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Israel needs a new police chief - editorial

The violence in east Jerusalem and the Old City has been a disaster. And before that, another disaster occurred on Mount Meron. Police knew the dangers but were unable to do anything.

‘We are family’: Jewish and Arab medical staff respond to ethnic tensions

Hospital workers vow to continue to represent an island of coexistence and ask the rest of the Israeli society to learn from them.

President Reuven Rivlin casts his ballot at a voting station in Jerusalem, during the Knesset Electi

Rivlin appeals to Arab and Jewish leadership amid rising tensions

Rivlin made the point that extremists are the only ones who benefit from their brutality, while ordinary citizens pay the price.

Amid ongoing violence, Israeli Jews, Arabs hold coexistence rallies

Several groups of Jewish and Arab mayors and municipal leaders have met and appealed for calm, while coexistence groups have called for a halt to inter-communal violence.

Israeli Arabs and Jews: End of the honeymoon period?

Does the violence between Jews and Arabs in Israel's mixed cities mark the end of the honeymoon between the majority and the minority in the country?


FADC chair Barbivai to IDF, police: How can we fight on all fronts?

IDF and police commanders have opposed using the IDF internally even as legal officials have approved it.

Jewish, Arab riots leave dozens injured across the country

Netanyahu said during his visit to Lod on Thursday that there is no greater threat than the internal disturbances brewing throughout the country.

Shavuot: Getting ready for the holiday amid riots, rockets - opinion

We are getting ready for Shavuot. We have to prepare to gather around Mount Sinai and not be frightened by the thunder and lightning around us.


Thousands sign petition for the release of Jewish men after Lod riots

The three Jewish men were arrested during the Lod riots after attacking an Arab citizen, and their detention has been extended, to the anger of many.

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