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‘WHAT SEPARATES American Jews and Israel is, well, everything... [yet] we ought to celebrate those d

The state of United States Jews - opinion

The study that 25% of US Jews see Israel as an apartheid state. All of this has created a sense of unease amongst Israelis who wonder, “What’s going on with the American Jewish community?”


Simone Biles and why anxiety is killing us - opinion

Let us never allow loss to be our teacher. Let us learn to love and laugh not because life is short, but, rather, because it is infinitely precious.


Welcome support for Israel - opinion

Lovers of Israel have come out loud and strong and are unabashedly telling the world just how much they value the State of Israel, the Jewish state. And they are not – as one might expect – all Jews.

When cancel culture comes for Jews - opinion

When “cancel culture” translates to public accountability for one’s behavior or comments, it sometimes seems only fair. But in an era of social media, the consequences can be profound.

A boat of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) sails, at undisclosed place

Mercer Street is a global wakeup call to the Iranian threat - editorial

“The masks are coming off, and no one can pretend they don’t know the character of the Iranian regime.”

Another round of corona hysteria - opinion

It is simply that the relevant information can be summed up concisely, and the spillage of words to which we are exposed is totally superfluous and boring.

Enlarging Rabbinical Judges Selection Committee boosts standing - opinion

Increasing the number of voices on such an august panel to choose the next rabbinical judges will bolster the standing of the Rabbinical Courts, which should be important to us all.

American Jews should stand with Iran’s protesters - opinion

As American Jews, today we must recall the gift of freedom the ancient Persian king, Cyrus the Great granted us from the bondage of Babylonian captivity.


Letters to the Editor August 2, 2021: Sports reports

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Real Estate

The relationship between hi-tech and real-estate - opinion

Journalists and other critics have blamed hi-tech’s high wages and exits for the increase in the price of real estate in Israel. So, what’s the truth, and where’s the problem?

Money changer holds U.S. dollar banknotes as he counts other currency banknotes in Tehran

The power of Israel's economy - editorial

The establishment of three new investment offices in Israel illustrates the influence Israel's economy – and particularly its high-tech sector – has on the global market.

‘My Unorthodox Life’ should anger every Jew - opinion

The main character’s story implicates, impugns and indicts all Jews. She accuses all Orthodox Judaism (ergo, mainstream Judaism) of egregious crimes including oppression, sexism, brainwashng, etc.


The effort to eradicate litter - opinion

Early in life, I became aware of a common disturbance nestled within the landscape: litter. The prevalence of litter in nature is a significant problem in the Jewish state.


How the US has put the most peaceful region of Iraq at risk - opinion

From 2014 to 2017, Iraqi Kurdistan was one of the most secure places in the world, despite sharing a thousand-kilometer-long border with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


Lessons, cautionary tales from Israel on the pandemic’s next stage

The story here shows that details on Delta’s spread among the vaccinated need to be better documented.

Another long night in the Knesset this week.

Israel's political culture is still stuck in the gutter - opinion

These moves used to be what the current coalition fought against. When Netanyahu did them they were bad, but now they are okay?


Jibril Rajoub deserves an Olympic medal in incitement - opinion

The head of the Palestinian Football Association and Palestine Olympic Committee has been an open advocate of terrorism against the Jewish state throughout his career.


Israel should return to UNESCO - editorial

Now Israel could seek to return to UNESCO, and it is possible that such a move can be done alongside the United States.

Calculating taxes

Sandboarding and car keys: Time flies - opinion

If your goal is to have a half a million dollars when you retire, start planning for that.

Calculating taxes

Making a bad investment on another's behalf: Whose loss is it? - opinion

By not reporting the first investment on the first capital declaration, the taxpayer forfeited the right to later claim a loss on that investment.


Israel's Jordan policy misrepresented in the press - opinion

Whether he realized it or not, Zakaria was feeding into a long-held fear in Jordan that Israel was scheming to solve the Palestinian problem at Jordan’s expense.


Antisemitism: The symptom and lesson - opinion

In a world full of conflicts over land, natural resources, honor and rulership, only the conflict in the Jewish state is worthy of a boycott.


Israel can carry the torch in the fight against antisemitism - opinion

Israel must recognize this new reality of antisemitism, and take into account how our actions directly impact the safety, security and communal life of Jewish communities around the world.

Democrats will turn on Fauci before 2022 - opinion

Fauci, despite being championed as paragon of virtue, doesn’t fit the eventual shift in Democratic Party policy toward China.

RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS Minister Matan Kahana address the Knesset plenum last month.

Israel needs a standard to define who is a Jew - opinion

The Israeli government’s energy need to go into making the Diaspora more Jewish, not into making Israel less so.

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