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The region known as the Middle East has been conquered and reconquered by every super power in the West. This has created a region rich in a culture of resistance and thousands of ethnic groups looking for their piece of land. This has created a complicated region and Jpost's Middle East News simplifies it.

Afghan women practice boxing.
Afghanistan forms new women's council ahead of Taliban talks

President Ashraf Ghani said the council, announced late on Thursday, would "empower women", promote their rights at home and implement Afghanistan's international commitments on women's rights.

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz poses for a photo during his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Mi
As UAE hails Israel accord, silence from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the Gulf's largest economy and the world's biggest oil exporter, but the UAE has in recent years become increasingly assertive in its own foreign policy.

A volunteer receives an injection in a human clinical trial for a potential vaccine against the nove
Israel, UAE to boost vaccine collaboration as part of historic deal

"Working together, these efforts will help save Muslim, Jewish and Christian lives throughout the region,” the two countries said.

General view of the exterior of the Dubai mall, May 3, 2020.
Jewish groups welcome historic deal with UAE as pathway to peace

"Two allies of the US now become open strategic partners in the region to thwart Iran and other Jihadists."

UN Security Council votes on Iran arms embargo, result Friday

The 15-member council has been operating virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic so states have 24 hours to cast a vote.

UAE deal boosts Gulf clout – analysis

The UAE has attempted to increase its stature as a result of this deal, portraying itself as helping to halt annexation plans by Israel.

Trump administration working on deals between Israel, Arab countries

It is unclear for how long annexation would remain suspended but it is unlikely that anything would happen before the end of the year.

Following Beirut blast, Hezbollah’s ‘deep state’ prepares to investigate

BEHIND THE LINES: The Hezbollah deep state is the true arbiter of power in Lebanon, both visible and invisible.

Trump's foreign policy message: More deals are possible – analysis

The relationship between the countries was considered an open secret, but the White House invested time and effort to make it public.

Palestinians fume over Israel-UAE deal

Fatah: UAE betrayed Arabs, Palestinians

Gantz: UAE peace deal emphasizes Israel's eternal aspiration for peace

The peace deal was the product of lengthy discussions between Israel, the UAE and the United States that accelerated recently, White House officials said.

A Palestinian girl looks out of a classroom window as she attends a lesson
UK MPs demand answers on botched inquiry into Palestinian education

Translation errors include a well-known Palestinian phrase for rock-throwers, “the Children of the Stones,” being mistranslated as “children stones,” with no indication as to what this might mean.

An Israeli border police officer and Israeli soldier at a temporary "checkpoint" in Jerusalem on Apr
IDF: No change in procedures for entry of Palestinians into Israel

The denial came after many Palestinians tried over the past few days to enter Israel with their vehicles.

Senior Muslim Brotherhood figure dies in Egyptian prison

Erian, 77, had served as deputy leader of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, and was swept up in a crackdown on the movement's leadership after it was forced from power in 2013.


A weekly selection of opinions and analyses from the Arab media around the world.

Lithuania recognizes Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

People affiliated with Hezbollah have been banned from entering Lithuania for 10 years.

The Beirut Port after Tuesday’s explosion that killed at least 157 and wounded more than 5,000
Lebanese MPs meet for first time since blast, US envoy due in Beirut

Senior US official David Hale is expected in Beirut later on Thursday to stress the urgent need for financial and governance reforms, ending endemic corruption and bringing transparency.

Iranian sailors in Strait of Hormuz
US military accuses Iranian forces of boarding Liberian-flagged ship

The US military's Central Command released a grainy black-and-white video on Twitter showing a helicopter near a large ship.

US Senator Kamala Harris in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 14, 2019
For Palestinians, it’s ‘Anyone but Trump’

Support of Israel by Biden’s choice for veep considered less important than getting rid of incumbent.

