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Everything written about art, music and the celebration of holidays in Israel is published in culture news. Innovative artists, chefs and musicians from around the world that are inspired by the Judaism and the holy land are also featured in culture news. This is the best source on the web to read about Jewish creativity.

NBC under fire for portrayal of Orthodox Jews on Canadian series ‘Nurses’

Jewish organizing groups such as StopAntisemitism and JewishOnCampus have tried to mobilize online pressure campaigns against NBC for airing the episode.


Israel cinema: Francophone fest in J’lem; Polish movies in TA

The movie drought is over, and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are both celebrating.

Yeshiva high school students have a binge-drinking problem

The numbers are consistent across two years, 20 schools and thousands of students. The national data show that 22% of students have taken “more than just a taste or a sip” in the past 30 days.


Togolese-Israeli pop star Stephane Legar goes global

An unlikely star on the Israeli music scene.

CINEMA CITY in Jerusalem. Will it once again be filled with movie-goers?

Coronavirus in Israel: Movie theaters struggle to reopen

Government-subsidized culture institutions have received aid packages, while movie theaters have not.

Actress, director Michal Bat Adam to receive Israel Prize

Bat Adam is best known internationally as an actress to for her lead performance in I Love You, Rosa (1972), directed by her late husband, Moshe Mizrahi, with whom she often collaborated.

Purim: Disabled children get custom costumes to incorporate wheelchairs

"A wheelchair can become a construction worker’s dump truck or Batman’s batmobile."

Sophia Loren honored by Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School

Loren: “I never finished high school. I didn’t attend university. I never studied acting. Life had different plans for me. But I wish I had done all three.”

A painting of Queen Esther by Edwin Long, 1878, at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Queen Esther, powerful Jewish women highlighted in new Purim song - WATCH

Titled "Girls Like You - Purim Parody," the song released by a capella group Rabotai is a parody of "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5.


Shlomo Hillel, who spearheaded mass aliya of Iraqi Jews, dies at 97

Hillel, who was born in Baghdad, executed at least four undercover operations in the pre-and post-state years in various guises.


The perfumes of Arabia: The Bible Lands Museum reopens

Yemen, one of the furthest lands described in the bible and associated with the legendary Queen of Sheba, is at the focus of an exhibition now reopened to the public.

A vocabulary for the Holocaust; Hélène Carroll at Ghetto Fighters' House

A daughter of Holocaust survivors, Carroll attempts to create an Alphabet Series to the Holocaust which would bridge the gap between the past and modern New Zealand.

Israel’s Gili Cohen celebrates winning silver in judo Grand Slam

Former Iranian Mollaei thrilled to take part as Mongolian in the competition hosted by Tel Aviv.


Miriam Peretz, Liat Itzhaki sing to celebrate International Women’s Day

Called, “Put on a New Dress,” it is an affirmation of female solidarity and resilience, inspired by lessons Itzhaki learned from her Mizrahi grandmother.

Red Sea Guitar Festival: Eilat to return to rocking

A plethora of A-listers are lined up to strut their stuff down south during the course of the weekend.


Lighting up in Jerusalem with Follow the Lights

Jerusalem Follow the Lights was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority and Tourism Ministry.


Pnina Blayer steps down as director of Haifa International Film Festival

Blayer, one of the most influential figures in the Israeli film industry, became the artistic director of the festival in 1988.

ASSAF SALOMON: Breaking the glass at his wedding with the power of his mind

Mind to mind – the power of a mentalist

Three times during live TV broadcasts, Salomon predicted the results of the Israeli elections.

Sober in the Holy Land

Music as a coping mechanism: Naftali Kalfa is in an uphill battle

"I am a proud, recovering addict, recovering from various addictions, including food to substances to gambling."

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
Iddo Markus paints hundreds of paintings of former US President Donald Trump

Trump’s legacy lives on in Haifa artist’s unique portraits

Iddo Markus paints 150 portraits of the 45th US president

Esther Horgen

‘Israeli Bible’ displays artwork of terror victim Esther Horgen

Just as the story of Purim itself is full of miracles, this megillah was produced in a miraculous way, in just three weeks.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler

Sustainable fashion makes ‘Round Trip’ at Tel Aviv Port

Round Trip will feature Israeli designers who have created objects out of recycled materials in the spirit of advocating their maximum utilization.

