Israel’s rich biblical history can be found in the country’s archaeology. The Jerusalem Post shares the latest on archaeological excavations at significant biblical and historical sites in Israel and the region.

Ancient stone circle found in site in Cornwall, UK

Stone circles are an ancient construct that can be seen throughout northwestern Europe. Historians have long debated the purpose these stone circles served.

Thousands of illegal archaeological artifacts found with antiquities dealer

In one of the most significant raids in recent times, the IAA seized stolen coins from the Bar Kochba Revolt, the Persian Period, the Second Temple Period and the reign of the Hasmoneans.

Restoration reveals engravings in Egypt’s Temple of Esna

After clearing years of dust, salt and bird droppings off the walls and ceilings of Luxor's Temple of Esna, archeologists found ancient depictions of eagles.

Outside Herod’s Gate

King Herod the Great bathed in locally made calcite-alabaster bathtubs

Though most high-quality calcite-alabaster items here were thought to be made in Egypt, a new multidisciplinary Israeli study shows otherwise.

What were Bronze Age daggers used for? New analysis method has answer

Long thought by many to have been used as a symbol of male identity and power, turns out they were used for something more mundane.

Ukrainian soldiers discover ancient amphoras in Odesa

Amphoras are ancient containers that were used for the storage and transportation of products, often wine.

Cremated body discovered in rare 2300-year-old Istanbul tomb

Archaeologists say they have never before seen this type of a cremation tomb from the Hellenistic period.

New excavations could uncover final days of besieged Crusader fortress

In 1261 the fortress was leased to the Crusader Knights Hospitaller who began its fortification. Just four years later, in 1265 CE the fortress fell to the Mamluks who razed it to the ground.

Secret tunnel reveals Assyrian god carvings with Aramaic inscriptions

The Aramaic inscriptions, largely illegible, seem upon first reading to be discussing local politics circa 794 BC.

The Samaritan connection to Mount Gerizim restoration, conservation

ARCHAEOLOGICAL AFFAIRS: Early Hellenistic period dwelling opened to visitors • Samaritan community has mixed feelings about park on its holy mountain

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