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Yair Netanyahu must stop the insults

Besides being outrageous, this type of rhetoric is dangerous.

A WORKER at Ashdod port coordinates a crane to hang a giant Israeli national flag.
Israel will always be a Jewish state

Israel’s greatest security risk is a binational state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

President Serzh Sarksyan (L) of Armenia and President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan in 2015.
Azerbaijan and Armenia - When conflict clouds COVID-19 judgment

There are some governments whose fixation on conflict prevents them from embracing a mindset of solidarity.

July 13, 2020: Speaking of spikes

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

Israel’s weak opposition

In Israel there are several reasons why the opposition is particularly weak.

‘ISRAEL NEEDS a full-time prime minister’ says a protester’s sign outside Prime Minister Benjamin Ne
Will Netanyahu fall to coronavirus?

Important as the emergency aid is, it is only a Band-Aid over the gaping wound at the heart of Israel’s economy.

Thousands protest economic situation amid coronavirus crisis in Tel Aviv, July 11, 2020
It’s the economy!

The economic repercussions of the handling of the coronavirus have been devastating worldwide.

Corona crisis an opportunity for National Service

Some good things have emerged in Israeli society during this period, including countless cases of people giving assistance, volunteering and sharing mutual responsibilities.

The Knesset
Israel not yet world power in renewable energies

Israel ranked first in OECD in rate of solar power generation from economy’s total electricity consumption. A look at the fine print tells a different story.

Reflections of the corona pandemic from a nursing home physician’s view

The corona pandemic has inflicted anguish and woe on nursing home residents and their families, even in cases where the nursing home is corona-free

Pandemic madness may help end the absurdities of office work

Whether in the private sector or in some government bureaucracies, a reduction of physical encounters would mean less prospects for COVID-19 to spread.

SEPHARDI CHIEF Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
It's time for Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef to step up or step down

The government needs to present Yosef with a choice – either help or get out of the way.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. January 26, 2020
Anglican support for Israel’s claim to West Bank

It is not annexation as legally defined in international law, and Jewish Israel has far better claims to the land than do Palestinians.

Is Iraq’s new PM losing the fight against Iranian-backed militias?

Kadhimi pledged to rein in Iranian-backed militias, but recent events highlight the difficulty of remolding critical relationships between the government and armed militias.

The message is clear: Turkey is invading Kurdistan and killing Kurds

There will be no peace for victims until Turkey is held accountable for its criminal actions now and in the past

A CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS statue lies on the ground outside the Minnesota State Capitol, after taking a
Historic evidence for why tearing down statues is the wrong thing to do

'It was wrong to tear down the Chrisopher Columbus statue, because Columbus was not a slave owner.'

Israel should deepen engagement with the UN as it marks 75th year

Israel has a history of complex relations with the UN.

A supporter of Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah carries pictures of the late Iran'
Soleimani’s fast-fading memory reflects Iran’s sclerotic regime

Analyzing the contours of the memory of Soleimani clearly shows that most of the Iranian population is neither interested in his assassination nor in his “revolutionary” legacy.

If COVID-19 was a missile, Israel's reaction would be different

But instead of the government rolling out an economic plan – there were four months to get one ready – it focuses on a vote to establish a parliamentary commission.

A protestor wraps chains and ropes around the statue of U.S. President Andrew Jackson, June 22, 2020
The danger of denigrating America’s ‘founding f**kers’ - opinion

The goal of these radicals is not to achieve a “better America” – as they pretend – but the “end of America.”

Grapevine: Diplomacy in fashion

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

My Word: Politicians, bus rides and the corona marathon

A public health expert interviewed on the radio this week warned that “Coronavirus is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Ilia Salita
If you seek his monument, look around – in memory of Ilia Salita

Mourning the loss of Ilia Salita, who helped strengthen the Jewish identity of Russian-speaking Jews.

