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Coronavirus: The rise of the micro-community in the time of COVID-19

From saving local coffee shops to buying eggs for elderly neighbors, heralding the new neighborhood vibes that have emerged from the coronavirus crisis.

High Court of Justice President Esther Hayut: Seeking the lonely center

After ruling on Bibi, Edelstein and the Shin Bet, where will Chief Justice Esther Hayut take the country next?

 Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz and IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv K
Why isn't the Defense Ministry responsible for war against COVID-19 yet?

Where is Gantz? The IDF can handle this fight, and he knows it. He should fight for it.

A US Air Force F-15EX
Boeing inks deal with US Air Force for advanced F-15EX

Deal is expected to lower the cost for Israel should it choose to purchase the advanced fighter jet.

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett looks at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit t
Support for Netanyahu dropping, Bennett soaring in new poll

If elections were held today, Likud would drop two seats to 34 seats, while Yamina would rise eight seats to 14 seats.

Yesh Atid MK Idan Roll, April 23, 2020
Yesh Atid MK calls not to obey COVID-19 regulations, denies rebellion

Rivlin: "Leaders - opposition as coalition, please, be careful with your words."

Likud parliament member Miki Zohar reacts during an arrangements committee meeting at the Knesset, t
Likud threatens elections if coalition votes Ayelet Shaked for judges panel

Blue and White officials sent a message to all their MKs, requesting that they vote for the Likud candidate, after believing that Zohar's threat had been genuine.

Iyad al-Halak, who was killed by Border Police a few weeks ago.
Family of Iyad Halak told there is no security camera footage

Iyad Halak, 32, was killed May 30 as he walked to the special needs institution where he studied and worked.

Fountain at Donald Trump Square vandalized in protest against annexation, June 29, 2020
Suspect arrested in vandalism of Israel’s Donald Trump Square

The Hebrew words for “Annexation will cost us in blood” were found painted in red on the ground at the Petach Tikvah site.

AT THE of the crisis, the hospital was treating over 120 patients in five separate units and in a de
Understaffed and underpaid: Israeli nurses prepare to strike

Israel is in the thick of its second wave of infections and is averaging more than 1,600 new cases daily this week.

Tel Aviv-Yafo to help migrant workers, refugees amid COVID-19

The municipality's community of 40,000 asylum seekers and migrant workers has been hit hard from the coronavirus pandemic.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz pass each other in the
Likud: Blue and White irresponsibility will cause full lockdown

Likud and Blue and White accused one another of sabotaging the effort of curbing the spread of the coronavirus

Sarah Silverman
Jews use #JewishPrivilege hashtag to focus on tragedy, triumph

Jews worldwide have reclaimed the #JewishPrivilege hashtag from white supremacists, using it to tell their family's stories.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits next to foreign minister Israel Katz during a cabinet
Netanyahu, Katz’s ‘safety net’ not what it seems

The 2020-2021 Safety Net offered aid of up to NIS 7,500, now it appears only one-third of those in need will get the full amount

Is Netanyahu in a free-fall; trapped between COVID-19 and annexation?

Netanyahu’s worst nightmares have almost become reality, with Israelis taking to the streets shouting, “Netanyahu should be dismissed.”

Knesset approves COVID-19 Safety Net program as outbreak spreads

Government now able to offer a rapid budget, but as COVID-19 spreads, it’s feared the country may lose NIS 40 b.

Ze'ev Elkin
Academic leader calls Elkin ‘commissar of higher education’

The decision to fire Neumann was announced on Monday night and followed Elkin’s failure to appoint Ariel University rector Michael Zinigrad to the CHE’s Planning and Budgeting Committee.

Regular season finally winds down

Haifa, Jerusalem prime for playoffs with conquests • Rishon stuns Mac TA again

Beersheba bests Petah Tikva in tight final

Southern Reds crowned State Cup champions as Josue leads the way to convincing 2-0 triumph

Knesset set to elect MKs to judicial selection committee

Former justice minister Shaked running to upset coalition candidates, but chances slim despite secret ballot

THE DEAD Sea Scrolls at the Israel Museum. Once reopened, national sites and museums in closed areas
What is the future of the 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls?

The new head of the Israel Antiquities Authority Dead Sea Scrolls Unit, archaeologist Joe Uziel, spoke to ‘The Jerusalem Post’ about his vision for his tenure

Jerusalem rocked by confrontations between police, protesters

50 people have been arrested during the Jerusalem protests.

