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Man breaks into Eminem's home, said he was going 'to kill' the rapper

Eminem reportedly thought that the person standing behind him was his nephew, but discovered to his horror that it was someone else who allegedly came to murder him.

Jelly Belly founder announces Willy Wonka-esque golden ticket contest

"We're looking for you Charlie, out there," said company founder David Klein, alluding to the classic 1964's children's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

An Amazon logo is seen at its centre in Darlington, County Durham, Britain September 3, 2020 bans foreign sales of seeds in US amid mystery packages

Thousands of Americans have received unsolicited packages of seeds in their mailboxes, mostly postmarked from China.

Daredevil David Blaine pulls off high flying balloon 'Ascension' stunt

"It's like magic, it feels like I'm floating in the air," Blaine said on a radio to his team of aides back on the ground after gently lifting off from a desert airstrip in Arizona.

People participate in a meditation walk in support of Black Lives Matter organized by the Portland B
African American history professor admits she lied about being black

Jessica A Krug has built her academic career upon a black identity she now admits is not her own.

Rocket man reportedly spotted flying jetpack over LAX

"We just saw the guy fly by us on the jetpack," a pilot told traffic control.

INTO THE SEA: Ezer Fishler, from the environmental group Zalul, kneels beside sewage flow.
Half of a Paraguay lagoon turns purple as the other stays blue

A new highway bridge divided the lagoon in half. "Three months ago, thousands of fish began to die. The smell was unbearable."

A runner passes a sign warning of the dangers of polar bears on the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of
Polar bear kills Dutch man in Norway's Arctic Svalbard archipelago

The 38-year-old man was killed in his tent in the early hours of the morning.

1,722 letters to the editor

Meet the cab driver who holds the Guinness Book of Records world record for the most letters to the editor published in the Israeli newspapers.

Asteroid to come close to Earth the day before US presidential election

The effect the asteroid would have on the US presidential election, however, is likely negligible.

SNORKELERS SWIM with a whale shark, the world’s largest fish, at the Maldives’ South Ari Atoll in 20
Saudi man goes viral riding whale shark in Red Sea – watch

Despite their immense size, whale sharks are docile, and are known to be friendly and somewhat playful with human swimmers and divers.

Australian Army marching in France in WWI
WWI-era photo reveals story about torn family of Jew, Christian

Marysia Galbraith, a Christian woman, from Alabama and Pini Doron, a Jewish man, from Israel discover their lost familial connection.

'Tiger King' zoo closing down, owner blames animal rights 'loons

"As of today, we have decided to close the old zoo effective immediately."

Australian man jumps on shark to save wife

"This fella paddled over and jumped off his board onto the shark and hit it to get it to release her and then assisted her back into the beach"

Coronavirus squeezes Americans out of jobs, making room for robots

Customer service givers, cashiers, hotel employees and even menial workers, have been slowly replaced by robots or AIs since the coronavirus caused an economic turmoil.

 Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell 2.
Australian man surprised by late night visitor: a huntsman spider

Australian man surprised to see a huge spider ringing his doorbell at 2 a.m.

Alligator in the Everglades National Park
Texas father rescues 4-year-old child from ‘massive’ alligator

Andrew Grande reportedly dashed from his home, grabbed his daughter and threw her over the fence.

'Kindergarten Cop' pulled from screening for glorifying police in schools

The movie follows a detective, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in arguably one of his most iconic roles, who goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, only to quit his job and become a teacher.

Sailors stranded on tiny Micronesian island saved by SOS sign in sand

The three men had embarked on Saturday on a 42 km trip from Poluwat to Pulap atolls, islands that are part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

A bear cools off from the summer heat with a froze
North Carolina bear marked with 'Trump 2020' sticker

A $5,000 reward was offered for any information on who placed a Trump campaign ad on a bear.

Goats drink from pool water of southern Israel spa

This sight was caught on camera by one of the visitors to the hotel who then tweeted the video.

Israeli social workers protest their working conditions and violence against them in Tel Aviv on Jul
Three suspects arrested for spraying protesters with water

Police said it would "allow the right to protest, but will show zero tolerance toward any show of violence."

Man faces charges after disguising as elderly man to steal from casinos

The suspect, John Colletti, 55, was arrested on March 12, after casino employees in Kansas observed through a surveillance video a disguised individual wearing a prosthetic mask of an elderly man.