American Jews marching in New York with Israeli flags. How can we bridge the divide between Israel a
A new strategic plan for a shared Israel-Diaspora future

In order to promote a shared vision of the Jewish future, we aim to draft – together with key figures from around the Jewish world – a new Declaration of Jewish Peoplehood.

The importance of Ashalim in Israel’s solar future

Contrary to the negative economic image that some people have rushed to give the Ashalim solar project, it is an experiment that should be hailed as an achievement.

It is time for the Arab League to act against annexation

The direction has already been shown by the UAE ambassador to the United States and a former Saudi Arabian government official.

Israel's healthcare system is crumbling under Netanyahu

Everything that is happening now could have been predicted with respect to how COVID-19-related issues have been handled over the past few months.

Peter Beinhart's betrayal of Liberal Zionism and Israel

The progressive pope seeks to denude the Jewish state of its rightful place.

Cover - Trumpeting peace Does the US Deal of the Century have a chance?
The Trump plan might actually be pro-Palestinian

The plan can also be regarded as a reflection or acknowledgment of reality, as it stands today.

What lies ahead for Israelis and Palestinians?

Reflections on the Camp David 2000 Summit and the 2020 ‘Deal of the Century.’

Dealing with the coronavirus economic crisis – update

Corona woes continue in Israel. Here is a round-up of recent developments on the economic front.

Does it pay to diversify?

The future is always coming up with surprises for us, and the best way to insulate yourself from these surprises is to diversify. - Robert J. Shiller

HILLEL'S TECH CORNER: Working toward the ultimate sleep experience

NYX Technologies is a neurotechnology company that is currently developing a wearable headband that monitors and changes brain activity during sleep.

Israel's ministers need to do their job

‘There should be no shticks or tricks.”

The adventures of Sitapaila – a delightful little book for children

“A whole new adventure begins when a little boy finds out that his family are going to move,” reads the blurb of Neichu Mayer’s first book for children.

Entertainers and event industry workers dressed in black protest the closing of their events, in Tel
It's time for the government to protect Israeli arts and culture

Other countries have already stepped up and allocated new public funds in this time of crisis to support their arts and artists in need.

A Leket Israel volunteer delivers food to a housebound woman.
No nonsense – hunger is a real issue in Israel

Are our government representatives, people who were democratically elected to serve the public, really blind to the situation?

Woman prays at the Srebrenica Massacre memorial
Remembering and honoring the victims of the Srebrenica genocide

We, the Jewish people, still suffering from open wounds of the Holocaust, could have done more to draw the world’s attention to what happened at Srebrenica.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and US Ambassador David Friedman attend a ceremony to unveil a sig
Ramat Trump is a modern-day Potemkin Village

The term “Potemkin Village” has come to mean a fake settlement built to flatter and impress the builder’s financial backer.

More than 350,000 Palestinian Arabs currently live in Jerusalem, a city of slightly less than one mi
The Palestinians' historic connection to Jerusalem must also be recognized

Islam has been dominant in Jerusalem for 1,210 out of the last 1,388 years.

The coronavirus crisis is being used to erode our democracy

The responsibility lies squarely with the prime minister and his government.

Two paramedics, a Jew wearing a prayer shawl and a Muslim using a prayer mat, pray beside each other
Israelis and Palestinians must join forces in creating a new shared vision

Encountering Peace: Walls and fences are not the recipe for peace.

Multiple attacks on Iran by unseen adversary send clear warning to regime

Iran has suffered a series of six fires, explosions and chemical mishaps since June 26, waged by an unknown perpetrator.

Moving IDF intelligence to the Negev shows the region's importance

Carrying out this move brings with it thousands of work opportunities for the residents of Beersheba, Dimona and other communities in the area.

Jewish communities in the West Bank are of strategic importance – opinion

Claims to the contrary were incorrect 40 years ago and today are a gross strategic error.

Israel’s public sector is under attack – opinion

There is no senior Israeli government official – including Netanyahu himself – who has not written a recommendation letter for candidates hoping to become a Wexner Fellow.

