Jewish Agency

World's largest Jewish NPO, founded in 1908. Leading organization responsible for aliyah, played major role in establishing modern State of Israel. Headed by Natan Sharansky
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Gov't opens trauma hotline for olim living in South

The center was established in collaboration with The Community Stress Prevention Center (CSPC).


'Israeli gov't isn't doing enough for aliyah from Ukraine, Russia' - Hagoel

“We (the Jewish Agency) are in dialogue with the Russian Justice Ministry and I estimate that the Jewish Agency will continue to operate in Russia."


Israeli delegation 'disappointed' as Jewish Agency Russia talks reach dead end

No further meetings were scheduled and no decisions were made following a dead end in talks between Israeli and Russian officials in Moscow.


Delegation to meet Russia's Justice Ministry to ensure Jewish Agency not foreign agent

Moscow’s Basmanny Court began considering a lawsuit on Thursday filed by the Russian Justice Ministry on the liquidation of the Jewish Agency office in Russia.


Let my people go: Round two

What have we learned from the success of the battle with the Kremlin over Jewish emigration a half century ago that can be applied to the current confrontation?


How much should Israel value Jewish interests over its own? - opinion

The question of whether and to what extent Israel should take into consideration the interests of Jews who are not its citizens arises in many contexts: military, political, economic, and others.

Russia wants to close the Jewish Agency - how have Russian Jews reacted?

DIASPORA AFFAIRS: Rabbi Boruch Gorin says the Agency was not targeted because it’s Jewish or Israeli, but because it's a body with overseas influences.


Russian court considers Jewish Agency liquidation lawsuit

Members of the Israeli delegation sent for talks in Moscow will meet with officials from Russia’s Justice Ministry on Thursday.

Russia should let the Jewish Agency work freely - editorial

We don’t want to see the controversy in Russia exploited for politics in Israel, and we don’t want to harm relations with Moscow.

Moscow to hold court hearing over Jewish Agency in Russia

A court hearing was scheduled for the Jewish Agency in August; members of the legal Israeli delegation will meet with officials from Russia’s Justice ministry.

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