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Everything written about art, music and the celebration of holidays in Israel is published in culture news. Innovative artists, chefs and musicians from around the world that are inspired by the Judaism and the holy land are also featured in culture news. This is the best source on the web to read about Jewish creativity.

Rabbi Louk to sing with Benayoun, Sakharof, Elad Levi in concert

Rabbi Haim Louk is a Jewish liturgical musician who has mixed with a diverse range of styles and genres.


New exhibit showcases masked famous women

'I asked them to forego their face, their professional calling card,' says photographer Iddo Lavie.


Dancing with the desert - InDNegev 2021

“Last year, the festival didn’t happen because of coronavirus,” said Assaf Ben David, one of InDNegev’s organizers. “It really feels like coming home.” 

World-famous photographer Spencer Tunick speaks about new nudist photoshoot

Tunick is a world-famous American photographer who has won acclaim for his pictures of large groups of nudes, which he has taken all over the world. He is now in Israel for the third time.

Painted Jewish time machines: New exhibition challenges multi-cultural norms

The exhibition has a work that presents a powerful vision of Hell, but it may leave the viewers alone when they wonder what moral responsibilities they have now, having witnessed it?

New water-focused exhibition shines light on climate crisis

One of the elements of the climate crisis is the rising of the sea-level, while at the same time, drinking water is disappearing.

Shlomo Artzi, Zehu Zeh to win Israeli culture awards

The Israeli Artists' Association is celebrating its 40th anniversary by awarding its Lifetime Achievement Awards in a ceremony in November.

Jerusalem Highlights: Week of October 15-21

What's new in Israel's capital in the upcoming week.

Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film Lab looks back on 10 triumphant years

“The success of the Lab, which brings together Israelis and filmmakers from around the world, shows how much Sam Spiegel has become a center for international filmmaking.”

Jerusalem Oud Festival returns after COVID-19 hiatus

The festival kicks off with a bang, with veteran iconic pop-rock pianist, singer and songwriter Yoni Rechter fronting a gala performance at the Jerusalem Theater.


Books can tell the stories of your life

My Brother Jack by George Johnston is a book my sister has been convincing me to read for years. I finally did.

Israel's fall film festivals light up the screen

Israel's fall film festivals took place online last year, but this year they are once again in person.

'Lucky Chameleon': An intriguing new art exhibit in Tel Aviv

Khen Shish's dynamism, naturally, spills out onto the canvas or, in this case, paper when she picks up a paintbrush and the muse hits her.


Israeli Vocal Ensemble to open with rarely performed cantatas on Jesus

Yuval Benozer: "This is an opportunity to listen live to a rarely performed gem by an outstanding and lesser known composer."


Black and white crime classics to be screened at Film Noir festival

The Film Noir festival features film classics at the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Cinematheques starting on Tuesday.

'Nude photographer' Spencer Tunick returns to Israel

Spencer Tunick is known for his photography that features large groups of nude people.

Tel Aviv Soloist Ensemble celebrates 20 years

Barak Tal founded the Tel Aviv Soloist Ensemble 20 years ago when he was 25.


Legendary Israeli theater director, Nola Chilton dies at 99

Director Nola Chilton was a key figure in the worlds of both Israeli and international theater. She was awarded the Israel Prize for her achievements in 2013.

 THE MISS BEHAVE septet pays tribute to the Motown soul and R&B of the 1960s and 1970s.

Miss Behave girl septet promises Motown vibes in Tel Aviv New Orleans Festival

“I have always been drawn to the classics. I remember I found an R&B record lying somewhere. I loved it, particularly American music.”

An immigrant from the former Soviet Union speaks to the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorptio

In ‘Golden Voices,’ Russian movie dubbers reinvent themselves in Israel, to hilarious effect

Russian movie dubbers reinvent themselves in Israel, to hilarious effect


Canadian-Jewish writer discusses her award-winning Jewish movie

Canadian writer and director Emma Seligman discusses her acclaimed indie film "Shiva Baby."


Jerusalem highlights: Week of October 8-14

Don't know what to do in Jerusalem the coming week? Here's a list of suggestions.

Nonprofit helping Israeli musicians further craft

Go forth from Zion: Propping up Israeli musicians at Music Port.

PRO-PALESTINIAN activists wave Turkish and Palestinian flags during the welcoming ceremony for the ‘

Israeli-French TV series coming on Mavi Marmara flotilla raid

An eight-episode series on the Mavi Marmara flotilla incident will be produced and filmed in 2022.

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