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Theater on wheels: Orna Porat to bring children joy from Dan to Eilat

A handful of other shows will be travelling with the theater throughout its trek.


What should we be talking about this Mother's Day? - comment

A discussion of some of the issues that affect mothers in Israel today.


Israelis abroad angered by new 'forced' passports for their children

Many Israelis have been waiting for a year or longer due to the pandemic to visit family in Israel, and were hoping to bring their children this summer.


Can an app identify autism in toddlers? New study suggests so

Developed by a research team at Duke University, the app focused on assessing the eye gaze patterns of children while watching short strategically created movies

Hate sign put up against lesbian kindergarten teacher in Be'er Ya'acov

"It is an unending frustration and unfortunately the police are doing nothing to stop this hatred," kindergarten teacher Aviva Levi said.

Bad to the bone: Junk food damages childhood bone development, study finds

Junk food is especially popular among children, and it is estimated that 70% of their entire caloric intake comes from them.

Jewish summer camp

What will Jewish summer camp look like this year? - analysis

Camps in the United States are opening again with a combination of testing and vaccinations, along with a better understanding of how COVID-19 spreads.


Coronavirus: To vaccinate or not vaccinate children?

HEALTH AFFAIRS: When it comes to COVID-19, parents and physicians have questions

Depressed person broods in tunnel

COVID-19 pandemic caused ‘mental crisis’ among Israeli youth

The highest rates of anxiety were found in the secular sector (21%). The lowest rates were among the ultra-Orthodox (7%).

What book did Gal Gadot post about on Instagram?

Hint: Its about something she has two of - and another one on the way

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