A rising artist in Israel grew up in one of Rio’s most violent favelas

“We used to hide under the bed to protect ourselves from shooting sprees. We often had to skip over dead bodies to enter our home,” he said.


Israeli films to take part in the Berlin Film Festival

This year’s festival, which is usually held in February, will take place online this year March 1-5. In addition, an in-person festival is planned for June 9-20.

Academy releases Israeli TV nominations

There are 16 main categories for programs and another 29 nominations for individuals, which allows the Academy to share the wealth.

Peter Gabriel cites Israeli 'racism' as one reason for re-recording 'Biko'

“Although the white minority government has gone in South Africa, the racism around the world that apartheid represented has not ,” he told Rolling Stone.

Italian Zodiac clock

Horoscopes for Adar 5781/2020 - January 14-20

Milk the magic for all it is worth


Israel's Walt Disney: The story and legacy of Joseph Bau

After Bau died in 2002, his daughters created the Joseph Bau House in Tel Aviv, one of the world’s smallest museums, but now it struggles to keep its doors open.


Kfar Yona Jazz Festival to air online for free

The festival honchos have placed their trust in some of the most seasoned stalwarts of the Israeli jazz community to get the ball rolling.


Israeli film ‘Bear with Me’ tells a tale of deep love

The animation is analogue and uses an unusual and effective technique of drawing with oil pastels on printed videos.

Israeli New Age band Alma to perform at online concert

There is an almost hypnotic element to some of the Alma material, particularly a haunting number called “Ayala” (“Doe”) off the group’s debut album.


Jerusalem's Aki-No festival explores the best of Japanese cinema

Seven of the nine films have English and Hebrew titles and two have only Hebrew, so check which are available before buying tickets.

Israeli film, 'White Eye,' makes Oscars shortlist

Palestinian-British director Farah Nabulsi's short film The Present, starring Saleh Bakri, best known for The Band’s Visit, was also shortlisted in the Best Live-Action Short category.

Gal Gadot’s NatGeo series spotlights 'wonder' women

While she enjoys playing Wonder Woman, she was clear about who she sees as the real heroes: “All of these women are just incredible, and they are the real heroes."

Producer David Shore tells Israeli film students how he made ‘House’

Shore, best known as the producer/writer/showrunner of House and The Good Doctor, took part in a Zoom event that was part of the Meet the Masters series at the Ma’aleh Film School in Jerusalem.

The life and music of Leonard Cohen

Canadian author Michael Posner delves into the early years of the musical icon.


When God, Jesus, Allah were women: Online show of feminist, religious art

The exhibition, available in three languages, presents works by Jewish, Muslim, Druze and Christian artists who reflect on their relationship with freedom, physical presence and faith


Mandy Patinkin, Lena Dunham to star in a Holocaust film

The movie, which is set just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is an adaptation of a bestselling novel by Lily Brett called Too Many Men.

Was one of Catholic Spain’s most famous scholars secretly Jewish?

New research reveals that Alfonso de Zamora remained true to his faith.

Itamar Borochov, Israeli jazz trumpeter who won the Rising Stars jazz award

Itamar Borochov named winner of LetterOne 'Rising Stars' jazz award

Israeli jazz trumpeter Itamar Borochov has toured across four continents and performed at prestigious venues around the globe.

French version of Israeli show ‘BeTipul’ debuts as ‘En Thérapie’

Directed by longtime French-Jewish duo Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, the series is set in the aftermath of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.

Online jazz series goes Miles ahead

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, as part of its jazz series which started out at the beginning of the year, has five more shows due to go between now and February 14.


Katya Gervits - A key connection at a young age

The 13-year-old is a contestant in the forthcoming Pnina Salzman Young Pianists Competition, which is due to take place, for the eighth time, at the Kfar Saba Conservatory February 8-18.


Grim drama and classic comedy: What's new on TV?

The newest releases on Israeli TV and streaming services.

Ethical will: How to tell your tale to convey your ethical values

Events that shape our lives are not always apparent to those around us.


