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 Woman doing exercise at home

Can we train our brain to love exercise?

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing people who don’t suffer when they work out, but actually enjoy it.

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 Woman walking

Your walking speed can reveal if you’ll develop dementia

An experiment conducted over a number of years on people aged 65+ found that the pace of walking reveals much more than one’s physiological condition.

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What is supposed to be the default setting for the health of a human being?

I can state unequivocally, that based on decades of research, the default setting of human beings is to be healthy.


Here's how you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Every woman is familiar with the concept of "strengthening the pelvic floor", but few are aware of all the methods which will allow them to strengthen these important muscles.

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Hurt your knee during a workout? Here’s how to treat it

Tears in the meniscus and anterior cruciate ligaments are sports injuries that usually require surgical treatment. Here’s how it works and what the success rates are.

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Why do you run out of air in the middle of a run, and when is this a problem?

Shortness of breath is an integral part of the effort to get back into shape or increase training intensity. This is how you’ll know the (rare) cases where it indicates a significant problem.

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Get dizzy when you get up too fast? Here’s how to prevent that

40% of people suffer from dizziness when standing up and until now there hasn’t been an effective, quick treatment. Two simple movements can help.

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 Woman doing exercise at home

Half an hour of this type of exercise every week can extend your life

Weekly muscle-strengthening activity enhances flexibility and mobility and is associated with lower risk of mortality, new study finds

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Great abs, but killer music: Can a gym workout destroy your hearing?

Anyone who has ever walked into a gym or training studio knows that loud music is part of the business, and can help us move, but it can be very harmful over time. Here are all the details.

By Walla!
RUNNERS TAKE PART in the Jerusalem 10th Annual Marathon, October 29, 2021

How to run away from COVID-19 this marathon season

Planning on running in the upcoming marathons? Here is everything you need to know, if you've had COVID-19, about running safely.

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