Venice lowers gondola passenger capacity due to weight gain in tourists

"When [the boat] is fully loaded, the hull sinks and water enters. Advancing with over half a ton of meat on board is dangerous,” Roveratto said.

Pikachu pokemon card sells at auction for world record $233,000

Of the 39 cards released initially, only 10 remain, making it "the most valuable and rarest card in the world."

Jeff Bezos gets even richer, adds $13 billion to his worth

This sudden growth in figures is likely due to the increasing number of home-stayers who are purchasing more goods and services.

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks to members of the media
AOC celebrates reaching rank of Silver III in 'League of Legends'

An outspoken fan of the game, moving up the ladder as a full-time congresswoman during an election year is no easy feat.

Kanye West breaks ranks with Trump, vows to win presidential race

He said he would run under a new banner - the Birthday Party.

While pandemic rages, July 4 hot dog record broken again in New York

Joey Chestnut ate 75 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, topping his previous record.

Taiwanese airport offers fake flights for travel-starved tourists

'Passengers' check in, go through passport control and security and even board the aircraft. They just never leave.

A protester holds a sign with the names of various indigenous tribes during a demonstration to deman
Ecuador indigenous group holds hostage, demand corpse

Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo said the man died of COVID-19 and was subsequently buried in accordance with international protocols for handling corpses amid the pandemic.

Teenagers at a party
Alabama students hosting 'COVID parties' to see who gets infected fastest

"They put money in a pot, and they try to get COVID. Whoever gets COVID first gets the pot. It makes no sense," a Tuscaloosa council member said. "They're intentionally doing it."

Russia's only police corgi retires after over 7 years of service

After collecting his pension, the veteran drug-buster plans to take up dancing and sports.

Kissing now off the menu as lockdown ends for Dutch sex workers

Sex workers already adhere to strict health safety regulations in the Netherlands, but the industry has compiled a list of recommendations, including sexual positions to avoid.

With flights cancelled, man sails the Atlantic to see 90-year-old father

After Argentina canceled all international passenger flights, a 47-year-old man sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for 85 days to reach his 90-year-old father.

Facebook prank says Back to the Future actors are 50's-era Israeli couple

“Everyone, I need help. I found this picture on a Tel Aviv street,” Ariel Plavnik, a 43-year-old tourism salesperson from Kfar Saba, Israel, wrote in Hebrew and Spanish in the Facebook post.

A Member of Knesset will be the next contestant on 'Ninja Israel'

Razvozov, who immigrated to Israel from the Jewish Autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union when he was 11, started training at judo when he was only six-years-old.

Best Tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic tests positive for COVID-19

"Obviously it's not surprising how many players have tested positive when you see the scenes and the images and the videos from the tournament."

70-year-old woman undresses at Gilbert Gottfried’s daughter's bat mitzvah

During the Zoom bat mitzvah last week for the girl, a 70-year-old woman unwittingly removed her bathing suit and took a shower in full view of the other participants

‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ team release a homemade music video

The YouTube video, which debuted Monday on Variety, is meant to promote the show’s Emmy Award bid.

Former US International Ice Skater Bulanhagui turns to porn

The Filipino-American former figure skater was in the national teams of two countries, now she has Pornhub account.

Workers find bourbon, newspaper hidden in Confederate statue

Davis, a one time US senator, became president of the Confederate States of America after the South seceded from the Union, starting the Civil War.

Porcupine found in the Knesset's bathrooms

The bathrooms were left open over night, to let it leave on its own accord when it wished.

Get to know Jerusalem Post reader Evan Hershenson is getting to know members of our Facebook community and sharing their stories with the world: "Even though I am living in New York, I stand with Israel," says Hershenson.

Over a third of Americans misusing disinfectants to prevent COVID-19 -poll

The survey's lead author said it was undertaken following a "sharp increase" in calls to poison control centers for exposure to cleaners and disinfectants during the pandemic.

Snapchat removes Trump account from curated promotional section

"We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice by giving them free promotion on Discover."

Warning sign near secret Area 51 base in Nevada.
Google Earth user claims he found the entrance to Area 51

Satellite images supposedly showing the entrance to the secret base of 'Area 51' have caused quite a buzz on social media. Are we on to something?

General view of the almost empty Patpong nightlife and sex trade district, which is usually crowded
Go-go bars gone as coronavirus hits Bangkok's sex district

The lockdown has meant the whole sex industry has collapsed. Online escort service Smooci said activity in Bangkok fell to 10 percent in April.