'Coming to the Professors' podcast brings Jewish history to the people‏

‘The vast amount of papers produced by academia stays within its circle’


When the moon smiles

Every evening while I am away, each of us will look up at the moon and smile


Five writers shortlisted for Sapir Prize for Literature

The five candidates on the shortlist will receive a grant of NIS 40,000.

DJ David Guetta’s Dubai show to be broadcast in Israel

The performance will take place against a background of fireworks at sunset.

cover - Oscars 2020

Oscars: Israeli team wins Academy Award for film technology

Every year, in addition to the winners of the traditional Oscars, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announces winners in various scientific and technical categories.

Music from jazz icon Miles Davis to feature in online Jerusalem showcase

The student sextet that will present some of his charts being put through its paces by US-born longtime Jerusalem resident guitarist and educator Steve Peskoff.


Israeli teenage pianist shows key connection with music from young age

The Pnina Salzman Young Pianists Competition is due to take place, for the eighth time, at the Kfar Saba Conservatory February 8-18.


Coronavirus: New grant supports Israeli artists amid crisis

The fund will award grants to those candidates who meet the requirements and have experienced significant financial distress due to the pandemic

Amid COVID-19 lockdown, local art industry prepares for the future

CULTURAL AFFAIRS: Everyone involved in the Israeli arts and culture scene has scrambled to find a way to survive this period.

Moroccan artist Chama Mechtaly is building aesthetic bridges

The Dubai-based Moroccan visual artist sees a new golden age for the newly peaceful region, with art showcasing indigenous Jewish history and Muslim influences.

Moving drama ‘Driveways’ features Brian Dennehy in one of his last roles

While Driveways is hardly the first movie about the gradually developing bond between a gruff older man and a cute, precocious kid, it’s too delicate and sure-footed to be reduced to a formulaic description.

THE CAST of ‘Line in the Sand.’

Cop drama ‘Line in the Sand’ is worth crossing

The prolific photographer began his career in the 1970s in print journalism, specializing in fashion, however, his true calling came with his discovery of the performing arts.

‘From Destruction to Redemption’ - A film director’s recollections

Here are my recollections of one memorable film that involved the city of Jerusalem, stored at the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive.

A Star Wars fan dressed in costume as Darth Vader

Jedi twists - New book explores the Star Wars universe 200 years earlier

Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi is the new first novel – the toe in the water of what Lucasfilm hopes will become an entirely separate Star Wars narrative.


Valentine's Day gifts - Flowers, chocolate & hearts

We don’t have much to celebrate these days, so why not surround ourselves with love?


Apple to partner with KAN for second season of ‘Tehran’

Filming for the second season will begin in the coming months and it will air in late 2021.

Despite coronavirus, Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School thrives

The entire faculty and staff switched to working on Zoom, but work continues.

Arts photographer Gadi Dagon dead at 63

The prolific photographer began his career in the 1970s in print journalism, specializing in fashion, however, his true calling came with his discovery of the performing arts.


Eden Alene to perform ‘Set me Free’ at Eurovision 2021

Alene is the first Israeli of Ethiopian descent chosen to represent Israel at Eurovision.

Tel Aviv University campus

Arab students studying engineering & computer science doubled in 5 years

In addition, the number of female Arab students studying in these fields have tripled.

Crematorium II in Auschwitz-Birkenau 1945 by artist and Holocaust survivor Yehuda Bacon

Behind the Glass Booth: Art and Eichmann’s trial

The paintings that showed the horrors of the Nazi war criminal will be analyzed for Int’l Holocaust Day.

Tel Aviv launches incubator for emerging playwrights

All the writers sponsored by the project will receive payment for their playwriting and dramaturgical work.

AN ANNUAL falafel celebration helps David Dugo Leitner commemorate his mother and his survival

A Holocaust survivor has made falafel a symbol of Jewish resilience

David Leitner has made it a tradition to eat two falafel portions each Jan. 18 to celebrate his survival.


JSO’s ‘Days of Light’ marks Holocaust memorial

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (JSO), like numerous other purveyors of cultural wares these lockdowned days, has lined up an intriguing and attractive roster of shows for the near future.


A long-lost Elie Wiesel poem - A serendipitous literary finding

After his initial discovery of the long-lost poem, Mechael Pomeranz “contacted the Wiesel family agent with my ideas to highlight the poem.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler

Redesign the JPOST logo for Tu BiShvat!