Operations of the Ahfad Al-Nasser balloon unit in the Gaza Strip, June 13, 2020
Egypt demands end to balloon attacks on Israel

Hamas, Islamic Jihad officials may be invited to Cairo

Israel takes Greece’s side in maritime standoff with Turkey

Jerusalem kept mostly silent on the crisis building up in recent months.

CREW MEMBERS of the amphibious landing ship tank ‘TCG Bayraktar’ pose after a landing drill during t
Turkey claims it is under 'blockade' in Mediterranean standoff

The latest crisis in the Mediterranean appears entirely driven by Ankara’s desire to create a crisis where none existed before.

A map of Qatar is seen in this picture illustration June 5, 2017
Anti-gay media adviser to Qatar: Homosexuality is ‘sinful, unnatural’

She says media and computer games expose children to content that promotes homosexuality.

JUST GIVE HIM one more chance. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump at the W
Is the US really the reason Netanyahu is not annexing settlements?

Netanyahu is right that Trump is busy with other matters, with his reelection campaign and his coronavirus response clearly foremost on the agenda.

Why Turkey needs a new crisis with Greece in Mediterranean

Turkey set itself on a collision course with Egypt, Greece and Europe over its new claims.

Lebanese gov't resignation: In Hezbollah's shadow, does it even matter?

On the one hand, the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab and other, such as the Hezbollah-backed Health minister, appears to show the government is being held to account.

Netanyahu, Ashkenazi hint Hezbollah behind Beirut blast

UNIFIL is a ‘half-empty vessel,’ Foreign Minister Ashkenazi warns ahead of UNSC discussion of renewing its mandate.

The Beirut Port after Tuesday’s explosion that killed at least 157 and wounded more than 5,000
Lebanon's leaders were warned in July about explosives at port - documents

As protests over the blast raged in Lebanon on Monday, Diab's government resigned, though it will remain as a caretaker administration until a new cabinet is formed.

Iran says five Iranians spying for Israel arrested in recent months

Shahram Shirkhani spied for British intelligence services and tried to recruit some Iranian officials for Britain's MI6 agency, judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmali said.

French MP demands that France designate Hezbollah a terror organization

He said that with regard to the letter, Macron gave him a courteous but evasive answer, "dodging the heart of the subject."

Beirut explosion destroys landmark 19th century Sursock Palace

The destruction from the blast at Beirut’s port is 10 times worse than what 15 years of civil war did, owner Roderick Sursock told the AP.

A crew member raises the Iranian flag on Iranian oil tanker Adrian Darya 1, previously named Grace 1
Iran exporting over twice as much oil as US estimated - report

TankerTrackers has found that Iran has conducted maneuvers with foreign tankers many times to transfer and export millions of barrels of oils and bypass US sanctions.

Iran's judiciary calls to file lawsuit against ex-US envoy Brian Hook

The State Department announced that Eliott Abrams, the US special envoy to Venezuela, will take up Hook's post in addition to his own.

Smoke rises after an explosion was heard in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020
Qatari academic blames Lebanese girls, gays, plastic surgery for blast

Qatar is considered one of the most dangerous countries for gays because the Islamic regime imposes the death penalty on same-sex relations.

20 dangerous chemical containers in Beirut Port secured after leak found

It is believed many of the containers were punctured last week during the massive explosion that occurred at a port warehouse.

Shi'te militia blast targets US military convoy near Iraq-Kuwait border

It was not immediately clear if there were any US troops in the convoy or if anyone had been injured in the explosion

‘THERE IS no dispute between Lebanon and Israel over any territory, so why is Iran funding Hezbollah
Tehran’s proxies continue to be a regional spoiler

Common thread connecting Lebanon and Iraq’s worsening turmoil is the influence of Iran.

A member of the army is seen at the site of Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area, Lebanon August 8,
Were suspicious tunnels near Beirut Port discovered after blast?

The Lebanese Armed Forces have denied the existence of tunnels.