French cat survives coronavirus infection

The nine-year-old cat is the first known case of a pet being infected by the coronavirus in France.

In Japan, cafe uses capybaras to enforce social distancing

The stuffed animals are seated strategically in the cafe, which is apart of Izu Shaboten Zoo in Shizuoka, forcing diners to sit further apart.

Sea turtle drifts into Hadera plant, Jan 2013
Flying turtle in Georgia smashes into car's windshield on highway

"Mr Turtle was found at fault but he did not have insurance."

Amid coronavirus outbreak, a Russian artist creates masks for insects

Though the masks do not actually protect animals – since they are in fact dead, and it is unlikely that insects could even contract coronavirus in the first place – the meaning is symbolic.

Alligator who survived WW2 bombing raid, Cold War dies at 84

Rumors were abound that the alligator may have spent some years as part of Adolf Hitler's personal collection.

Scientists spot an alien planet as it is being formed

More than 4,000 planets have been discovered orbiting stars beyond our solar system.

Colombian director films quarantine comedy 'The Bathroom' with phones

Colombian director Harold Trompetero, who has directed 21 films and produced another 30, is now tackling an unusual project amid a nationwide coronavirus quarantine that has his actors stuck at home.

Roy Horn of Las Vegas magic duo Siegfried and Roy dies of COVID-19

Fischbacher and Horn, who were both born in Germany, co-founded their stage act after meeting on a cruise ship in the late 1950s before bringing the show to Las Vegas in 1967.

Yair Netanyahu is now a far-right German politician's poster boy

Netanyahu was criticizing a joint Israeli-Palestinian ceremony on Israel’s Memorial Day that was funded by the EU.

10 Facts About Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, has evolved as a celebration of Mexican heritage, particularly in areas with large Mexican-American populations.

Comedian Elayne Boosler says cousin wrongfully buried in Catholic cemetery

Comedian Elayne Boosler said a Brooklyn nursing home did not notify relatives of her 83-year-old cousin’s death and buried the remains in a Catholic cemetery rather than her Jewish family plot.

US President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping arrive at state dinner, Great Hall, 2017
China mocks US coronavirus response in Lego-like animation

The short, titled 'Once Upon a Virus', is part of a war of words between the US and China over the disease's origins, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has grown into a global pandemic.

SECURITY SURVEILLANCE monitors. Privacy advocates argue that even if the official transfer of data d
Utah ends surveillance service over firm's ties to KKK, synagogue shooting

Patton drove the car as a Klan leader and shot out the windows of the synagogue with a semi-automatic weapon.

Alaska school district removes ‘Catch 22’ from curriculum

Teachers will no longer be able to teach ‘The Great Gatsby,’ 'Catch 22' and other important works in their classrooms.

London Orthodox school redacted books to hide monarchs’ immodest behavior

A haredi Orthodox girls high school in London redacted history books to cover up what it considers the immodest behavior of British monarchs.

Toilet paper
US toilet paper hunters on a roll as stores restock after shortages

About 48% of US grocery stores were out of stock of toilet paper for some part of the day on April 19, the latest date for which figures were available.

Egypt calls to censor social media after TikTok star, belly dancer jailed

Instagram and TikTok influencer Haneen Hossam, 20, is under 15 days detention for a post encouraging women to broadcast videos in exchange for money

German doctors pose nude online to protest lack of protective masks, gowns

The naked doctors said that outpatient and general practice care for COVID-19 patients was as important as hospital care, putting them on the frontline in the fight to contain the coronavirus.

Nadia, a 4-year-old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx Zoo, that the zoo said on April 5, 2020 has te
'Tiger King' LGBTQ zoo-keeper hopes fame aids the gender pronoun debate

Throughout the series the good-natured keeper is referred to as "she" despite identifying as male since childhood.

Sand cat suspected of dying from coronavirus at Ramat Gan Safari

Once at the Pathological Institute, the sand cat was sent to the department of virology after initial testing showed a "high likelyhood" of coronavirus, based on the cat's initial symptoms.

English-speaking comedian Benji Lovitt
How the coronavirus has triggered a flood of Jewish comedy

As the COVID-19 outbreak kills thousands, gags, memes and funny videos are spreading even faster than the virus itself. We might be scared, but we seem determined to carry on laughing.

Two sisters die a century apart, both from global pandemics

Selma Esther Ryan, 96, passed away on April 14, and was one of five residents who had contracted the coronavirus while living in an assisted living home in Austin Texas.