Amid COVID-19 and riots, 2020 has brought New York to its knees

Walking through New York, once energizing and inspiring, now spurs concern.

Letters to the Editor July 8, 2020: The ‘A’ word

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

An empty Knesset Plenum
Crisis is time to protect democracy, not weaken it – comment

The Knesset can now only intervene in hindsight a measure that even Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin – a right-wing firebrand – spoke out against.

GERMAN FOREIGN Minister Heiko Maas (right) takes over the rotating presidency of the Council of the
Germany’s moment has arrived to tackle European antisemitism

Germany is at the forefront of the global fight against antisemitism, which is worryingly rearing its ugly head with renewed vigor.

A MAN WALKS past graves desecrated with swastikas at the Jewish cemetery in Westhoffen, near Strasbo
ABOVE THE FOLD: Racism, antisemitism and nationalism

Over the past few months, we have seen a rise of Jew-hatred and attacks against Jews and against Jewish institutions.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit talk at the Prime Minister
Netanyahu has no more shame, no more responsibility - opinion

According to Netanyahu, Mandelblit is pursuing nothing less than a “plot to overthrow the government.”

A WOMAN wears a patriotic mask at Gantry Plaza State Park in New York in honor of July 4th.
Center field: Why I remain an American patriot

When assessing complex democracies like America, our striving for perfection should never blind us to the good – nor numb us to the bad.

Jpost editorial logo
The social workers’ strike

The social workers have halted social services in government ministries and local authorities, demanding the Finance Ministry open negotiations over their desperate work conditions.

July 6, 2020: Euseless EU euphemisms

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

The different ways that annexation would court disaster for Israel

I have not seen anyone provide a survey of all the different ways that annexation would court disaster and how they interrelate, so I will do so.

Minister Tzachi Hanegbi
Ministerial disconnect from Israeli society - Analysis

Hanegbi has been an MK for more than 30 years and currently enjoys a ministerial salary for an undetermined job in an overinflated government.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem on June 30, 20
A difficult week for Netanyahu - Analysis

The fact that July 1 went by without even a mild signal of any annexation in Judea and Samaria, was not only an embarrassment for Netanyahu vis-à-vis the settlers.

A member of the audience looks on wearing a United States-Israel themed custom suit during the AIPAC
Letter from America: Counting from July 4th

There is an inherent tension between individual liberty and governmental authority.

HADASH MK Ayman Odeh, leader of the Joint Arab List, speaks at the Knesset in this file photo.
Ayman Odeh chose to show solidarity with a terrorist - editorial

Who is the person Ayman Odeh wants to be associated with?

Annexation: Let the people speak for themselves

Why should the unilateral extension of sovereign territory now be considered a matter of lesser national importance than would be the contraction of sovereign territory?

Jewish organizations can do better on diversity

Our community will suffer a loss if mainstream Jewish communal institutions are not able to be more effective in engaging Jews of color.

Why do Americans think Israelis are stupid?

None of the critics knows yet what the government is going to do.

Is it time to connect Palestinian oppression to that of black Americans?

The system of oppression against the Palestinian people most certainly exists.

An American prophet in Berlin

Richard Grenell had been making the German-American relationship more open and honest than ever before and holding Germany accountable to their ethical, historical and political obligations.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
Grapevine: A flawed icon

We’re not certain about future access to the intriguing panel discussion that took place last Thursday headlined Reframing Carlebach.

Between annexation and coronavirus spike, who's in charge?

EDITOR'S NOTES: Is this how a responsible government enacts policy with long-term – even historic – consequences?

A mask is produced on Israel's first production line for N95 masks
To stop coronavirus, wear a mask and follow restrictions

The situation is dire – and nobody seems to know how to deal with it.

Calculating taxes
What can you do with a $68 trillion inheritance?

I would like my kids to inherit a world where people succeed because of merit and hard work, not entitlement, and where people accept others for what they are and not try to change them.

Calculating taxes
Could you be entitled to land appreciation tax refunds?

