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Israeli politics are complicated and volatile so it is important to have a news source that properly captures the important politicians and political events in an organzied manner. Jerusalem Post readers will appreciate the Israeli politics section for it's unbias and zero spin approach to reporting on Israel's democratic process to avoid confusion.

Knesset repeals Disengagement as MK calls to return to Gaza Strip

Right-wing MKs praised the repeal of the Disengagement Law, while some are marking the return to Gush Katif as the next goal.

Netanyahu's Likud faction votes to approve 'softening' of judicial reform

According to the new proposal, the Judicial Appointments Committee will include 11 members instead of the current nine, while six out of the eleven will come from coalition parties.

'Softened' judicial selection proposal tailored for coalition's needs - analysis

By appointing the next two justices in October, one of whom could become the next chief justice, the coalition could still gain political influence over the court system.

Netanyahu to Israeli gov't: Gallant will resign without judicial compromise - report

Gallant reportedly fears widespread refusal to serve throughout all branches of the IDF as part of nationwide protests against the judicial reform.

Israeli opposition heads reject judicial selection bill compromise

Members of Likud and other coalition MKs criticize the compromise and demand the original law.

Did PM Netanyahu's hands shake during a gov't meeting?

In a viral video the paperwork in Netanyahu's hands is seen shaking violently. Did his hands shake or is there another explanation?


Minister Chikli: I brought down the last gov't, I can bring this one down too

Haredi MKs demanded that haredi people should get preferential treatment in employment like released soldiers get.

Ex-IDF intel. chief: If no compromise on judicial overhaul, how will IDF, courts continue?

Zeevi-Farkash: This is chance to resolve identity gaps between different Jewish camps

Likud MK retracts law to change Central Election Committee chair selection

The law proposes to change the identity of the committee and is being retraction in order to "avoid opposition's conspiracy theories"

Electronic monitoring bracelet bill rejected at Ben-Gvir's request - report

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said a "more balanced" law was needed for electronic monitoring bracelets.

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