Lebanese prime minister announces resignation of government

"Today we follow the will of the people in their demand to hold accountable those responsible for the disaster that has been in hiding for seven years, and their desire for real change."

Antisemitic Houthi rebel in Yemen bashes UAE for ‘building synagogues’

The official slogan of the Houthis contains the statement: “Death to Israel, curse the Jews, victory to Islam.”

Debris are seen in the port area after a blast in Beirut, Lebanon, August 10, 2020
Beirut explosion wrapped in conspiracies, fueling online sleuths

Within a day of the massive explosion, some people began suggesting theories such as that it was caused by a nuclear weapon.

Lebanon's cabinet under pressure as ministers quit over Beirut blast

The cabinet, formed in January with the backing of the powerful Iranian-backed Hezbollah group and its allies, was due to meet on Monday, with many ministers wanting to resign.

Radical Turkish publication calls for a neo-caliphate

Erdogan, who became president in 2014 and ruled Turkey since, has sought to strengthen Turkey's regional role as well as a leading state in the Islamic world.

France, EU, UN call for independent probe into Beirut blast

UN bodies, particularly its Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, have been one of the instrumental bodies in organizing assistance for Lebanon.

Macron tells donor conference: 'Lebanon's future is at stake'

Macron said Israel signaled its willing to help. US President Donald Trump tweeted: "Everyone wants to help!".

Protesters hurl rocks, fire breaks out in Beirut

Dozens of people were injured in Saturday's protests, the biggest since October when thousands of people took to the streets in protests against corruption, bad governance and mismanagement.

‘THERE IS no dispute between Lebanon and Israel over any territory, so why is Iran funding Hezbollah
Lebanon protests, Macron visit highlight absurd EU policy on Hezbollah

Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Shi'ite terrorist group, has held a firm grip over Lebanon's governing coalition for years, even selecting Hassan Diab as prime minister in January.

Who is undermining US-backed forces in Deir Ezzor and Euphrates area?

It’s a complex area and many countries have an interest in keeping it quiet – or making it boil with tensions.

Turkey and Iran concerned about Lebanese protests

Iran supports Hezbollah, and any protests in Lebanon are sure to challenge the religious terrorist group’s stranglehold on the country. For Turkey the game plan is more complex.

Blood bag sample
Gazan Palestinians donate blood to Beirut explosion victims

One Gazan donated blood to "repay" Lebanon for its strong ties with the Palestinian people and for protecting "the Palestinian resistance over the past years."

The Beirut Port after Tuesday’s explosion that killed at least 157 and wounded more than 5,000
NYT reveals origin of ammonium nitrate that caused Beirut blast - report

The Times said it was a rusty ship, "The Rhosus," that made an unscheduled stop at Beirut Port.

Scholar presents global map of Hezbollah terrorist operations

The map “divulges the little-known fact that in 2010, Hezbollah stored ammonium nitrate intended for making explosives in a house purchased by a French Lebanese professor."

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah hanged in effigy by Lebanese protesters

Thousands protest in Beirut, target parliament and foreign ministry as police wound more than 100 with tear gas amid clashes after massive explosion.

An UNRWA-run school in Rafah, Gaza
Palestinians say UNRWA planning to rename schools named after ‘martyrs'

“We are revising the names of all our institutions, not only schools,” Adnan Abu Hasna, a spokesman for UNRWA in the Gaza Strip, told the 'Post.'

Lebanon protesters storm ministry buildings over Beirut blast

More than 110 people were wounded during demonstrations in central Beirut on Saturday against this week's huge explosion and 32 people were taken to the hospital.

Is Iran's regime pleased with Brian Hook’s departure or worried?

Brian Hook is leaving the position of Iran envoy after two years without having accomplished the US goal. Elliot Abrams is taking over.

Saudi Arabia sends aid to Lebanon in the aftermath of Beirut blast
Fifty aid flights, hundreds of specialists: Who is helping Beirut?

