knesset speaker and his deputies can only demand that those addressing the House withdraw a comment if he/she refers to another MK as a Nazi, a terrorist or a murderer.

Who has the power to set Iran Deal back in motion? - opinion

The US refuses to ease sanctions while Iran refuses to put the breaks on its renewed nuclear activity.

BDS must be prohibited - opinion

Some 35 states have adopted legislation or executive orders to prohibit the BDS movement from taking hold of their societies and economies.

By Mark Brnovich

How Wheels of Love is making a change for patients at ALYN Hospital

Wheels of Love is a fundraiser that supports the financial pressures of ALYN Hospital.

By Jeff Blye

A US consulate in Jerusalem will re-divide the city - opinion

The US Jerusalem Embassy Act stresses the unity and indivisibility of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

The Israeli-Polish rift can only be repaired by talking - opinion

Israel and Poland recalled their ambassadors after Poland passed a law saying that descendants of Polish Holocaust victims will not have their property returned.

Anti-Zionism is inherently antisemitism - opinion

Many people claim that they are only anti-Zionist which doesn't make them antisemitic.


The Knesset needs an Aliyah Committee - opinion

The Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee was not established in the 24th Knesset for political reasons.


Calling Israeli attacks on Palestinians 'settler violence' is antisemitic - opinion

If there is “settler violence,” there is also “European violence,” “American violence” and so forth as no state or area in the world enjoys a 0% crime rate.


Grapevine October 17, 2021: A woman's work...

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

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