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News, analysis and commentary from Israel and across the globe on Environment & climate change and its impact on weather, business, politics, rising sea levels, and the food we consume.

Israel, Jordan sign climate cooperation agreement in Dubai

Jordan will build a designated solar field and export 600 megawatts to Israel, and work on solar energy storage solutions.

EU, Peres Center, Frontier RNG hold roundtable on desertification

The topic in question is especially relevant, as desertification has worsened in recent years due to climate change reducing rainfall and making air hotter and drier.

Israel's Energy Minister says UAE oil pipeline deal should be scrapped

Energy Minister Karin Elharrar said on Tuesday that the deal with partners from the UAE to transport oil from the Gulf to Europe via Israel should be canceled due to environmental concerns.


Lackluster COP26 deal shows Israel can 'continue to falter'

The last-minute changes made to the Glasgow Climate Pact have Israeli activists worried as Israel continues to make insufficient climate progress.

COP26 agrees on deal aimed at averting climate catastrophe, after late drama

The two-week conference in Glasgow, which extended into an extra day of tortuous negotiations, was the 26th of its kind but the first to call for a reduction in fossil fuels.

Moon and Earth’s Atmosphere

Climate change is raising Earth’s lower atmosphere - study

Greenhouse gas emissions are the primary culprit of the atmospheric rise. As greenhouse gases continue to trap heat in the atmosphere, the rise has continued to record levels.

Eilat bird

UN's COP15 designates Eilat birding center project as globally important

Out of 258 different initiatives, the Eilat-based one was selected by the conference as one of 19 of the most 'outstanding' conservation projects.

China, Saudi seek to block anti-fossil fuel language in UN climate deal

Saudi Arabia is a major crude producer and the de facto head of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.


Current global temperature rises ‘unprecedented’ over last 24,000 years -study

The study showed that over the last 150 years, rates of temperature rise surpassed the rate of changes in climate from more than the last 24,000 years.

COP26: What's in the new draft deal of the UN climate summit?

Here's what the draft, drawn up by the British hosts of COP26, includes.

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