An analysis of the flights that landed at Beirut International Airport since August 4 reveals the level of support that has arrived.

A Palestinian girl looks out of a classroom window as she attends a lesson
Children walk back to school in Gaza after five-month shutdown

Health workers will sanitize Gaza's 751 schools twice a day, officials said.

Why doesn’t Iranian media and regime care about Lebanon’s disaster?

Iran has one message: Israel is bad, Iran’s government stands by Lebanon, Hezbollah denies involvement.

Arab League says ready to mobilize efforts to help Lebanon after explosion

The death toll from Tuesday's port explosion stands at 154.

Beirut synagogue appears to suffer only minor damage from deadly blast

The blast obliterated some buildings and heavily damaged thousands more, rendering about 300,000 people homeless.

Trump says US to send 3 planes to Lebanon carrying food, water, medicine

Trump said on Twitter that he spoke separately with Lebanese President Michel Aoun and French President Emmanuel Macron, who also will join the call.

Iranian official: All US envoys 'bite off more than they can chew'

“There’s no difference between John Bolton, Brian Hook or Elliott Abrams,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said in a tweet under the hashtag #BankruptUSIranPolicy.

Nasrallah: We know more about Haifa Port than Beirut Port

He also said that "any claims that Hezbollah runs Beirut Port are lies."

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters during a public appearance at a re
Hezbollah stands to lose out if it can’t leverage this crisis - analysis

The blast this week killed more than 100 and has left thousands injured and homeless. It is a national disaster. Hezbollah wants to take advantage of it.

‘Do you want Iran promoting terror with or without a nuke?’

Former US defense secretary tells ‘Post’ US should rejoin JCPOA

A general view shows the damage at the site of Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area, Lebanon August
Miracle baby delivered in the middle of Beirut blast

A woman happened to give birth to a baby boy as the explosion smashed windows and cut off power just after she was taken to the delivery room.

A member of Civil defense walks on rubble at the site of Tuesday's blast, at Beirut's port area, Leb
Lebanon president: Beirut explosion possibly caused by bomb or rocket

"The cause has not been determined yet. There is a possibility of external interference through a rocket or bomb or other act," President Michel Aoun said.

Countries rally round Lebanon after Beirut blast

Below are details of some of the international assistance offered.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attends the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) 40th Su
Ex-Saudi intelligence official alleges Riyadh sent hit squad to kill him

In a 107-page lawsuit against MbS and 24 others filed in federal court in the District of Columbia, Jabri said the crown prince "dispatched a hit squad" to Canada in October 2018.

Beirut port manager among 16 held in blast probe

"Sixteen people have been taken into custody as part of the investigation," NNA quoted Akiki as saying. He said the investigation was continuing.

Smoke rises after an explosion was heard in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020
How will Hezbollah react to this week’s massive blast in Beirut?

For Hezbollah, the terrorist army that occupies southern and central Lebanon and maintains and arsenal of 150,000 missiles aimed at Israel, the explosion is a mixed blessing.

Iran social media campaign winning over Sunnis, other parts of world

The network goes far beyond the usual suspects of proxies associated with Iran like Hezbollah, Shi’ites in Iraq and the Houthis in Yemen.

JVP's Erel Margalit extends Israel's offer to aid Beirut through Macron

The explosion, which occurred on Tuesday, saw at least 145 people killed and 5,000 people injured. Among the dead were also French and US citizens.

IDF officers simulate war with Hezbollah

Hundreds of officers are using simulators, virtual reality, and escape rooms to prepare for war with the Lebanese terror group

plane crash at the Boryspil… REUTERS 19/01/2020 12:16 IRAN-NUCLEAR/IAEA FILE PHOTO: An Iranian flag
3 Iranian planes landed in Beirut after explosion – what did they bring?

If Iran was moving medical supplies, as Iran’s leaders have said they would like to provide, then why not have photos and news media on hand to document the delivery of the Iranian aid?

