Israel-Hamas War

The Israel-Hamas war is an ongoing conflict between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization based in Gaza. 

Dubbed by the IDF as Operation Swords of Iron, the war kicked off following the October 7 massacre, when Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel on Simchat Torah, murdered at least 1,200 people, and took hundreds of others as hostages. 

Israel's goal in the war is the destruction of Hamas, with the IDF having launched a ground offensive into Gaza for the first time in years.

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Three artists, three questions: Bridging before and after

Three artists, all born in Israel whose art, among many newly opened shows, caught my attention, don’t directly relate to the current situation. They are a bridge between before and now.


Leslie Windman: A Maryland chiropractor making adjustments in Israel

During the war, Leslie Windman has been using this skill – honed over 30 years of practice in Maryland – as a volunteer, easing aches and pains for soldiers serving across Israel.

The sound of guns: IDF general talks artillery, munitions used to fight Hamas

When the IDF uses the term “fire,” it means all the munitions that can be brought to the battlefield to be used against the enemy.

Voices from the Arab press: Cairo negotiations: Why are mediators optimistic?

A weekly selection of opinions and analyses from the Arab media around the world.


Meet Brig.-Gen. Yael Grossman, one of the highest-ranked women in the IDF

IDF Brig.-Gen. Yael Grossman talked about her unit's impact on Iran, tunnel warfare, precision warfare, and humanitarian aid, Oct. 7 resilience, and breaking glass ceilings.

Israel-Hamas War: What happened on day 197?

White House not commenting on Israel's attack in Iran • Israel strikes Iran, defense officials confirm • Hamas leadership considering leaving Qatar

Four men in a tank: A story of camaraderie among IDF tank crews

There are four soldiers in an Israeli tank: the commander, the driver, the gunner, and the loader. E, who is slim and of average height, became a gunner.

For many Israelis this Passover, celebrating the Festival of Freedom feels impossible

As Passover approaches, families of Israeli hostages feel grief, leaving empty seats at their tables. Evacuees face challenges, but efforts aim to preserve holiday spirit.


Surviving the fallout: Jerusalem's bomb shelter crisis

Safe rooms and public bomb shelters are essential for keeping Israelis safe from aerial threats like rockets and drones. Which is why it's such a problem that not all Jerusalemites have any.


A Passover Seder Haggadah supplement for the Israel-Hamas war

I am suggesting several thoughts and themes to complement the Haggadah text and add focus to our present situation. You are encouraged to keep this page in your Haggadah on Seder night.

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