Jerusalem Post's talented team of journalists provides insight into their work presented in the opinion section. This section highlights the beliefs and values that experienced writers who are witnessing the Middle East turmoil unfold. Their first hand encounters with world leaders have shaped their opinions and world views to be shared on this page.

Mini Israel in India: Awaiting the return of Israeli tourists

"As the world watches the unfolding events in Israel, there is a collective hope for peace and stability," the author writes.


Loss of moral clarity allowed mass murderer Raisi to escape global condemnation

Instead of memorializing him, the United States and the United Nations should have wiped his name from global memory.

Iran's stance on Israel remains unchanged under reformist president Pezeshkian - opinion

Despite electing reformist Masoud Pezeshkian as president, Iran's stance on Israel remains hostile, continuing support for anti-Israel groups and upholding its aggressive policies.

J. D. Vance’s astonishing journey to the top of Republicanism

J.D. Vance's extraordinary journey from a harsh childhood to being the Republican vice-presidential nominee highlights resilience, family influence, and the potential for transformative leadership.

Bridging the divide: Integrating ultra-Orthodox men into the IDF

The push to draft ultra-Orthodox men into the IDF sparks controversy. Can a new hesder program and tailored solutions bridge societal divides and ensure fair participation for all?


Israel's attack on Yemeni oil infrastructure is a strategic warning to Iran

The strike on Yemen’s oil infrastructure in Hodeidah is a microcosm of a larger strategic narrative.


Halevi continues to cause deterioration of the army, Gallant and Bibi follow his lead

Although Halevi received this chaos from his predecessors, he did nothing to improve the situation. During his career, the situation of the army continues to deteriorate.


ICJ sips espresso while Tel Aviv coffee shops burn: A tale of legal myopia

Israeli settlements act as crucial buffers against the kind of aggressions that tend to happen when your neighbors aren't exactly sending you fruit baskets.


Trump's second coming will spark global mayhem

The bullet consolidated the martyr’s image that Trump has cultivated all along, but unlike all other martyrs, whose resurrection is only a hope, his second coming will be real.

My Word: Disappearing acts for Israelis in a culture war

In a world in which “the cancel culture” thrives, Israelis are being made to disappear.

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