PILGRIMS MAINTAIN social distance as they mark the end of the Haj, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on August
Voices from the Arab Press: Egypt at forefront of Arab anti-colonialism

A weekly selection of opinions and analyses from the Arab media around the world

Who is sending aid to Beirut? Dozens of countries send planes and medics

It is one of the first times since the COVID-19 outbreak that many countries are coming together to do something as an international community.

CREW MEMBERS of the amphibious landing ship tank ‘TCG Bayraktar’ pose after a landing drill during t
Turkey is testing the limits in the Middle East

How do Turkey’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean impact Israel’s ambitious energy plans?

TURKEY’S SEISMIC research vessel ‘Oruc Reis’ is seen in Istanbul in August 2019. It recently left Gr
Turkey's growing aggression shows growing ambitions - analysis

Turkish ambitions sprawl across the Mediterranean, creating tensions with multiple countries on land, in air and at sea.

AMERICAN SOLDIERS stand near military trucks at al-Omar oil field in Deir Al Zor, Syria, on March 23
Is Syria oil deal about money or long-term US interests?

The Pentagon is reportedly happy because the economic stability brought by the deal could help the Syrian Democratic Forces remain powerful in eastern Syria.

Qatari royal family member authorized arms supply to Hezbollah - dossier

A dossier provided by security contractor, Jason G., documented the role played since 2017 by a Qatari royal family member in a sprawling terror finance scheme.

At least 145 killed in Beirut blast, 5,000 injured

US, French and German citizens are all reported to have died in the blast as the death toll continues to rise on Thursday.

Lebanese riot police walk near burning fire during a protest against the fall in pound currency
Beirut explosion highlights danger of Hezbollah’s guided munitions

The terrorist group also has a special terminal at the Beirut Port where it regularly unloads weapons that are shipped to Lebanon from Iran, the ‘Post’ has learned.

Israel offers medical aid to Lebanon, response is silence

“It’s a shame that people will die for no reason.”

Nasrallah threatens to blow up Israel with same chemicals as Beirut blast

Hezbollah also sought to import ammonium nitrate via Syria through influence in Lebanon’s agriculture ministry

Hezbollah stockpiled chemical behind Beirut blast in London and Germany

The Beirut explosion took place at a warehouse that held 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated from a ship.

Will Beirut blast make Hezbollah remove arsenal from residential areas?

Lebanon was already in the midst of an unprecedented calamity, on the brink of collapse due to a severe economic crisis, when the explosion took place – and Hezbollah is not immune to that.

Beirut explosion: Dozens still missing as death toll tops 135

A Lebanese MP stressed that the incident was "not a coincidence."

100 missing in Lebanon: Survivors of disaster describe horrors day after

Tens of thousands slept rough overnight, with windows blown in and glass everywhere. "So many dead, injured, missing, so much destroyed. How can the country fix this and get back on its feet?"

A Lebanese army helicopter flies over the site of Tuesday's blast in Beirut's port area
Could the Beirut explosion happen in Israel?

Recent event puts spotlight on danger of chemicals in home front.

A Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla looks at a fire rising from a burning object in a Beirut suburb, Leba
Lebanon braces for tribunal verdict 15 years after Hariri assassination

Hezbollah, which is both a political party in Lebanon’s government and a heavily armed militia, denies any role in Hariri’s killing.

Smoke rises after an explosion was heard in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020
Speculation and fear after massive explosion in Beirut

Many, dazed and awestruck, fearful and confused, wondered what had happened.

Dozens dead, thousands injured in massive Beirut explosion

Israel offers Lebanon humanitarian relief as investigation into cause of explosion continues.

Hezbollah looted Lebanon and it will cost $93b. to bail it out - analysis

The economy is in a tailspin, COVID-19 has taken away remittances the country needs, and Beirut is effectively defaulting on bonds, the study notes.

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