Fewer immigrants could come to Israel because of coronavirus - MKs

But Jewish Agency, Nefesh B’Nefesh find aliyah inquiries still at peak

Israel needs to wake up to the full potential of the sea

Prof. Rear Adm (ret.) Shaul Chorev says Israel needs to go from "maritime blindness to maritime awareness"

Israel's Defense Ministry receives first images from Ofek 16 satellite

Satellite, launched last week, is expected to monitor threats facing Israel

Maya Vishniyak, a 22-year-old murdered by her boyfriend, 21-year-old Amit Almog.
Psychiatrist finds Maya Vishniyak’s alleged murderer fit for trial

The hearing was punctuated by Vishniyak’s family confronting Almog, who appeared via videoconferencing, during court discussions, shouting at him, “Murderer, look at me!”

Coronavirus keeps Israeli Jews from New Year pilgrimage to Ukraine

The mayor cited the prevalence of the coronavirus in both Ukraine and Israel, and the difficulty of monitoring compliance with the required safety measures.

A VIEW of the settlement of Eli, in Samaria. Yesha Council deputy head Yigal Dilmoni said yesterday
COGAT coordinates return of around 5,000 Palestinians amid COVID-19

So far the Unit for COGAT has coordinated the return of approximately 5,000 Palestinians.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Olim continue to arrive despite COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began in March, Nefesh B’Nefesh has welcomed over 300 Olim to Israel, including three group Aliyah flights.

Ongoing negotiations to allow elderly to use public transport for free

Regev stressed that while she is working to allow the elderly to use public transport for free, she is also working to make sure they have a way to pay with cash until negotiations are completed.

Israeli scientists developing clean solar energy through photosynthesis

The two teams claim that their new findings, which they published in the 'Journal of Materials Chemistry A,' could be a big step toward making solar BIOcells a mainstream, clean energy source.

Three defense projects win Israel's top security prize

The classified projects, as well as a senior Mossad officer, will be presented with the award on September 13.

INSS: Demand better conditions from US for playing ball vs China on 5G

The report points out that “the likelihood that Israeli 5G infrastructure will include Chinese technology is almost nil.”

The skyline of Tel Aviv
Real estate giants Israel Canada, Nakash brothers acquire Minrav Projects

The deal is reportedly worth NIS 574 million, NIS 2.505 million above the Minrav Projects' market cap (NIS 571.495 million), based-off numbers provided by Bloomberg.

Firefighters extinguish blazing gas tanker in Haifa, July 14, 2020
Firefighters prevent flaming gas tanker from exploding in Haifa

"We prevented one of the great disasters that the State of Israel could have experienced thanks to the early hour and thanks to the professionalism of the firefighters."

The name of the game is uncertainty under the coronavirus

We are the people of Israel, neither afraid nor discouraged even when the road is long and difficult.

Jerusalem Film Festival
Jerusalem Film Festival postponed until December

The Jerusalem Film Festival was originally planned for mid-July but was postponed until August due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this window of opportunity, Israel should seek victory over annexation

While the application of sovereignty can become a defining moment in the conflict, it is not paradigm-changing.

J'lem site removes synagogue list after demand to represent all faiths

"Instead of welcoming the multitude of religions and varieties in the city, the municipality prefers to make far-fetched excuses."

Shas leader Arye Deri (right) and UTJ leader Ya'acov Litzman (far left) attend a meeting in Jerusale
Ultra-Orthodox parties won’t oppose one-year budget

Blue and White insisting that two-year budget pledge be honored to forestall dissolution of government before Gantz can become prime minister.

Judges watchdog clears Hayut of any conflict violation

Rebukes another justice for nondisclosure.

Iyad al-Halak, who was killed by Border Police a few weeks ago.
PID close to completing probe of Iyad al-Halak

Investigators: None of the cameras taped shooting of special ed. victim

A man reading a paper
In first, Saudi academic publishes paper in Israeli journal

It is unprecedented for a Saudi researcher to choose to publish his article in an Israeli academic journal, in order to bring the two nations closer.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits next to foreign minister Israel Katz during a cabinet
Netanyahu, Katz’s safety net approved in government

‘I can’t take it anymore. How will we pay our bills?’ asks company president of Knesset committee

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz at the weekly cabinet meeting, at the M
Coronavirus crisis: Where in the world is Gantz?

Only this time the question is not where is Gantz the candidate, but where is Gantz the Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

Knesset Coronavirus Committee Chair MK Yifat Shasha-Biton (Likud)
Coronavirus committee chair won’t be removed despite defying Netanyahu

Likud MK Yifat Shasha-Biton led the Knesset Coronavirus Committee in voting to reopen gyms and swimming pools despite PM’s opposition.

Ultra orthodox jewish men and youth seen during a protest against the closure on the Romema and Kiry
Netanyahu denounces police violence against ultra-Orthodox protestors

PM, ultra-Orthodox leaders agree to join team to assess need for future lockdowns in ultra-Orthodox population centers.

