Everything you need to know about healthy sleep and the sleep disorders

Even one night with the light on can harm your health - study

Who hasn’t fallen asleep with a light on or a TV flickering? A new study from Northwestern University says even once can seriously affect your health.

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Israel is moving to daylight savings time soon. Here’s how it’ll affect you

Very soon, Israel will be moving to daylight savings time. How will this affect us, and what actions can we take to prepare for the transition?

  Sleeping (illustrative)

You lose 300 calories a day sleeping, study claims

Who wouldn’t want to lose weight without a single drop of effort? New research has found an easy way to do this and it doesn’t require you to move even one bit.

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Having trouble sleeping? Try this strategy

The US army has a secret method which helps people fall asleep in less than two minutes.

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  Woman dreaming

Can we feel pain when we dream? The answer will surprise you

When a rock falls on us in a dream, can our body feel pain?

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Salvador Dali's bizarre sleep technique increases creativity - study

Researchers investigated if Salvador Dali's unconventional sleep technique actually increases creativity and inspiration. They proved that it may well work for you too. 

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Medical residents protest long working hours outside Knesset, June 2020

What are the consequences of sleep deprivation?

What happens to a doctor’s mind, and how is brain function impaired, if he/she goes without sleep for 30 hours on a regular basis?

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  Sleeping child

Does your child snore at night? Here is why it matters

Is your child tired during the day? Having trouble concentrating in school? Suffers from bedwetting at night? Check if he/she is snoring at night. 

  Tired teen (illustrative)

Sleep deprivation experiment: Definitely not my teens

What happens to the body and mind without sleep? A teen did an experiment during which he didn’t sleep for 11 days! These are the results.

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  Waking up

Three morning mistakes that make you feel tired all day

Most of us have three bad habits which prevent us from feeling alert every day.  A doctor reveals why we’re tired in the mornings and explains how to avoid this constant fatigue.

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