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‘Free everybody’: Kim Kardashian shuts down pro-Palestinian heckler

As security removed the pro-Palestinian woman, Kardashian can be heard stating “Free everybody.” 

Maggie Tabibi: 'If I wasn't worthy, I wouldn't have been chosen'

While preparing to lead the torch-lighting ceremony on Independence Day, Maggie Tabibi, an anchor on Channel 14, talks about her rise to success, responds to criticism, and shares her past


‘Queer Storytime for Palestine’ drag event for children causes outrage

Young children were led in chants of "free Palestine" by the drag queens.

US VP Harris hosts Kim Kardashian to discuss criminal justice reform

Harris is focused on convincing people of color and young voters to give Biden and her a second, four-year term at a time many voters are dissatisfied with their handling of the war in Gaza.


Woman banned from Uber over ‘offensive’ first name

Swastika Chandra was unable to order food from Uber for 5 months, as the app decided her name was "offensive."

'Help!': John Lennon's lost 1960s acoustic guitar to go up for auction

The guitar is believed to have ended up in their hands through British musician Gordon Waller, a member of the 1960s pop duo Peter and Gordon.


World’s oldest gorilla celebrates 67th birthday in Berlin zoo

Born in 1957 and transported to a zoo in West Berlin in 1959, Fatou has lived an extraordinarily long life which was commemorated with a special treat of fruit and vegetables. 

Cats can communicate through urine - study reveals

It’s a matter of sublime feline communication.

First of its kind: Six-legged gazelle spotted in Israel's western Negev

While gazelle sightings in Israel are already uncommon due to their endangered status, this one is reported to be the first of its kind to be spotted.

Test your IQ: Move one matchstick to solve the equation

This challenge, which requires high levels of critical thinking, requires solving a puzzle by moving just one matchstick.

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