Jerusalem Post's talented team of journalists provides insight into their work presented in the opinion section. This section highlights the beliefs and values that experienced writers who are witnessing the Middle East turmoil unfold. Their first hand encounters with world leaders have shaped their opinions and world views to be shared on this page.

Turkish FM's visit to Israel is a chance to unify politics-energy momentum - opinion

A visit from the Turkish foreign minister, and possibly the energy minister, places the improving Turkish-Israeli relations on a practical path.

The death penalty does not prevent terror attacks - opinion

Death by hanging, shooting or gassing for terrorists will tear away the soul of the State of Israel.

View of the Gan Nayot kindergarten in Jerusalem as they return to kindergarden on May 10, 2020

Israel is facing an unprecedented teacher's shortage - editorial

“Parents do not need to be worried about teachers strikes,” Yaffa Ben-David, head of the Teachers Union said. “They need to be worried about the school year not opening due to the shortage.”

Israel is guilty until proven innocent in the UN - opinion

Israel has been in the sights of the UN for so long that targeting the country has become an institutionalized feature of the world body.


Europe has gone from being critical of Israel to admiring it - opinion

New dialogue and far-reaching collaboration are underway between the European Union and Israel.


This is the experience of requesting a museum exchange from the Vatican - opinion

A museum exchange entails the Vatican loaning Jewish artifacts in its possession to a museum with a history of biblical archaeology.

Israel has the potential to lead impact innovation - opinion

Many elements like climate change and COVID-19 have led investors to choose projects that will positively impact society and the planet.

Why the Eurovision is more than just a song contest - opinion

The Eurovision means a lot to some people who learn their country's song by heart by the time the competition starts.

Sanction relief for Iran is a double-edged sword - opinion

Any sanction relief Iran experiences in return for reducing its nuclear program will allow it to strengthen its proxy organizations across the globe.


Judaism must learn to welcome outsiders to its traditions - opinion

Non-Jewish people should be able to explore Jewish traditions and elements without having to commit to converting.

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