Pregnancy & Birth

Everything you need to know about how to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth

Fast food, prunes, dementia: Which foods help women's health? - study

Fast food is convenient but devastating to the body and linked to a higher risk of dementia, with health damage passed on even to babies.

Breakthrough made in diagnosis of birth defects using AI, deep learning

University of Ottawa researchers demonstrated deep learning algorithms' potential to detect birth defects early on in the pregnancy.

Sheba Medical Center campus

Maternal telemedicine for female Palestinian doctors launched ahead of Biden's visit

A collaboration between OB-GYN Beyond, Sheba’s virtual OBGYN department and the co-existence non-profit Project Rozana will set up a remote OB-GYN unit in the rural Hebron area.

What is an ectopic pregnancy? - explainer

Ectopic pregnancies are potentially life-threatening complications that almost always result in the death of the fetus. Here is what you need to know about it.


Pregnant women with COVID-19 can be treated with nitric oxide gas - study

Patients receiving inhaled nitric oxide had an approximately 60% shorter stay in the Intensive Care Unit and about a 64% shorter total hospitalization.

Giving birth in water: Low risk, high reward - study

Researchers concluded that water birth is as safe as standard intrapartum care for healthy individuals, and can reduce physical pain as well as anxiety during labor.

Israeli couple struggling with pregnancy have healthy baby - here's how

Jerusalem couple helped to have healthy baby after two newborn sons died of mysterious respiratory disease two weeks after their separate births.

Israel abortion reforms approved amid Roe v. Wade crisis

Israel's Labor, Welfare and Health Committee approved abortion reforms, which would allow women easier access to treatment.

  Cup of coffee

Does coffee cause miscarriage, pre-term birth and other pregnancy issues?

Pregnant? You no longer have to give up your cup of "joe," as confirmed by new research

By Sydney Maud

How did this woman give birth to her son twice?

Jaiden Ashlea and her fiancé discovered that her fetus had developed a congenital defect that could endanger his life and cause numerous health problems. Here's what they did to prevent it.

By Walla!
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