Benjamin Netanyahu

Likud MKs applaud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his first trial hearing on Sunday
Israel vs. Benjamin Netanyahu: The circus is just beginning

Netanyahu highlighted the way he’s different from many other defendants in his opening remarks, calling for all the hearings to be broadcast live online.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz attends the Knesset's Remembrance Day service, April 26, 2020
Gantz tiptoes through trial of reluctant partner Netanyahu

Exactly a year ago, Gantz fiercely attacked Netanyahu at a pro-democracy rally in Tel Aviv.

No matter the outcome of Netanyahu's trial, Israel loses – comment

If Netanyahu is convicted, half the country will believe that he was railroaded, and the other half will lose faith in the political system. If acquitted, faith in the justice system will be lost.

Netanyahu's trial begins outside the court – analysis

Will Netanyahu’s strategy of preaching to the public instead of pleading to the court succeed?

"Dreyfus trial" reads a placard held by a protestor during a pro-Netanyahu demonstration outside the
Pro-Netanyahu protesters denounce judicial system, law enforcement

Placards comparing Netanyahu trial to Dreyfus tidal, together with cries of “antisemites,” “leftists,” “post-Zionists” and “Israel haters,” were just some of the messages disseminated.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recommends Israelis use the namaste greeting to avoid contracting
Netanyahu to ask court to broadcast trial live

"They don't like it that I am not a poodle."

Watch: Protesters outside PM residence pop open champagne in celebration

The opposition Yesh Atid Party and the Black Flag movement have organized protests at dozens of junctions across the country under the banner: “Corrupt and Disconnected – We are sick of you.”

Netanyahu, prosecution fight over trial start date

The legal war runs parallel to the public opinion war.

Who are the judges who will decide Netanyahu’s fate?

Bar-Am’s record on white-collar crime is less extensive than the other two judges, putting him in the neutral category. However, with less experience in this area, he is more likely to defer to them.

Netanyahu: Khamenei is putting himself in danger by threatening Israel

PM spoke with leaders of Sudan and Chad, and expressed wish to increase ties with more Muslim countries.

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