The majority of people conducting real estate transactions in Israel, including non-Israeli residents, are not aware of the fact that they may be entitled to land appreciation tax refunds.

HILLEL'S TECH CORNER: 7Chairs: A virtual shoulder for those in need

Barriers to mental health care are widespread and include inefficient and ineffective delivery, lack of patient access to quality care, and perceived stigma about mental health and mental health care

Racism is a collective problem – but there is still room for hope

Reflections on racism and disappointment and the vision of the mother of a dark-skinned boy, together with a belief that the “ideal heavenly Jerusalem” is not beyond reach.

Bennett to 'Post': 15 emergency measures to save Israel from coronavirus

Remember: If you don’t have a solution for helping Israel’s citizens make a living, we’re not interested.

Myths and facts about sovereignty – opinion

Critics say attaining sovereignty will undermine the peace process and ruin Israel's reputation abroad, but these myths do not hold up to scrutiny.

Israel Police close off a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa to protesters, June 17, 2020
Ehud Olmert to 'Post': Israel is becoming a fascist country

At some point, after an incubation period, the buds of fascism begin to sprout and push forth from within the soil. We are well beyond the incubation period.

Israeli sovereignty as a forerunner of Palestinian self-determination

Whether this means a state or some other political entity remains to be seen, but a separate political existence for the Palestinian Arabs seems to be in the offing.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz attends the Knesset's Remembrance Day service, April 26, 2020
The oversized government will look stupid without sovereignty – opinion

Knee-jerk foreign criticism is not surprising, but endless domestic bickering in Israel is baffling.

Grapevine July 3, 2020: Positive/negative

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

My Word: With or without sovereignty

Much of the debate about annexation has focused on the ultimate bogeyman: the apartheid card.

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on January 28
It's time to give Netanyahu, Trump a break and benefit of the doubt

Those in favor of the move expressed disappointment that it didn’t appear to be happening on schedule. Those opposed took the opportunity to ridicule Netanyahu.

Galatz army radio
Time to take Army out of Radio

What does endless current-event news and talk shows have to do with defending the homeland?

A newsstand in Manhattan outfitted with ‘Fake News’ headlines was a stunt by ‘Columbia Journalism'
Israeli media's annexation scare tactics – opinion

Many parts of the Israeli media, we find, are directly and indirectly using scare tactics to try and prevent implementation of the Israel law east of the Green Line.

Engel's loss to Bowman is a changing of the guard for Democrats

Engel's loss symbolizes the passing of the torch to a new generation that has been underway for several years.

Netanyahu and Abbas
Netanyahu, Abbas are incapable of negotiating peace – opinion

For Israelis, the Palestinian issue of peace has been off the agenda for many years. For Palestinians, the issue of peace has never seemed further away from their daily reality.

The 'minor' annexation plan is a major disaster – opinion

Even without further steps toward annexation, “Greater Jerusalem” on its own destroys any chance for the two-state solution and dooms Israelis and Palestinians to a growing, irreversible, apartheid.

Is Israel stealing private Palestinian land? – opinion

When Jewish communities (“settlements”) were established, it was done “in good faith,” and with government approval on vacant land. Arabs did not go to court to claim “their land.”

Volunteer program lets farmers share knowledge, skills in other countries

Farmer-to-Farmer responds to the local needs of host-country farmers and organizations like HAF in developing and transitional countries.

The key pillars of Israel’s foreign policy should be hope, optimism

Annexation provides an opportunity to analyze the differences between the two approaches that polarized Israeli politics for decades but have been blurred in recent years.

Israel is entangled in UAE-Palestinian rivalries – opinion

What happened to medical aid for the Palestinians sent to Israel by the Emirates?

July 1, 2020: Sensible administrative move

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

INSS DIRECTOR-GENERAL and former Military Intelligence head Amos Yadlin: ‘The assessment that the Ir
Will annexation embolden Iran?

Could the ramifications of annexation reverberate from an exclusively Israeli-Palestinian issue, into one with regional implications that could lead to a large-scale war?

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