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Sweet Delights – Individual Pavlova’s

Sweeter isn’t always tastier, a new study finds

Yes, there is such a thing as food being unpleasant because it has too much sugar, according to analysis of 560,000 Amazon and iHerb customer reviews.

Here's why bleaching your hair at home could be a bad mistake

A TikTok user showed the devastating result of her hair after trying to bleach it herself at home. Experts who watched the video shared why home bleaching or oxidation is dangerous.

By Walla!

Starting the school day later can help children succeed academically - study

Recent scientific studies have proven that more harm than good can come from starting school before 8 in the morning.

Is your chronological age different from your biological age? - study

While many things can affect our lifespan, scientists still don't understand the underlying processes that power aging.

Elderly hand (illustrative)

Israeli women live longer, but men are healthier - report

The Central Bureau of Statistics takes ‘health and social temperature’ of Israeli Jews and Arabs over 65 in first-ever report.

Haifa hospital performs innovative procedure to prevent strokes

Haifa hospital innovates a simple procedure to treat irregular heartbeat and cut stroke risk in patients who can’t take blood thinners.

Sleep disorder

An end to insomnia? This secret food will help you sleep better at night

Sleep experts explain what foods are the best sources of selenium, which is lacking in people suffering from insomnia.


This forgotten microwave part needs urgent cleaning — here's how to do it

This microwave part may not be known to you, but it needs urgent cleaning Yes, microwaves have air vents, and yes, they get dirty very easily.

By Walla!

Omicron subvariants getting better at evading antibodies

Scientists have been increasingly focusing on the BA.2.75.2, BF.7 (also known as BA. and BQ.1.1 variants in recent weeks.


The importance of intensive outpatient therapy programs

Machon Dvir’s Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program hopes to fill the gap for patients who may otherwise fall between the cracks.

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