Israel’s rich biblical history can be found in the country’s archaeology. The Jerusalem Post shares the latest on archaeological excavations at significant biblical and historical sites in Israel and the region.

Discovery of mutilated corpses under Goering's home in Nazi HQ in Poland, prompts investigation

The bodies were found beneath some pipes under the floorboards of Herman Goering's house in the Wolf's Lair, naked, without clothing or jewelry.

Israeli researchers map out timeline of ancient Jerusalem

Despite the reams of writings about Jerusalem, studying its Iron Age has proven challenging in terms of absolute chronology.

'The Vatican and Me': One man's journey to find divine treasures

The Vatican and Me is an object lesson in perseverance in the face of seemingly intractable indifference. An inspiring tale of Harry Moskoff's journey.

Japanese researchers identify lost villa of Roman Emperor Augustus in Italy

Archaeologists used radiocarbon dating and chemical analysis of the volcanic layers covering the earlier building, which confirmed that the building predates the Vesuvian eruption in AD79.

Egypt reclaims 3,400-year-old stolen statue of King Ramses II

Egyptian authorities spotted the artifact when it was offered for sale in an exhibition in London in 2013, after it was stolen more than three decades ago.

‘Hand of God in Exodus and the Crossing of the Red Sea,’

Archaeological gem Dura-Europos found to be mirror image of Iraq's Anqa

Strategically located Dura-Europos was a ‘forgotten city’ in Syria and neglected by archaeologists who finally identified Iraq’s Anqa as its near-mirror image.

Motza mosaicists: Putting an ancient Roman mosaic floor back together

Residents of a village near Jerusalem piece together an ancient Roman floor.


Humans occupied lava tube in northern Saudi Arabia as shelter for thousands of years

A large tube produced by lava in the Umm Jirsan cave in Saudi Arabia sheltered humans for thousands of years.

Gigantic marine reptile's fossils found by British girl and father

British girl finds fossil of massive ancient marine reptile in Somerset, England. Jawbone suggests creature rivaling blue whales, named Ichthyotitan severnensis.


Temple Mount earth-filtering project discovers ancient clay tokens

Tokens found in Temple Mount Sifting Project excavations may have been used by ancient pilgrims.

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