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MKs meet with local authorities, draft outline for return to school

Heads of local authorities said that the past few months have proven that further autonomy should be provided to local government in handling the situation.

"We cannot live in fear": French pupils remember murdered teacher

Some 12 million pupils returned to school for the first time since the 47-year-old was slain in broad daylight on the eve of a two-week school holiday.

A teacher instructs students in proper mask wear, as first through fourth graders return to school,

Worry as Israel's children return to schools

Two schools out of 5,000 were closed because of high infection rates. One hundred and thirty-four preschools were closed for high infection rates out of 21,000 preschools.

Parents accompany their children to the kindergarten in Tel Aviv as they return to kindergarden on O

Coronavirus: First through fourth graders head back to school today

Synagogues, salons and bed and breakfasts reopen for first time since lockdown

Students return for the new school year, September 1, 2020

Education Ministry blames Health Ministry's 'indecisiveness’ in reopening

A senior official in the Health Ministry said that his ministry is not prepared to return children in grades one and two to school because of “indecision in the Health Ministry.”

Is Israel a failing state? - analysis

The events on Sunday comprise the largest incident of civil disobedience ever witnessed in the Jewish state.

Students and a rabbi at an ultra-orthodox school in B'nei Brak, July 2017

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox return to school, defying govt. decision

These children are living in deep red-zone areas, including Bnei Brak, Beitar Illit, and some Jerusalem neighborhoods.

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