Gallant appoints IDF colleague as Education Ministry director-general

Despite holding interviews with qualified educators, Galant went ahead with appointing Col. (Ret.) Amit Adri. He also appointed Prof. Dan Ariely to lead a volunteer team to advise on education.

Hugging a tree in Israel to beat the coronavirus blues

At the park, about 15 km (nine miles) north of Tel Aviv, tree-huggers such as Barbara Grant heeded the advice during a tour arranged by the Authority.

Tel Aviv District Court discusses Amnesty International’s request to revoke NSO’s export license, Fe
Court rules for NSO, Defense Ministry in Amnesty lawsuit

Judge declines to revoke export license, but does not explain.

Coronavirus committee votes against Netanyahu, reopens gyms, pools

The prime minister, as well as Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, had moments earlier announced that only swimming pools would open.

De Niro to TAU students: COVID worse than 9/11

The virtual meeting with the Oscar winning actor and director was organized by Ido Aharoni, a graduate of TAU, former Israeli consul in New York and currently a lecturer at New York University.

Tal Ben-Haim and Omer Damari
Berkovich removes himself as national coach nominee, Arab players oppose

Prior to his resignation as a possible candidate, Arab players from Israel's national team dispatched a message to Israel's Football Association, opposing Berkovich's appointment

Diaspora Jews allowed in Israel for relatives’ bar-mitzvas, weddings

The exception is only for parents who have given birth in the past month, or are expected to give birth in the coming month - "a month before, and a month after your expected delivery."

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting on June 28, 2020.
Coronavirus: 61% of Israelis dissatisfied with Netanyahu's virus handling

Some 75% of respondents said that they do not think the government is managing the economic crisis well, 16% said they are satisfied and 9% said they don't know.

Protesters evacuated near PM’s residence, vow to return

The demonstrators accused the police of using violence, and one demonstrator, Roi Peleg, filed a complaint that he was injured by officers.

Members of Chesed Shel Emes, a burial society based in Brooklyn, transport a body for burial at the
New Yiddish horror film trailer shows a Jewish burial gone terribly wrong

Much of “The Vigil” appears to be in Yiddish, and it stars actors who have previously appeared in Jewish-themed productions.

High Court rejects Leifer’s appeal to delay extradition

Following the Supreme Court's decision, Leifer's trial will continue as usual.

Amazon packages awaiting dispatch
Amazon slashes shipping prices for small items to Israel

Though the service is resumed and prices are cut, the online shopping giant has yet to restore the prices that were in place before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Extremist haredi men protest against jail sentences for draft dodgers.
Haredim call police 'antisemitic nazis' in coronavirus lockdown protests

Eggs were thrown at police by protesters, as they called the police "antisemitic nazis."

Miki Zohar
Netanyahu loyalist Miki Zohar tops Israel vote for World Likud chair

Incumbent World Likud chair insists he’s still in poll position to stay in post.

Economic plan positive ‘if’ implemented - analysis

The NIS 90 billion plan provides a strong safety net for the country’s citizens; not a short-term safety net, but one that will last for another year.

A lab technicians holds the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) treatment drug "Remdesivir" at Eva Pharma
Israel running low on Remdesivir, drug used in treating COVID-19 patients

“We are trying to get a hold of it,” Sheba Medical Center’s Galia Rahav told The Jerusalem Post. She said the US President Donald Trump “bought all of it and one of it is left for the whole world.”

Hapoalim launches vocational training program

The program will provide, free of charge, vocational training to give the unemployed an opportunity to return to work.

Border Police go about coronavirus inspections in Mea Shearim, a haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.
Watchdog to state: Probe police for roughing up protester

Rozen urges reversing PID decision to close case

Nahal Me‘arot Caves, Mount Carmel
500,000 years ago, inhabitants of the Carmel knew their land well

Ancient humans were able to select raw materials for their tools based on technological criteria.

Vertical Agriculture - Fresh greens from the wall straight to the plate

There is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges of the next years will be feeding the massive growing population all over the world.

Meretz respond to gov't's rescue plan: ‘So cheap it’s outrageous’

As Netanyahu’s plan to stabilize Israel’s economy in time of global pandemic is pushed forward, coalition and opposition members respond.

In the battle against COVID-19, where’s the data?

“We need to be much more sophisticated than just analyzing the number of new cases, severe cases and deaths,” said Nadav Davidovitch.

Hebrew Scouts nearly shut down during COVID-19 crisis, ‘unthinkable’

After one century of offering informal education to Hebrew youth across the country, the movement faces extreme uncertainty due to government actions.

Jews are indigenous to Israel and a rabbi should know it, scholar says

“For a long time there was very little doubt on whether the Jews were indigenous here. The concept started to be questioned by the Arab anti-Zionist community,” Ilan Troen said.

The week in readers' pictures

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best shots of the week.

