Antisemitism is hostility towards or prejudice against the Jewish people. Since biblical times, Jews experienced periods in which they were persecuted for refusing to adopt the religion and culture of the ruling societies in which they lived. The rise of Christianity and perception of Jews as rejectors of Jesus led to a rise in antisemitism.

Scholars unite against boycott of Israeli academics

Over 3000 academics from across the globe signed a letter in support of Israeli scholastic participation.

After knives, pellet guns, death threats seen, DePaul removes encampment

The DePaul administration shared documentation of various offenses on Wednesday ahead of the encampment evacuation, including a pellet gun and four kitchen knives.

Torah scroll

Toronto synagogue windows smashed for second time in a month

Another Bayview Avenue area synagogue had signs set on fire on April 26 and April 28.

 A DEMONSTRATOR holds a placard as Columbia University students protest outside offices of Universit

Campus protests were a missed opportunity

Columbia University could've held a beautiful graduation ceremony, highlighting its unity even amid tough times. Instead it rewarded scare tactics and fearmongers.


Toronto community escorts Jewish kids after they receive death threats from fellow schoolmates

The massive turnout was due to a Jewish kid being pushed and shoved and being told that his attackers would "do to him what Hamas did to Israel."


NYC deputy mayor charges Washington Post after story on pro-Israel Jewish entrepreneurs

Thursday’s article describes a “group of billionaires and business titans working to shape US public opinion of the war in Gaza.”


US withholds visas from Israeli artists after controversial 'Harbu Darbu' lyrics go viral

The controversial lyrics say, “(from) Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Mia Khalifa; Every day is a day; All the units in the army come to harbu darbu on their heads!"

Mohamed Hadid: Israeli Jews have no genetic connection to ancient Hebrews

Hadid said that Israeli Jews should show their ancestry for comparison to his.

 Courtesy Mike E. Dunne

This artist is fighting for a memorial for the 4000 killed in at Jungfernhof, a Nazi camp in Latvia

Over the last 17 years, Frostig has worked with a dogged determination to recognize the victims of Jungfernhof, a camp that’s not extensively documented.


Belgian mob breaks Israeli's jaw after he removes anti-Israel sticker

The Israeli tourist filed a complaint to the police, who reportedly responded that they "don't want to deal with them."

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