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US: We don't expect imminent announcement of Israel-Saudi peace deal

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan: Recent calls do “not portend any imminent breakthrough or action with respect to the question of normalization."

US: Russia's Kremlin could be behind death of Wagner's Prigozhin

"We all know that the Kremlin has a long history of killing opponents," said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. "It's very clear what happened here."


Russia charges jailed US citizen with espionage

White House spokesperson John Kirby said the administration was still collecting information about the case and had no comment yet.


Ron Dermer set for Israel-Saudi peace talks in White House visit - report

Dermer's reported visit comes as Washington is in negotiations with the Saudis to bring about diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and Riyadh.

Mossad chief in White House for secret Israel-Saudi normalization talks - analysis

Mossad chief Barnea has been deeply involved in progress between Israel and many countries with whom it currently has no diplomatic relations.

Netanyahu should have been in the room with Herzog and Biden - opinion

The Biden White House is playing a very serious diplomatic game – hugging their ceremonial head of state, while snubbing their elected head of government. 


Netanyahu: Biden invited me to the White House in the fall

Netanyahu spoke amid a period of tension with Washington over the Knesset passage earlier this week of legislation that narrows the review powers of the court. 

Netanyahu: Judicial reform protests are 'silly,' new law is a minor change

Netanyahu told ABC that the bill and his plan strengthened Israeli democracy, by restoring a balance between the judicial branch and the legislature.

US President Biden's dog, Commander, bites Secret Service agents

One reported incident cited, First Lady Jill Biden could not hold the dog back from them.

White House blasts Fox News host's claim that 'you had to be useful' in death camps'

The comment came as Greg Gutfeld berated a Jewish cohost who was critiquing a Florida Department of Education curriculum that recommends teaching that slaves acquired useful skills.

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