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'Expedition Unknown' to cover Israeli site of Jesus Christ's miracles

Bethsaida is said the home of three of Jesus Christ's 12 apostles, including St. Peter. Season 11 of "Expedition Unknown" takes a look.

Kenyan authorities should have prevented cult deaths, president says

Authorities accuse Paul Mackenzie, leader of the Good News International Church, of ordering his followers to starve themselves and their children to death.


Purported land sale in Armenian Quarter will damage Christian presence in Jerusalem

Jordan, PA freeze recognition of Jerusalem Armenian patriarch as residents face uncertain future

By Nicole Jansezian/The Media Line

Israel Allies Foundation president gets honorary doctorate in Guatemala

Country celebrated “National Friendship Day Between Guatemala and Israel” this week.

Sexual abusers are disgusting 'enemies' but still should be loved, pope says

Abuse scandals have shredded the Church's reputation and have been a major challenge for the pope.


Knesset members relaunch Christian Allies Caucus in Israeli parliament

The cohort includes MKs who have been involved in previous years as well as new recruits. It's co-chaired by MKs Edelstein and Haskel and consists of representatives from various parties.

'Educated Evangelicals prefer DeSantis to Trump’ - CCU heads

DeSantis has not formally declared that he will run for president, but speculation is high that he will do so.

Maryam Younnes: A proud Christian Lebanese Israeli patriot

Maryam Younnes now understands the religious strife, politics and social issues that caused the deafening falling night sky she recalls from her early childhood

By Miri Weissman

Pope allows women to vote at bishops meeting for first time

In the past, women were allowed to attend the synods, a papal advisory body, as auditors but with no right to vote.

Christianity, illustrative

Kenyan police probe Christian cult after discovery of over a dozen graves

"Personally I have visited about 18 children's graves," Mikali told a local TV station. She did not say how she knew the graves contained the remains of children.

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