Coronavirus: US hip-hop community joins the fight

"We can turn the tide in our community," said rapper Ice-T, who will be taking part along with rappers Chuck D, Nas, Kurtis Blow, Biz Markie, and Kid N Play.

Empty bottle and the glass of beer on wooden table
Beer may lose its fizz as CO2 supplies go flat during pandemic

The CO2 in beer and soft drinks is a byproduct of ethanol production, which has gone down significantly since the pandemic began, as roads have been largely empty across the US.

Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift cancels all 2020 shows to curb spread of coronavirus

The singer invited her audience to ‘Shake it Off’ next year and urged them to stay safe and healthy.

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo
Twitter users think of #How2020CouldGetWorse

The novel coronavirus, and perhaps the many hours spent at home, led to web users around the world suggest funny videos and pics under the novel hashtag.

5G: Dutch telecommunications towers damaged by 5G protestors

The Telegraaf reported that arsonists had left an anti-5G slogan spray-painted at the scene of one attack.

'Covid,' 'Quarantine' suggested names for newborn animals in Colombian zoo

The potential names are also being considered for a white-tailed deer born just over a fortnight ago.

Mississippi police us
Louisiana police enforces lock-down with ‘The Purge’ siren

The 2013 film depicts a fictional reality in which each year, there is a 12-hour period during which all crimes are legal and people stay at home to be safe.

A couple share a romantic glass of champagne in the Golan Heights
Facebook launches new chat app for couples

"A private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves."

People in Denmark stock up on sex toys for coronavirus lockdown

Sinful said sales of a 10-day love challenge for couples rose more than four-fold since mid-March compared with the same period before the lockdown.

Crime scene [illustrative]
Illinois man shoots wife, commits suicide, fearing coronavirus

The woman was shot in the back of the head whereas the man’s injury was self-inflicted.

Russian space agency: Trump is paving way to taking over other planets

Roscosmos said the executive order on commercial mining in space put the United States at odds with the notion of space belonging to all humanity.

UK says 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is disgusting fake nonsense

The conspiracy theory that 5G mobile telecommunications masts play a role in spreading the novel coronavirus is disgusting fake news and completely false, Britain said on Saturday.

Central Indian couple names their twin babies 'Covid' and 'Corona'

"The virus is dangerous and life-threatening but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene and inculcate other good habits. Thus, we thought about these names."

Crime scene [illustrative]
Italian man allegedly murders girlfriend, says she gave him COVID-19

The man was working as nurse and the woman was a medical student, both were working in a hospital in Sicily.

Conservative Pastor: Coronavirus in shuls is divine punishment

Rick Wiles, the Florida pastor who claimed that the effort to impeach President Trump was a “Jew coup,” said the spread of coronavirus in synagogues is a punishment of the Jewish people.

Actress Nermine Sfar live streams belly dances on social media from her living room, entertaining vi
Coronavirus: Tunisians in lockdown entertained by belly dancer

Clad in a figure-hugging dress, with a gauzy veil over her legs, Nermine Sfar shakes her hips and twirls to Arabic pop music in front of an incongruous brown sofa.

Largest plane ever made, the Antonov, to help against coronavirus

The plane, built in the 1980’s, can be used to deliver massive amounts of medical equipment to locations that need it.

IDF opens coronavirus hotline, accidentally posts telecom's number

The hotline was created to provide general information concerning the outbreak, as well as instructions on self-isolation.

Store throws out $35k of food after woman coughs on it as a prank

The US Department of Justice confirmed on Wednesday that people who intentionally spread the novel coronavirus could be charged with terrorism.

Durex condoms are seen in a photo illustration in Manchester, Britain, July 31, 2018.
Condom shortage looms after COVID-19 lockdown shuts world's top producer

Malaysia's Karex Bhd makes one in every five condoms globally. It has not produced a single condom from its three Malaysian factories for more than a week due to a lockdown imposed by the government.

Worshippers pray as their vicar delivers a service to then faithful at home via a live stream over t
British vicar catches fire waiting for answer from God

"Oh dear, I just caught on fire," he exclaimed, batting and blowing out the flame. "Oh my word."

Spider-Man voice actor Jake Johnson cheers up kids during coronavirus

The actor became known for his role as Peter Parker in the 2018 animated film Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse.

To fight coronavirus, Poland will use illegal vodka

As of Friday, the customs and tax-collection services announced that the spirits will not be destroyed but used to disinfect houses, cars and rooms to promote public health against COVID-19.

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