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Comet hits Earth's atmosphere, flies over Spain, Portugal before burning up - ESA

A comet was seen flying over Spain and Portugal over the weekend as it impacted the atmosphere before burning up over the Atlantic Ocean.


Man's best friend joins the staff: Meet Toby the dog, a new staff member at a Tel Aviv hospital

Toby is not a nurse, or even human - he is a Pomeranian-Husky therapy dog with a sweet disposition who works with physicians and patients.

Israelite slaves didn’t do it: Rediscovering a lost Nile branch

Since the beginning of the Pharaonic era, the Nile River has played a fundamental role in the rapid growth and expansion of Egyptian civilization.

Can you communicate with your canine by virtual means?

Dogs can imitate human actions from two-dimensional video projections, say Hungarian researchers

Bar-Ilan scientists pioneer use of worms rather than rats to model human muscle diseases

Instead of testing rodents that display species-related differences and present ethical and budgetary concerns Bar-Ilan University researchers develop innovative new method.

Police and judges make more arrests and increase sentences in hotter weather

Police made fewer arrests per reported crime on the hottest days in the sample, and these arrests were more likely to be dismissed in court.

Why do students cheat in online exams and how can it be discouraged?

Psychologists at the University of Cologne in Germany have studied how students’ individual needs, conceptions, and reasons relate to cheating behavior in online exams. 

Parasomnia: What strange things can happen inside a sleepwalker’s brain?

Measuring someone’s brain activity during a parasomnia episode is not simple. The patient needs to fall asleep, experience an episode, and have their brain activity recorded while moving around.

Breakthrough research on fruit flies may pave way for ALS cure

The work on fruit flies in the lab shows how protein interactions can preserve or prevent the nerve cell death that is a hallmark of ALS.

How germline regulation, sex differences impact the lifespan of male, female vertebrates

A new study by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) has revealed unexpected and sex-specific effects of germline regulation on longevity.

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