The top 10 logos receiving the most votes online will be presented to an expert panel of judges who will declare the final winner.

After 50 years, Netanya orchestra fights to survive lack of funds

After a 50-year history of full performance seasons throughout Israel, the NKO is confronted with the possibility of extinction.


First time: National Insurance Institute buys works of disabled artists

“I hope a day will come in which all government offices will display art made by people with disabilities,” one artist said.

Yiddish-style ‘God Bless America’ celebrates presidential inauguration

Berlin originally wrote “God Bless America” for a musical revue while he was serving in the US Army in 1918.

Israeli chef Assaf Granit's Paris restaurant receives Michelin star

Within three months of opening in 2019, Shabour was rated as the Paris’s best restaurant, according to French daily Le Figaro’s gastronomical guide, Le Figaroscope.

Chess4Solidarity prepares for a competition between Israel and Bhutan

Israel and Bhutan to go head-to-head in post-normalization chess match

However in this recent tournaments players from Lebanon, Syria and other countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel have logged in to play.

Amid COVID-19, new art exhibit 'Zooms in' on young lives

The exhibition name has a double meaning, hinting at the deeper gaze into the lives of the youth that the exhibition depicts, while also referencing the Zoom video conferences.

Cave painting of a wild pig might be oldest art found in the world

Depicting Sulawesi warty pigs, the artwork was made with red ochre roughly 45,000 years ago.


Redefining family and readjusting the big tent Horoscopes for Shvat 5780

Venus, which enters Aquarius on February 1, heads straight for the Super Bowl of emotional vulnerability with Venus square Uranus, conjunct Saturn, and sextile wounded healer Chiron on February 6


Dating - Why everything is freezing, and not just the weather

Now it’s 2021 and nothing is as you envisioned.


Health and beauty pleasures to get you through lockdown

This week look for a new perfect scent, indulge in new ice cream flavors, add some glamour with Beyonce’s makeup and don’t forget to trim your beard in style.


Tel Aviv remains Israel's leading aliyah destination despite COVID

In 2020, approximately 11% of all new immigrants to Israel decided to live in Tel Aviv, with the city retaining its status as Israel's leading city for olim.


Sukkah doppelgangers reinvent contemporary Jewish artistry

Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman’s vision explores immigration & destiny

Ofer Portugaly’s basement shows

The results of these intimate jazz sessions are quality broadcasts that enable the listener not only to enjoy but also to feel a part of the performance.


Arrivals: Ciliann likes beautiful things



The Adventures of Gidon Lev: A post-Holocaust mosaic of life

“The Holocaust has not defined Gidon’s life – he has not allowed it to – yet he found himself feeling responsible for conveying his experiences at the hands of the Nazis."

Observations: Pacifiers, passwords and pandemics

"I spend half my life looking for things."


Lessons to learn from the garden

All the gardeners I have known are gentle people, maybe because a garden teaches patience and careful watchfulness.

Nicole Peterson carries on her father’s musical legacy

Her first professional offering, a mellifluous stirring pop number called Red and Blue is now available on YouTube.


Riff Cohen & Eliran Amar’s tribal dance

Artists collaborate in the Omanut-o-namut Festival today.

Kikar Dizengoff reinvented as ‘Speakeasy Square’

As Israel entered its second lockdown, hordes of Tel Avivians began to congregate at the square with takeaway food, snacks, blankets, cigarettes and a variety of beer and wine in tow.

‘Curtain-Up’ 2020: A triumphant story under COVID-19’s dark cloud

If one expected to see the artists echoing the harsh era, react to prolonged uncertainty of the roller-coaster reality, the opposite happened.


10 movies that made a tough year much better

With the world has turned upside down since The Irishman was released, with the vast majority of theaters around the world shuttered for nearly a year. But what got us through?

‘Homeland’ producer Howard Gordon takes on new projects, challenges

While he may feel stuck, as so many of us do these days, he is moving forward professionally.

The Ethiopian Jew who brings Ethiopian culture live in Tel Aviv

One of approximately 160,000 Ethiopian Jews now residing in Israel, Ashager Araro is part of an integral thread in the Jewish state’s historically rich fabric.

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