IAC co-founder: Jewish and Israel education should be affordable for everyone

The 'Zoom Out' global e-summit on July 13-14, brings together international educators and EdTech executives with the aim of re-imagining the future of education in the coronavirus era.

Magen David Adom workers wearing protective clothing evacuate a patient with suspicion to coronaviru
'Israel will have 300 seriously ill coronavirus patients by Aug. 10'

Prof. Eli Sprecher of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center said that the chance of an infected person deteriorating is about 50% of what it was during the first wave.

Israel Air Force opens new Special Forces Wing
Israel Air Force opens new Special Forces Wing

Wing "established in light of the operational need, changes, and expansion of threats in various arenas."

JNF-USA and Alexander Muss Institute launch gap-year program

Frontier Israel, a gap semester program for recent high school graduates, will run from September 2 – December 25, 2020.

pink jellyfish
Are Israel's jellyfish getting larger? And what could it mean? - study

Some suggest that the decrease in human presence along the country's shores that is a direct result of the coronavirus can partially explain the phenomenon.

El Al bidder is Jewish-American businessman's son

El Al has signed agreements with the cabin, administrative, and technical unionized workforce sectors, while the pilot union has yet to sign a deal with the company.

38 Olim land in Israel as part of a Nefesh B’Nefesh Group Aliyah Flight
50% of Israelis fear they cannot pay for their basic expenses - new survey

From January through May, some 7,369 people made aliyah, compared to 12,645 in 2019 – a decrease of 42%.

Attorney-General Avichay Mandelblit
Arye Deri, haredi MKs hit out at police, gov't treatment of public

Shas leader demands publication of criteria for lockdowns of cities and neighborhoods

Government approves economic aid package

Shmuli calls plan ‘noose’ solution to coronavirus financial crisis • PM ‘failed horribly,’ Lapid says

The 12-man crew of the Israel Shipyards built-Shaldag boat often live aboard their ship for up to fo
The Philippines to acquire eight Shaldag fast patrol boats

Designed to offer high-speed interception along coastlines, the boats have been deployed by coast guards across the world.

Habima National Theater releases new video celebrating theaters' role

The video features a number of Israel's most prominent celebrities.

Remembering Herzl on his 116th yahrzeit

Herzl's most famous quote stands as a testament to his tenacity: 'If you will it, it is no dream.'

Elwyn nonprofit marks death of Halak with special-needs campaign

On May 30, Hallak, a 32-year-old special-needs student from east Jerusalem, was shot by Border Police in the Old City on his way to Jerusalem’s Elwyn Al-Quds Employment Training Center.

Netanyahu backtracks on vote to make West Bank annexation more difficult

According to the agenda on the Prime Minister’s Office website, the government had been slated to debate and or possibly vote on its procedural bylaws. But in the end, the matter was not dealt with.

Haredim protest against coronavirus lockdown in Jerusalem, July 12, 2020
Haredim, police clash over coronavirus lockdown in Jerusalem

UTJ MK calls on haredim to quit government: "The pictures from the liberated Tel Aviv and the beseiged Jerusalem speak for themselves: secular people can gather and protest, haredim cannot."

Protests in Tel Aviv turn violent, July 11, 2020
Tel Aviv protests turn violent amid clashes with police

Israel Police announced that it was working to disperse the crowds who were conducting an "illegal protest and disturbing the public order."

Tal by the Beach Hotel offers a welcome break in Tel Aviv

“COMBINING UPSCALE style and design, the beautiful property offers guests a superb Israeli buffet breakfast, a range of seminar halls, a breezy rooftop and also a gym and sauna."

Video screenshot of entrance to N12 studio entrance.
Social workers protest outside N12 studio ahead of Israel Katz interview

Police came to break it up and detained 16 of the protesters under suspicion of violating public order.

Pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream sold inside the factory store (July 10, 2018)
Ben & Jerry’s Israel offers Netflix & Chill advice in Hebrew

The ice cream company is famous for creating flavors tied into current events and trends, such as Save Our Swirled, Empower Mint and Bernie’s Yearning.

Amir Peretz: Netanyahu makes us deal with politics instead of coronavirus

"The prime minister is causing many good people to deal with politics instead of focusing on the coronavirus."

A prostitute in Israel waiting for a client.
Prostitution is now a crime amid coronavirus unemployment wave

Despite having 19 months to prepare, Israel used only 30% of the rehabilitation budget meant to help sex workers out of this line of work.

Thousands protest economic situation amid coronavirus crisis in Tel Aviv, July 11, 2020
Thousands of enraged protesters gather in Tel Aviv: 'No more games!'

Politicians were told not to come as thousands gathered in Tel Aviv, to warn government not to let them down during COVID-19 financial crisis.

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