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Israeli politics are complicated and volatile so it is important to have a news source that properly captures the important politicians and political events in an organzied manner. Jerusalem Post readers will appreciate the Israeli politics section for it's unbias and zero spin approach to reporting on Israel's democratic process to avoid confusion.

Netanyahu delays Palestinian statehood vote to ensure passage

Ministers from Netanyahu's Likud Party, as well as from the Religious Zionist Party (RZP) and Otzma Yehudit, criticized the language, as it did not rule out a Palestinian state in general.

Arab-Israeli, leftist politicians blast gov't intent to limit Temple Mount visitation on Ramadan

Israeli-Arab and left-wing politicians viewed the decision as an attempt by Ben-Gvir to collectively punish Muslims.

 MK Ofer Cassif, Palestinians and left wing activists protest in an east Jerusalem neighborhood

Israel's Knesset could be set to impeach an MK for the first time ever

First-ever impeachment vote likely to be repealed by Supreme Court if it passes in the Knesset plenum.

Who are the haredi Jews running in Jerusalem's municipal election?

In the haredi sector, there four lists competing against each other for seats on the Jerusalem city council.

 Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a press conference at the Ministry of Defense, in Tel Aviv

Israel's labor union head attacks Netanyahu, vows to protest against gov't

Bar-David also promised that the Histadrut would join protests and demonstrations against the current government, sparking concern over a potential strike across Israel's work sector.

 PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference about the Gaza war late last year

Netanyahu seeks to plug leaks with legal action against journalists

The Union of Journalists in Israel attacked the plan saying it was anti-democratic and would harm press freedoms, with "no equal" in democratic countries.

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks on February 11, 2024

Netanyahu is slowly regaining support; Gantz is losing momentum

According to this poll, Netanyahu’s coalition would secure 59 mandates, just two seats shy of its current number of 61.

'More equal than others': Lapid lashes out at Israel's IDF draft plan

Minister Amichai Chikli, MKs Moshe Saada, and Dan Illouz wrote a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu indicating their support for the recruitment of haredi men.

Gantz maintains strong lead over Netanyahu, Israeli public wants elections

New polls found that the majority of Israelis believe haredim should be forced to draft to the IDF.

Netanyahu says Biden 'very clear and focused'

“I have had more than a dozen extended phone conversations with President Biden,” Netanyahu said, as he noted that Biden “also came on a visit to Israel during wartime, which is a historic first."

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